10 Home Remedies to get rid of Dark Inner Thighs

10 Home Remedies to get rid of Dark Inner Thighs

10 Home Remedies to get rid of Dark Inner Thighs

Are you worried while wearing the swimming costume or wearing the short just because your inner thighs are darker than the rest of the body. A lot of girls have this problem of darker inner thighs but there is a good news girls. We can treat the darkness of the inner thigh area with some home remedies or the natural treatments which will help get rid of the darkness on inner thigh skin.

1. Lemon juice and honey remedy for dark inner thighs

Lemon juice is loaded with ascorbic acid or Vitamin which makes the skin lighten and also removes the darkness of the skin.

  • You can mix some honey with equal quantity is the lemon juice.
  • Mix them and massage the dark inner thigh skin area with that mixture.
  • Keep this for at least 30 minutes. Then wash off with clean water.
  • You have to try this treatment daily and with in 2 weeks some noticeable difference will be seen.

2. Curd and tomato juice for dark thighs

10 Home Remedies to get rid of Dark Inner Thighs

Another beauty tips to get rid of the darkness of inner thigh area is with tomato juice and curd. Curd is enriched with lactic acid and tomato juice has lycopene this enzyme bleaches the skin naturally without any harm. Hence this deadly combination of curd and tomato juice will lighten the dark inner thighs.

  • You can just mix some curd with tomato juice and apply like a pack on the inner thigh portion.
  • Wait for 30 minutes then wash off, try this too daily.

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3. Scrubbing with sugar and honey to remove darkness

This is one of the best remedy that you can try for dark neck skin, dark underarms and for dark hips. Similarly, this will work for dark inner thigh as well. Here’s how to do this beauty treatment:

  • Take ½ cup of sugar and mix with some honey.
  • Then add 4 teaspoonful of lemon juice and mix all of them.
  • Apply on the inner thigh while you are taking shower and then keep this for 5 minutes after you have scrubbed. Then wash off.

The glycolic acid of sugar and vitamin C of lemon juice will give faster results. But don’t forget to keep this as a pack for 5 minutes after the scrubbing to get the dark inner thighs can lightened.

4. Potato juice and cucumber juice

This remedy should be included in your night time beauty ritual like when you are going to sleep then you can try this.

  • Take some potato juice and some cucumber juice.
  • Mix them and massage the dark inner thigh area with this mixture. Leave this for overnight.
  • You can wear short while sleeping so that the mixture does not get wiped off or wear a skirt but not pyjama or trousers.

Potato and cucumber both are skin lighteners which work on the dark skin area nicely. Potato is in fact used in many beauty treatments to get rid of the darkness under the eye area and for the dark spots on the face.

5. Milk with turmeric for dark inner thigh treatment

milk and turmeric treatment for dark inner thighs

This is a treatment that should be done at night but you need to make sure that you use a darker bed sheet as this beauty treatment includes turmeric which can stain the light colored bed sheet and clothes. You will need milk and some turmeric for this.

  • Take 5-6 teaspoonfuls of milk and add1/2 pinch of turmeric powder (haldi).
  • Mix this and massage you dark inner thigh portion well.
  • Keep this over night then wash when you take show in the morning.
  • The stain will be gone as soon as you use soap and water.

Things to remember

Use sunscreen on the thigh area even if you are wearing covered clothes. Since the UV rays can darken the skin by penetrating the clothes.

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