10 Best Sunscreens for Oily skin in India

10 Best Sunscreens for Oily skin in India

Sunscreens for oily skin, acne prone skin available in India

Sunscreens for Oily skin: Sunscreens are very important. It doesn’t matter if the skin is oily, acne prone, sensitive or dry. We have compiled a list of best sunscreens for oily skin available in India. Sunscreens give sun protection and essential shielding against the sun rays which can have adverse effects on the skin in the form of skin darkness, tanned skin, pigmentation, premature aging and rashes. But the thing is finding or choosing the right sunscreen for oily to combination skin is bit tricky as most of the sunscreen are quite greasy. So, the list will help you choose the best sun lotion for you, if you are wondering which type of sunscreen is good for your oily skin?

In the lats section, we have also share how you can use these lotions.

List of Best Sunscreens for oily skin, sensitive skin acne prone skin

Let’s check out girls which are the best suitable sunscreen for oily and acne prone skin in India with prices and buying options online. A lot of them can be affordable but some can be quite expensive, like those from the high end brands. One of our readers asked, if Patanjali sunscreen lotion is good? It is decent but definitely not for the oily and cane prone skin type as its texture is greasy and sticky which can make you sweat more. 

1. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ for Oily Skin

Neutrogena suncreen for oily skin

Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunscreen provides broad spectrum UV protection. It is waterproof and sweat proof for long lasting results and has SPF 50 +. The sunscreen has an oil-free formula that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Neutrogena Sunscreen lotion for greasy skin. It should be used 15-20 minutes before going out in sun. It is one of the best dermatologist recommended sunscreen in India at affordable price. This sunscreen can also be used under makeup.

Price: 485 Rupees for 90 ml, Get it here

2. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50

lotus herbals matte gel suncreen for oily skin

It is a matte gel based sunscreen with the SPF 50 that means high protection. This Lotus sunscreen lotion is an innovative formula that is totally oil free hence, great sunscreen lotion for oily skin in India by Lotus herbals. The light texture makes sure that is does not break out the skin. It protects the skin from the sun burn, Skin damage, UV rays and skin cancer. The Lotus sunblock cream is also recommended for the combination skin type and is suitable for sensitive skin. It is affordable and is under 500 rupees.

Price: Lotus sunscreen is priced at 440 Rupees for 100 grams. Get it here

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3. Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++ Ultra Matte Gel

Lakme Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++ Ultra Matte Gel

Lakme Gel Sunscreen is a Mattifying sunblock for oily skin which has a light gel texture. This UV protect product has vitamins and SPF 50 to protect from UV rays and also to lighten the skin complexion. This Matte Effect Lakme Sunscreen is suitable for oily skin as has a light matte formula which does not make your skin sticky or sweaty after few hours. Though after 4-5 hours the face looks oily. It does not have oil-control features, you see but is a non-comedogenic product for face. It is also easily available that is why it is undoubtedly one of the best sunscreen lotion in India for oily skin and sensitive skin.

Price: Lakme sunscreen is priced at 525 Rupees in India.  Buy It Here

4. VLCC Matte Look Sun Screen Lotion SPF 30

Vlcc matte look suncreen for oily skin

VLCC Matte Look sun lotion is a matte sunscreen for oily skin which has the essential Ayurvedic extracts which are completely safe for the skin. It gives broad UV protection and comes with SPF 30 and has a matte finish on the skin. This VLCC sunscreen is for oily skin and now its has a new version too which is the gel based. I have put the link that you can check. 

Price: This VLCC sunscreen lotion is for 215 Rupees for 60g. Get it here

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5. Vichy Capital Soleil Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch

vichy mattifying suncreen for oily skin

Vichy mattifying sunscreen has the SPF 50+ and has a light, no greasy and non streaky texture which get absorbed into the skin and feels light. This sunscreen has Silica micro beads which disperses the sebum off the face and also has a light scattering effect for a shine free skin. It is one of the best high end sun lotions in India.

Price: Vichy sunscreen for oily skin costs rupees 3699 Rupees in India. Get it here

6. Avene Very High Protection Cream SPF 50+ for oily skin

avene suncreen for oily skin

This Avene sunscreen has the other variant too and this is for normal to combination skin or even the acne prone skin. This is a high protectant sunscreen which has SPF 50. Choosing an acne prone suitable sunscreen is difficult since who wants that their skin get clogged and filled with acne after using sun protection creams on face.

Price: Avene Sunscreen is for 1450 Rupees, Get it here

7. VLCC Oil Free Sunscreen Gel with SPF 15

vlcc oil free suncreen for oily skin

VLCC sun defense is gel based sunscreen with the natural ingredients like watermelon extras, aloe vera gel, cucumber extracts, and camphor etc which gives a cooling sensation and this makes it ideal everyday gel sunscreen for oily skin.

Price:This VLCC sunscreen is ideal for oily and acne prone skin is for 235 Rupees. Get it here

8. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Sunscreen Gel 

lotus herbals suncreen for oily skin

Lotus safe sun is a gel based sunscreen that comes with SPF 50. It gets absorbed into the skin by gentle massaging and its gel base doesn’t make the skin feel greasy at all. It also has oil controlling feature to certain extent this is a decent sunscreen for oily combination skin in India. Its packaging has changed.

Price:This gel sun protection gel is priced at 245 rupees. Get it here

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9. L’Oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence SPF 30

L'Oreal Paris suncreen for oily skin

L’Oreal Paris UV perfect sunscreen has the light water based texture which doesn’t make the skin look like a greasy pan. It gets into the skin easily and feels light. It contains SPF 30 with the UVA and UVA filters to give the skin a protection against broad spectrum.

Price: This daily use sunscreen for oily skin is for 475 Rupees in India. 

10. Aroma Magic Cucumber Sunscreen Lotion

Aroma Magic Cucumber Sunscreen Lotion oily skin

This sunscreen lotion is enriched with the goodness of cucumber extracts with SPF 30 that gives adequate sun protection. It is no greasy and feels light on the skin. This sunscreen lotion is under 200 rupees, if you are getting a 50ml pack.

Price:This sunscreen for oily skin is for 285 Rupees. Get it here

How to Use Sunscreen?

Once you’re done applying the face creams and lotions, you can go ahead and use the sunscreen.

But the best idea is to follow this sequence.

  1. Use a cleanser or face wash to cleanse the skin
  2. Apply a toner, of you use them
  3. Then, apply the sunscreen lotion
  4. Then go ahead and use the skin cream like your day cream
  5. Lastly, apply your foundation or BB or CC cream
  6. Then follow the other makeup like compact, blush, bronzer etc.
  7. This way you’ll use sunscreen under the makeup which gives better sun protection
  8. It would be better if you apply a sunscreen at least 20 minutes before stepping out of your home.
  9. Doing so, will ensure that you get the maximum protection.

Moreover, once the sunscreen gets absorbed fully then this gives the enough shielding to protect your skin from aging and photo damage due to UV rays. You should also apply sunscreen under your makeup for a better protection. 

So, friends, these were the best sunscreens for oily, acne prone skin that are available in Indian Market. You can use them as per the preference and price. Affordability and availability is a factor in choosing a good sunscreen, so, now that we have given the choices, you can try them everyday!

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  1. hi mam
    my skin is oily. and i would like to know among the above mentioned sunscream which one has least amount of chemical and most of the natural cream to increase my tone. kindly help me mam

  2. Hi Nidhi,

    You can try Lotus gel sunscreen as That is my personal favorite moreover, that is easily available and inexpensive.

  3. dear ma’m,im a guy with oily skin..im from sikkim, the sun out here is very strong but the wind quite chilly,and weathet very unpredictable as it might be sunny again it just might get cloudy..rainy et al..i will like your help as to which cream will best suit for such climate..thank you

  4. Hi Vikey,

    I think you can try Nivea for men moisturiser. Hope it suits you well as per the weather conditions out there in Sikkim.

  5. My skin is oily and I’m using neutrogena sunscreen but once i apply sunscreen my face looks oily and dull. suggest me what to do

  6. i have a combination skin type and after the application of sunscreen, my face is all sweaty and it looks oily and dull. i have tried lotus matte, lotus matte gel and vlcc matte. amongst the above mention sunscreen 3,5,6 and 9 are not available here in my country. so please suggest me sunscreen which does not leave my skin sweaty.

  7. Hi shreya,
    For oily skin, gel sunscreens are the best. You can use Lotus gel sunscreen that won’t leave the skin oily or shiny.

  8. Hi, please suggest a suncreen with spf 50 and above for neck and hands as I have to travel often in the sun. I sweat a lot and most suncreens give a whitish cash which looks ghastly once I sweat.

  9. Hi mam, my skin is oily . now i want to use suncream for face only.. which product will give better result plzz suggest me.

  10. mam I have very sensitive skin and little oily too..I get tanned very easily..I used lakme spf 24 and was satisfied but later I stopped it due to paraben..it made my skin little oily but I have to say that I never tanned..recently I started using vlcc matter look spf 30 pa+++ but it made my skin greasy..I felt disappointed.. I uses Rahul phate’s Gaurangi sunscreen lotion but there is no spf so I doubt it and it too has paraben.
    please suggest me a sunscreen lotion till spf 30 which would be easily available in market

  11. Hi mam, i have oily skin wit open pores. Pliz suggest wat kind of sunscreens and winter cream shoud i use as winter season is approaching .. pliz advice me. Iam mecha

  12. Hi Mecha,

    You can try a mattyfying or gel based sunscreen and use winter cream which is light weight more like moisturizers for eg: Lakme peach milk moisturiser

  13. Hello mam,
    I am a guy who is using lactocalamine oil control face lotion presently but the effect wont last too much.Also here its too sunny and i’m having a average oily skin.can u plz suggest one best sunscreen lotion for me.And can i use it together.If yes,how to use both,which one should i apply first??

  14. Hello mam,
    I have an average oily skin and i’m using lactocalamine oil control presently but the effect wont last for long time.Here its too sunny.can u please suggest one best sunscreen lotion for me.can i use both face lotion and sunscreen lotion together.if yes how to use it ,which one should apply first????

  15. Hi..
    My my skin type is oily. Which sunscreen should I prefer? As I have to go outside regularly and spend more times in open with sun, so suggest a strong and suitable sunscreen which also has fairness capacity.

  16. Hi,
    I have oily + acne prone skin….
    Plz suggest me one sunscreen lotion according to type of my skin.

  17. Hlo mam……my skin is oily bt in winters it turns out as combination…..it i really prone to sun tan….bt at same time my skin is to sweaty so plz suggest smthing that can stay on my face nd protect m6 skin from tan plZzzz

  18. hi mam my skin is oily and during pregnency pigmentaion also started plz sugest me which sunscreen to best for me


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