10 Steps to get Perfect Skin at home

How to get Perfect skin at home with natural methodsTips to get Perfect skin at home

Perfect skin is everyone’s ultimate desire. A skin that is flawless, soft, smoother with no blemishes, dark spots etc is considered perfect or should we say just like a kid. Markets are flooded with products that claims to make the skin fair, glowing and get rid of any skin problems that we may have so what exactly one should do to get the perfect skin naturally. Should we only stick to these skin care products only? We think that apart from using the proper skin care there are natural methods and some tips that you should follow to get perfect skin. These methods will also help to keep the skin in good state for a lot longer.

So, here are natural tips for perfect spotless skin:

1. Proper cleansing

Skin cleansing is the first and most important step to get perfect skin at home. You should make sure that you clean up the skin at least two times in a day. Use a face wash or cleanser suitable for the skin type. If you wish to go natural, then use gram flour to cleanse the skin, this is the best natural cleanser to cleanse the face for perfect looking flawless skin.

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2. Moisturizing

Cleansing should always be followed with a moisturizer. Toner is useful too so, if you wish try a toner and then apply a moisturiser. A greasy thick moisturiser is good for dry skin which gives extreme moisturization especially in the winters when skin gets dry. Moisturisers are very important for dry skin as dryness can cause premature lines on the face which will refrain the skin from looking perfect. Oily skinned people should try a light water based moisturiser.

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3. Exfoliation

Exfoliation means to get rid of the topmost dead skin. Exfoliation will thus helps the skin to get smoother, softer and results in lighter skin. It fades blemishes, spots and wrinkles. Dry skinned people can try exfoliation with a scrub, once in a week and oily skinned people can try 3 times in a week to get perfect skin at home. Try scrubs available in the market like the walnut apricot face scrubs or you can try homemade scrubs for good skin.

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4. Sunscreen

This is one of the most important thing if you wish to protect your skin from the sun damage. Sun damage causes wrinkles, premature skin aging, dark spots, black spots on the face etc. Apply sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun or relaxing at a beach. Sunscreen will help to maintain a perfect skin which is free from skin problems.

5. Steaming

For excessive oily skin that is prone to blackheads, whiteheads and other skin problems, you can try facial steaming once in a week to get perfect skin at home easily.

How to do steaming for perfect skin:

  • Just apply a light moisturiser on the clean face and take steam for 5 minutes.
  • After that gently scrub the face focusing on the whiteheads and blackheads.
  • Apply a face pack after the steaming and apply moisturiser.
  • Evening time is best for getting steaming treatment for getting perfect skin.

6. Facial

If you have mature skin and you want to keep it perfect looking and tighter then try to go for a facial at least once in a month. This will maintain the youthfulness and skin’s elasticity. You can try a home facial with the step by step procedure here to get perfect skin that glows.

7. Makeup

makeup for perfect skinImage Courtesy: Pinterest

Do you know that when you wear makeup for a lot longer then it clogs the pores and leads to blemishes and skin problems? This is the common case with the oily to acne prone skin. Thus always use makeup from a good quality brand and always takeoff the makeup before going to sleep if you want a perfect skin.

8. Skin care products

Skin care products are there to help the skin look better but using the wrong/unsuitable skin care products can do the opposite therefore use products that are meant for your skin type and always check the ingredients if the product has some cheap quality ingredients. Skin care products helps a lot in getting perfect skin when they are suitable.

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9. Diet

Diet is essential for a great health, body, skin and hair. Take balanced diet which includes vitamins like vitamin, E, C, A etc and proteins. Eating fresh fruits and vegetable will help the vitamin intake. Other than a good diet. Drink plenty of water to keep the skin and body hydrated.

10. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle also plays a major role in the texture and appearance of your skin. If you sleep less then dark circles may appear which will make you look tired and dull while smoking and drinking heavily will alter the skin texture and skin look parched and rough. Hence the lifestyle change should also be considered if you wish to get perfect skin.

So, follow these tips to get perfect skin at home without spending much but sticking to some basic tips of skin care.

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