12 Best Makeup Tips to Go With Your Red Dress in 2023

what makeup with red dress

Red is the color of desire and passion. It is surely one of the hottest color,when it comes to women’s clothing. Women love red and the color also looks ravishing on every women, no matter what age you are. Red dress looks stunning on women with all the skin complexion. Though the shades of red can vary like one can have a bright red, cheerful summery red, a dark red, orange-ish red or a pink-ish red. So, which is the share of red dress that suits you the most? We are sure you have decided that already, but what about the makeup with red dress? Yes, makeup is important to enhance your beauty. But a cleverly and wisely chosen makeup shades and colors can take your beauty to another level. Here, we will advise you on the makeup looks and makeup ideas that compliments the red dress perfectly.

Elegant Makeup Ideas for Red Dress for Prom and Party

Here are some looks and makeup ideas that you can try with your red dress.

1. Face Makeup with Red Dress

A gaudy and too much colored makeup for the face looks horrible when one is wearing red and that too during summers. Remember, those Aunties in any of the summer Indian wedding wearing red and loud makeup. No offence, but that does look over-the-top. Try to be minimalist with red especially, when the weather is already warm. The color is already is very hot therefore, the more makeup you apply, it totally messes it up. So, for the face makeup:

  • A clean skin with a nice base is a must have for almost every occasion and no matter what the color of dress is.
  • Do not put too much concealer and foundation.
  • Use only on the places where you need the coverage like on the dark spots, under eye darkness etc.
  • Color correcting makeup should be used when pigmentation is the issue.

Once you get a nice even tone skin, that should be half the work done with the red dress. Read: Best makeup tips for yellow dress

2. Eye and Lips Makeup Neutral

Go Neutral: When you are flaunting a red dress, then there are so many way you can do your makeup but there should be certain things to keep in mind. Like going neutral. Some women are blessed with clear porcelain silky skin so, they can easily go with a neutral look especially for the day time. A neutral makeup look can also be donned for the evening time when the dress is overwhelming.

makeup with red dress

But the point is, how to try a neutral look? If you have seen this picture of Emma Stone, she is flaunting that neutral yet gorgeous look with ease. Her dress is no doubt gorgeous. For the eyes, she has stick with only winged eyeliner and some champagne color on the lids. While for the lips, there is a soft peachy shade. So, if you have fair skin, try a champagne shade on the eyes, whereas for the dusky skin, you can even try a pale gold shade.

4. Dramatic Red makeup

One good thing about red is that for brides in India, red and heavy makeup go hand in hand but not too much, remember. Honestly, even too much makeup it does not look terrible, unless it’s done without blending or choosing the right shades for the skin types. Like in case of the foundations and blush. Common makeup blunder happens with foundation.

Clearly, perfectly applied makeup, even if it’s bold looks good with red colored attire. This is true for our Indian wedding clothing as well.

pretty and perfect makeup with red dress

Just like you can wear green eye makeup with a green dress, similarly, a red lip look will not at all look bad with a red dress.

Eyes: For this bold look, try a soft medium brown eye shadow for the lid color and a black eyeliner with lots of mascara. This will create soft smokey eyes that looks nice with your dress. We’re sure you’ll want to look centre of attention to every party you go to. This eye makeup looks good with green, brown and black eye colors. You can also use a rose gold eyeshadow with red dress.

Lips: For the lips, try a red that matches the skin tone. If you have got fair skin, most of the red lipstick shades will look good. However, for dusky to medium skin, use a warm deep red like L’Oreal Paris Moist Matte lipstick in Blaze of Red to make you look ravishing.

But girls, also do not forget to use that inner eye corner highlighting and brow bone highlighting for the evening makeup.

5. Deep Bold Lips with Red Dress

Another way to put your makeup for the red dress is going a bit bolder and become sensuous with makeup. If you are a woman of color or even a fair skinned lady, then this will look just perfect. Evening time is the best time when most of you will be able to pull it off. Confused? We are talking about a look where you use warm earthy colors on the eyes and lips are painted in oxblood or deep marsala shade. Ohh!! This looks so glamorous and can easily transform you into a diva for the day.

eyes and lips makeup with red dress

To create a look like this:

Face: Try to apply your base makeup as perfect as you can. Apply face primers before the foundation to even tone the skin and hide the pores, unevenness etc.Conceal the dark circles and patches if you have with good suitable concealer. Dust off some translucent powder to set the makeuptranslucent powder to set the makeup properly in place.

Blush: Apply a light peachy or coral blush or even a bronzer will do, but do not apply a hot pink blush with red it looks off, an orange applied light handedly will still work but not when you have dusky skin.

For the Eyes: Apply the eye primer and base to even out eyelids. Then use a shimmery pale brown color on the lids. On the crease use a burgundy like color to darken the crease area. Use a dark brown on the lower lid as well. Shape the eyebrows too for a polished makeup look and finely apply mascara.

Lips: Now pair this look with a deep red or oxblood or even a marsala lip color.

This will surely make the heads turn, when you arrive at the venue. How amazing, will that be!

Celebrities in Red Dress with Beautiful Makeup Looks

Now it’s time to share some celebrity inspiration images, who have rocked the red dress and have the best makeup to get inspired from.

6. Amber Heard

makeup with red dress

She is seen wearing light eye makeup with red lips. The red lipstick is similar with the color of the dress which looks lovely.

7. Khloe Kardarshian

elegant makeup with red dress

See, this is the look we were talking about where you can pair smokey burgundy eye makeup with a deep bold lipstick.

8. Rihanna

beautiful makeup with red dress

Rihanna with her super pretty winged eyeliner and a matte brick red lipstick is slaying this red dress.

9. Kim Kardashian

makeup with red dress ideas

Soft smokey eye makeup paired with a neutral no lip color look. This can be surely tried for the day time considering the occasion. Try a look like this, which will be your perfect party makeup with red dress. Nina Dobrev too has flaunted a similar look.

10. Olivia

how to do makeup with red dress

She has a marsala colored dress which is like a cousin to the red color. Here she has chosen to play down with the lips by using a subtle shade. For the eyes, there is a beautiful burgundy or wine colored eyeshadow been used for her kohl rimmed eyes. In fact, it can be worked upon as attractive bridal eye makeup with red dress with gold detailing like stones, zari, sequins etc.

11. Emma Stone

celebrities makeup with red dress

She wore this look with grace. Her shimmery earthy colored eye shadow has made the eyes look scintillating and this was teamed up with peachy lips. In fact, this look can be paired with a bold red lipstick as well.

12. Katrina Kaif

Peachy lips and peachy blush with a minimal eye makeup focuses more on the beauty of her skin. She looks lovely in this makeup.

Now that you have got enough inspiration from the celebrities and our very own makeup tips to wear with red dress. You can try any of these makeup ideas for red dress for prom and party to look ravishing.

Do share which look you’d like to sport with your cocktail red dress? Or even the makeup to go with red prom dress?

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