10 Top Best Facial kits for Tanning, Dark spots and Fairness in India

10 Top Best Facial kits for Tanning, Dark spots and Fairness in India

10 Top Best Facial kits for Tanning, Dark spots and Fairness in India. Hi everyone!! Friends, when you have sun tan and fairness issues then you need to take enough measures to get rid of the sun tanning and to enhance your fairness. So, are you also thinking about the sun tan removal and the dark spots, dullness etc. Then you should try facials to help cure the sun darkness. Facials are good to make the skin tone lighter and to lighten the effects of the sun. Moreover, the sun tan can become permanent when not treated well. So let’s have a look at the best anti tan facial kits or tan removal facial kits for fairness. By the way, I have also shared several home remedies that will help you lighten the tan and to whiten the skin naturally. You can also check that dearies.

10 Top Best Facial kits for Tanning and Fairness

1. VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit

best facial kits for tanning

This is an excellent anti tan facial kit that we can try. Moreover this can be tried by the men as well. VLCC facial kit is for the increasing the natural radiance of the skin. This will cure the sun and also lightens the skin positively. VLCC anti tan kit has the five steps of facials like the cleanser, scrub, massage gel, cream and the pack. It will remove the damage that has been done by the sun rays and pollution as well. This is also a good kit to revive the dull skin. This kit costs 220 rupees in India.

2. Lotus Radiant Pearl Cellular Lightening Facial Kit

Lotus pearl facial kit has the exfoliating cleanser, activator, massage cream and mask. They are good to get healthy skin tone and to lighten the skin darkness. The creamy exfoliating cleanser has the licorice green tea extracts and pearl dust that removes the skin pollutants and dullness. Massage cream has the goodness of pearl dust along with plant extracts. Hence, this will rejuvenate the dull and dehydrated skin. Moreover, it will control the melanin production and cures the dark spots.

3. VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit

10 Top Best Facial kits for Tanning, Dark spots and Fairness in India

This VLCC fruit facial kit is good for tanned sensitive skin and young skin. The kit is rich in the skin hydrating vitamin E which treats skin damage and sun tanning. Fruits are good to remove the skin pigmentation and blemishes so that the skin can become even toned and flawless.

4. Jovees Anti Pigmentaion Blemish Kit

10 Top Best Facial kits for Tanning, Dark spots and Fairness in India jovess

Jovees Anti Pigmentation Blemish Kit helps to fade the darkened patches, dark spots, sun spots and the freckles on your face. Moreover, this also protects your skin from harmful rays of the sun, thereby also minimizing the sun damage and sun tanning. Jovees facial kit also tones, repairs and improves the signs of aging.

5. Raaga Professional Fairness facial Kit

10 Top Best Facial kits for Tanning, Dark spot

In this fairness and tan improving facial kit you will get the power of fruits. It has the fruits like strawberry, papaya, green apple and licorice as well. So the strawberry will clear the excessive oils and papaya will lighten the sun tan and induces glow. While green apple is good for toning the skin and licorice brings fairness to the dull sun tanned skin. It is also an excellent facial kit for oily skin

6. Jovees Pearl Whitening Kit

10 Top Best Facial kits for Tanning, Dark spots

This Jovees Pearl Whitening Kit contains five products or facial steps that are rich in the natural ingredients to heal the tanned skin. It will also increase the fairness of the skin. This kit helps to make the skin melanin levels low and also to keep the skin’s shine intact. The skin whitening facial kit will help to rejuvenate your skin, restore its lost radiance and improve skin complexion. It includes a face Cleanser Cum Scrub, Massage cream with Vitamin A, Pearl Whitening Facial mask, Pearl Whitening Face Whitening Serum. See: Turmeric facial packs for fairness and glow

7. Lotus Herbals Professional Instafair Melanin Control & Skin Lightning Facial Kit

Lotus Instafair Melanin Control and Skin Lightening kit gives the glow and radiance on the skin moreover the facial steps in this kit will heal and rejuvenate the dull and tired skin. The complexion that look shallow and dark due to sun tan can also be treated well with this kit. It contains instafair mulberry whitening masque that is rich in the fruits like mulberry, rice bran, almond oil, lettuce etc which gives glow and fairness. Read: Nature’s essence bridal glow facial kit

8. Aroma Magic Vitamin C Lightening Facial kit

10 Top Best Facial kits for Tanning, Dark spots aroma

This face lightening kit is rich in the vitamin C and has 6 steps of facial. This will lighten complexion and makes the skin tone even. Therefore, the skin tone is lightened. This is also a great anti aging facial kit.

9. VLCC Gold Polishing Facial Kit

There is this gold polishing kit from VLCC that is also one of the sought after treatments to get rid of the tanning. This can also be a good at home facial anti tan kit. The VLCC gold kit includes gold scrub, cleanser, massage cream and mask.

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So, these were the Best Facial kits for skin Tanning, Dark spots and Fairness in India. Which is the one you like? Have you used any of them?

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  1. need treatment /suggestion for acne and dark spots on face

  2. Hi Heena,

    You can try using tea tree oil application everyday at night to remove acne and dark spots.

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