11 Elegant Makeup Tips to Wear with Pink Dress

Pink is a very girly and feminine color. You just love pink but pink has various shades like a hot pink, candy floss pink, light pink, peachy pink, watermelon pink etc. The color for dress should be chosen according to the skin color. This makes your complexion actually complement with the shade of the dress. Most of the girls love pinks and colors like hot pink suits a majority of women out there. So, what should be your makeup with pink dress? Well, we will suggest some of the best makeup looks to go with when you are wearing pink dress. A nice prom dress in the flirty pink will make you look like a million dollar when the makeup is just perfect for that pretty pink dress. No matter, if your are wearing a pink prom Dress, salwar kameez or a hot saree, the makeup ideas will compliment your dress.

what makeup with pink dress

Makeup Ideas to go with Pink Dress

So, let’s see how can be enhance your beauty with pink and the coordinated makeup. So no more wondering what makeup to wear with pink dress? Don’t worry, by the end of the post you will know how to do makeup with pink dress for pron dress, party saree etc.

1. Face Makeup

Your skin should be nearly perfect when you are wearing light or pastel pink dress. In fact, a light dress will accentuate the facial flaws like blemishes etc. Same goes when you do makeup for yellow dress. That is why you should try to keep the skin flawless.  Try sheer foundation but focus on concealing the problem areas like darkness under the eyes, dark spots etc. Here are the various combinations that you can try.

2. Hot Pink Dress or Fuchsia Dress

With a hot pink dress you can try soft smokey eyes while keeping the lips softer for the day time. Lipstick colors like peachy pink, soft orange and even the light pink looks good. If you are wearing hot pink dress for the night time then a beautiful deep red in matte texture can also work to enhance your beauty. Moreover, you can also try pink eye shadow and keep the lips soft and subtle. The classy combination of neutrals also works with a hot pink dress. A simple winged eyeliner with false eyelashes along with a peachy creamy lip color will look fantastic. Pink smokey eye makeup is just amazing for any pink dress.

3. Candy Floss Pink Dress

Candy floss pink dress itself is a very over whelming and bright in color. therefore, the makeup for such pink dresses should be kept light for the day time while for the evening or night, you can surely try a bright bold lipcolor. Pink is a color that will not make you look weird even if you are using a bright lip color. So, which lipstick shades to go with this color? Well, we would advise you can try a peachy pink, orange, strawberry red or even a deep oxblood or marsala colored lipstick with a pink dress.

4. Peachy Pink

Peachy pink is a pink with some more warmth in it just like a peachy pink color. We will advise you to try a hot pink with peachy pink as the combination is deadly and makes you look ultra glamorous. The eye makeup can be subtle just a simple classy winged liner. Moreover, the cheeks can be subtle peachy. But, if you have got dusky complexion then we will advise you to try a soft lip color and do not go overboard with hot pinks.

5. Pale Pink

Pale pink dreses like Cinderella are suitable for proms and for the bridesmaid dress. The makeup for pale pink can be soft for such pink colored dresses. The lips can be pale or light pink while a champagne color can be used on the eyelids with liner and mascara.

How to apply Eye Makeup?

  • Apply a light base which also acts as an eye primer. This will make your eye shadow crease-less and stick for more time.
  • You can use a wine shade on the eyes with the matching lipcolor if you are going to attend an evening function.
  • While for the day time as of peachy color on the eyes followed by the peachy shiny gloss will make you look stunning. 
  • Apply the eye shadow on the lids and then taking a brown shadow blend it into the crease of the eyes.
  • Finish off with a liner and mascara. This will create a soft smokey look with a dewy lip color.

6. Coral Pinks or Blush Pinks

Corally pink is a beautiful color that looks amazing on medium to fair skin. You can either try a neutral soft makeup for coral pink dress or try a brown smokey look. With the coral pink dresses, a light dash of golden eye shadow with a  soft winged liner looks amazing. It can be made darker for the evening, by darkening the crease with a brown eyeshade but keeping the gold still on the lids. Try a blush that is peachy or corally in color. This create a beautiful complementing look

If you are wondering which lipsticks looks good with coral pink dress, then you can choose colors like wine, hot pink, corally pink, orange and reddish orange. Orange lip gloss looks beautiful when used with the pink coral dress. For pink saree, a peachy brown or a subtle range looks good for the day time.

Makeup Ideas from Celebrities Wearing Pink dress

So, now that we have told you the makeup ideas to try with pink dress. We will also be sharing some celebrity inspired looks.

7. Neutral Soft Makeup

makeup with pink dress

Here the makeup is so soft and fresh looking that she actually look younger for her age and the dress gets all the attention plus her beautiful eyes.

8. Adraina Lima

how to do makeup with candy floss pink dress adriana lima

We love Adriana!! Her candy floss pink dress is a stunner and so does she. Her eye makeup is a medium smokey with an extended grey eye shadow to match with her eye color. For the lips, she chose to go with a peachy pink.

9. Emily Blunt

makeup tips for pink tips

Emily has this gorgeous hot pink dress and her makeup is flawless. Well defined eyebrows with just highlighting on the upper eyelids makes the eyes very soft and minimum on makeup. The attention goes to her deep red glossy lips.

10. Lily Collins

how to do makeup with pink dress lily collins

Her dress is undoubtedly beautiful, feminine and very prom perfect. It make her look very feminine and delicate. The bold brows with a berry colored eye shadow  looks beautiful yet it is no dramatic just the subtle eye makeup. The attention here is on the dress and the lips. The lipstick is a deep brick red which is in matte texture. You should definitely try this makeup look with your pink dress soon.

11. Selena Gomez

She had this lovely dress with kohl rimmed dark eyes with a pale pink gloss. One look you need to definitely try for prom or a date night.

So, it’s all ladies, we are sure now you know what makeup to wear with pink dress. Just a suggestion you can also try a particular makeup look at home with your dress before going to an important event or party and click a picture to check how actually it will look on you! This will also prevent from the blunders that people often make. By the way, which makeup idea for pink dress attracts you the most? Do tell us too!!

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