10 Hair Coloring Ideas for Indian Hair, Dark Brown Hair, Indian Skin Tone

hair color idea for indianhair

Hair Coloring Idea for Indian hair

Are you thinking of coloring your hair but haven’t decided what you should go for? Getting a single color all over the hair, is apparently outdated these days. Clearly, currently hair coloring styles like Balayage, sun kissed highlights, ombre, full head streaks and more rule the season. You would definitely agree when you notice even the celebrities all over the globe and they stylists going for something innovative yet attractive, in terms of the hair coloring. Having said that, what exactly should you go for? it depends on you taste and the current trend. We’ll share some of the trendiest hair coloring ideas for Indian hair that will accentuate your look for sure. 

10 Hair Coloring Idea for Indian Hair, Dark Brown Hair and Indian skin Tone in 2022

10 Hair Coloring Idea for Indian hair,

1. Dual tone hair color like this looks good with dark brown Indian hair. The natural color with the few pieces of lightly colored hair over the front section looks attractive. Additionally, some chunks of light hair in between dyed in light brown creates a beautiful effect without looking over the top.

10 Hair Coloring Idea for Indian hair, Dark brown hair and Indian skin tone

2. An ombre hair coloring idea like this with a hand painted effect also create a nice gradient. Moreover, it gives that brilliant sun kissed look. This is again is great hair coloring idea for Indian hair with dark brown, light brown and light blonde color used for highlights.

10 Hair Coloring Idea for Indian hair, Dark brown hair

3. If browns are your favorite and you think that the color looks vibrant and goes well with your complexion, then this idea of hair coloring can be yours. Use of a rich dark brown color at the base and gradient effect created with light brown and golden brown like in this picture. It’s appealing, subtle yet imparts natural look to compliment most of the Indian skin color. Such a pattern can be beautifully flaunted by the girls of all skin tones. It’s just that we feel girls who have dark complexion, should skip this. Else, it’s totally up to you! Who says fashion and style come with limitations. :)

hair color idea 4

4. This hair color style that is sported by Megan Fox here, is a very beautiful hair color inspiration for all the Indian complexions. A hair color styling like this goes extremely well with fair, wheatish and dark Indian skin colors. The copper gold hue below the mid length of the hair and a dark upper color makes it beautiful. Copper looks amazing on Indian skin tones and a majority of Indian girls can easily carry such styling of colors for their hair.

hair color idea 5

5. A beautiful texture and volume can be achieved by this hair coloring idea here. With the dash of some gold highlights on the few pieces which look even lighter when light falls making the texture even prettier.

hair color idea 6

6. If you are more of a burgundy and red hair color lover then, this hair color idea is just perfect with low lights and highlights using dark brown and shades of burgundy. Though, we feel that this can look beautiful on the dark Indian complexion. While you can experiment with the intensity of the reds, you can also create low-lights.

hair color idea 7

7. Another way to add a dash of red to your hair color is with this hair color idea where a bark base hair color which is possibly black has been matched with a cinnamon red sought of hair color for the streaks on the top. This can be sported by wheatish to dark skin tones beautifully though for fair skin the base color can be dark brown.

hair coloring idea

8. For medium to lighter Indian skin tone this hair color that Emma Stone has sported would look great. The copper brown hair color with very thin pieces of hair dyed light brown and dark brown has created a nice texture that goes well against the fair skin tone.

hair color idea 8

9. This hair coloring trend sported by Jennifer Lopez is perfect for any Indian skin tone. You can visit your favorite salon and most of them would be able to replicate this for you! It’s just a honey gold hair color with light blonde streaks here and there.

hair color idea 9

10. If you don’t want to move away from your original dark brown hair or even black then this hair coloring idea is appropriate taking inspiration from Kim Kardashian where she has the darker base color with few streaks of copper brown on the selected places. This is one of the best styles that Indian girls can flaunt without looking over the top. 

So, these were some of the Ideas of hair coloring that are appropriate for Indian girls and their varied skin tones. Do you like coloring the hair as per the trend or just one regular color?

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