10 Best Tips for Oily Hair Naturally


Does your hair get oily on the first day of washing? If that is what you have been facing then this post on oily hair tips will be helpful for you. I will share some tips for oily hair so that you can prevent and keep them oil free for a longer time. I have already shared some of the home remedies for oily hair and oily scalp few days ago but natural remedies alone aren’t sufficient, you have to make sure that you do take some preventive measures.
So, are you ready to know some tips for oily hair? Here they are:

Tips for oily hair and oily scalp to keep them oil free longer:

1. Stay away from harsh shampoos

Using shampoos that can make your hair dry are no good for you. They dry out the hair, scalp and soon due to that, your scalp starts to secrete more oils. Hence, you face even oilier hair and scalp. Therefore, it’s better to stay away from such harsh shampoos and hair care products.

2. Shampoo for Oily hair

There are shampoos specifically designed for oily hair. They will not dry the scalp and hair; moreover, they maintain the natural pH balance of the scalp as a result of which scalp doesn’t secret oil for a a tad longer time. You can also go for shampoos that are gentle, mild and good for everyday use. These shampoos are designed for oily scalp/hair as they are meant to be used daily therefore, should not be over drying.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar for oily hair

Once you’re done shampooing your hair, Use Apple Cider Vinegar to give them a last rinse. Last rinse will make hair shiny and keep them oil free for a lot longer. Wondering how to use Apple Cider Vinegar? Take half a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and mix that in a mug of plain water. Now, you can use this water to give your washed hair a last rinse. This easy remedy keeps the hair oil free for a lot longer.

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4. Tea bag Rinse for oily hair

If you don’t have Apple Cider Vinegar, then don’t worry. You can use tea bag or normal tea to do the same for you. Take a tea bag and put it into a bowl of water. Use this water as your last rinse to flaunt oil free hair!

tea bags

5. Shampoo properly

Make sure that you shampoo your hair as well as the scalp properly. If you find that the shampoo hasn’t lather well, try one more time to remove the oils, dirt and grime. Oily hair tends to accumulate dirt easily therefore proper cleansing is very important, so that the hair roots are clear of oils. If you are using SLS free shampoos then naturally they will not lather a lot but you can make sure that the hair and scalp feels clean.

6. Clean hair properly

While shampooing, always try to make sure that you have cleaned and washed them properly. Pour enough water to get rid of the shampoo from the scalp and hair. there should not be any shampoo residue.

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7. Use dry shampoo

One simple remedy or tip for oily hair that can take you out from this oily hair mess without washing your hair, is using dry shampoos. Dry shampoos are specially formulated for greasy hair when you want to uplift the roots and make the hair less sticky.

8. Baby Powder for oily hair

Another alternative to dry shampoos that is cheap and inexpensive is baby powder. You can apply baby powder in the roots. Baby powder instantly absorbs the oils and roots are lifted up though you have to make sure that you comb your hair properly so that the white residue of powder isn’t visible especially for darker hair.

9. Conditioners for oily hair

Hair conditioners are meant to condition and hydrate the hair. Since oily hair already is due to over active glands, you really don’t need that extra moisture to pile on. Having said that, you can use the hair conditioners to your dry hair ends to give them a boost of moisture.

10. Over Brushing

When you brush your hair some oils are released from the scalp making the roots and hair sticky that is why you should avoid brushing too much when you already have oily hair. Once or twice a day to detangle your oily hair should be fine.
Following this easy and simple tips will make sure that your oily hair is in control and you can enjoy your non sticky and full of life hair!

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  1. My hair is on the oily side, so these are great tips.