Latest Designs of 10 Grams Gold Bangles For Daily Wear (2022)

latest 10 grams gold bangle designs

Gold bangles have their own charm and in weddings gold is used  for jewelery that brings prosperity and luck for the new bride. If you’re thinking of buying the new and trendy designs of 10 grams gold bangles in gold metal then, surely this catalogue can help you in selecting. With so many different designs of gold bangles, there are different weight based patterns. Here we have taken the 10 grams gold bangles. Single and casual wear gold bangles can be made with 10 g of gold metal. Such bangles are quite lightweight and ideal for daily use for most of the women.

Beautiful and Latest 10 Grams Gold Bangles Designs (2022)

1. Artistic Gold Bangles for Women

Artistic Gold Bangles for Women

The Gold bangle is nicely finished and is a smart piece of jewelry made by artistic design. It is a nicely made design that can be replicated in 10 grams of gold and it can even go higher. So for 4 bangles you can have somewhere around 40 to 50 grams of gold.

2. Stylish 10 g Gold Bangle pattern

Stylish 10 g Gold Bangle pattern

The beautiful bangle design is in 10 to 20 grams of gold. The best thing is that you can buy the 10 gram gold bangles online as well from most of the online shopping sites that sells precious gold jewelery. These bangles have their own charm and beauty and can be worn as a casual wear bangles at home.

3. Hollow Cut Work Gold Bangle Design

Hollow Cut Work Gold Bangle Design

The nicely designed gold bangle has hollow carved out design. The design is no ordinary and gives a high quality good style pattern.

4. Overlapping Bangle Design

Overlapping Bangle Design

The twisted overlapping pattern of bangle has Ruby stones on both the ends. The design has texture and great craftsmanship. The highly finished gold bangle style kada can be made in 10 grams of gold easily, however it would be a bit thinner and suitable for everyday use.

5. Bracelet style Bangle In Gold Metal

Bracelet style Bangle In Gold Metal

The bracelet style gold bangle has nice pattern at the ends. The otherwise plain and simple gold bangle is stylized and made attractive by the pattern at the ends.

6. Gold and Stone Studded Bangle

Gold and Stone Studded Bangle

Gold and Stone Work goes hand in hand. This Perfect bangle for any occasion is a piece of art. So if you love gold with stone work, this can be for sure selected as a designer daily wear bracelet bangle even with your western wear or Indian wear.

7. White Stone studded Simple Bangle pattern

White Stone studded Simple Bangle pattern

In this design as well, the white stone is added to make the plane gold bangle beautiful. These bangles are made with nice finishing and perfect for either the parties and as a standalone gold bangle.

8. Black Beaded Antique Gold Bangle

Black Beaded Antique Gold Bangle

Gold and black beads are used to make the bangle pattern designer. For women with broad hands/wrists this design can work well. It is easier to wear these and to take them off.

9. Everyday Use Bangle bangles

Everyday Use Bangle bangles

This flawlessly finished gold bangle design in 10 grams gold can also be made with 15 grams of gold to make the bangle a bit heavier. Such bangles are perfect for women with thin wrist.

10.Textured Gold Stylish Bangles

Textured Gold Stylish Bangles

Such textured bangle is suitable for men and women both. So if you are a girl who would like to wear just plain bangle then this exclusive piece can also be tried.

11. 18K Gold Bangle pattern

18K Gold Bangle pattern

These 18 K 10 grams gold bangles are for each hand. The thin and nicely crafted bangles are finished flawlessly. The design and pattern shown here is also trendy and beautiful.

12. Crafted daily wear Gold Bangle

Crafted daily wear Gold Bangle

The well crafted gold bangles has hollow design and pattern that entices many women. Clearly, the design is very exclusive and can be worn as a bracelet. It’s also a daily wear design.

13. Simple Gold Jewelery bangle

Simple Gold Jewelery bangle

Women who like simple jewelery designs shall go for this beautiful dotted gold bangle. These are made in four pieces, two for each hand, though these can be used for daily wear like bracelet. Such designs are also perfect for girls, who would like to keep the jewellery minimal for office and work.

14. Bracelet Gold Bangle For Working women

Bracelet Gold Bangle For Working women


The bracelet style gold bangle is appropriate for professional and working women. They would make you classy and elegant with no chunky jewelery worn.

15. Stone Studded Gold Pattern bangle

Stone Studded Gold Pattern bangle

The gorgeous stone studded design has a floral finish to it. It is an open-able design that is suitable for women with broad wrist and snug fit. The simple yet stunning pattern is made with 18 carat gold and it has multiple white diamonds studded in floral pattern.

So these are the latest and trendy 10 to 20 grams gold bangle designs which can be bought from online and from the jewelery stores. The best thing is that each and every bangle shown in this collection are perfect for everyday use and as an accessory for your party wear looks. The designs of these bangles are very modern and contemporary so that they can even be paired with Western dresses.

Newly married women who go to work can rely on such artistic designs. You can find a different designs of gold bangles in this catalogue that shoots your requirements. Yeah Sure, you will be spoiled for the choices. Even the gemstone studded piece of gold Bengals are trending because gemstones also adds nice look to your bangle. The most popular gemstones are: Ruby and Emerald that gives a nice look to your traditional and new design gold bangles.

Women are also opting for the gold pattern bangles that has the simple designs like the plain texture. Textured designs have no stones or heavy patterns going on, just the simple texture over a gold bangle. The plush designs are also there with sparkly diamonds. Instead of diamonds, you can have the regular white stones or colored stones.

Bangles for women have their own charm and women gets quite attracted to them. This is for sure that it is a piece of jewelry that almost every woman cherishes. Right from the baby gold bangles to the women’s gold pattern bangles for parties, work and even for the everyday wear. Bridal gold angles are special jewelery that brides would cherish life long.

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