Latest 20 New Look 2 Grams Gold Ring Designs for Ladies (2023)

Gold rings are popular piece of jewellery in India and no wedding is complete without a beautiful gold ring. Gold rings are available in different sizes varieties and even the weight of the metal. It is a popular belief that a gold ring brings good fortune and wearing it also attracts good health.

So if you want to buy gold rings online with the latest designs of gold rings, then here we have compiled this image post of the gorgeous gold ring designs. These are 2 grams gold rings designs for ladies. There are designs for men as well but here in this article we are concentrating for the ladies gold rings in 2 grams gold. These gold rings can also be studded with diamonds, regular stones, Ruby stones are even emeralds while there can be plain gold ring designs.

Latest Design of Gold Rings in 2 grams of Gold

The stone studded gold ring designs are perfect for someone who likes the charm and twinkle of the stones, however if you’re more into the simple gold things then go for the plain gold ring patterns which are available in gorgeous designs and sizes.

1. Diamond studded Rings

Diamond studded Rings

This simple gold ring has 3 diamonds and is a beautiful design. If you like simple pattern designs then this is certainly for you.

2. Floral Gold Ring

Floral Gold Ring

Floral patterns of gold metal rings are equally popular. Like here 7 diamonds or the regular stone have been used to create a floral shape in between. The shape is joined by the gold band. It is a ring that is suitable for girls and the married women.

3. Simple Design Ring

Simple Design Ring

The simple gold ring has a wavy pattern with just a single solitaire in between. So if you like a Solitaire studded gold ring, then this band shaped ring style can be tried. In fact you can have a diamond or just the regular stone in white or even an emerald in this design.

4. Double floral Shapes

Double floral Shapes

The two flower shape patterns are made in this overlapping design. Between each three sided flower there is a stone in between. This is one of the simplest yet so gorgeous looking gold ring design that many women especially younger girls can fall for.

5. Floral Stone Studded Ring

Floral Stone Studded RIng

The design here is also a floral stone studded gold ring which is simple and can be made in just 2-2.5 grams of gold.

6. Plain Gold Ring Design

Plain Gold Ring Design

The gorgeous plain gold ring pattern has the leaf like design in a wavy pattern. This designer simple yet has this attractive look to it. It is a daily wear kind of ring which is suitable and is made with 2.2 grams of gold.

7. Band Style Gold Ring

Band Style Gold Ring

This stunning stylish designer gold ring is a band with intricate carved out design. The spiral circles are attached to one over the other and the gold beads are added to make it beautiful. This is one of the best looking gold ring designs in plain pattern without the stones.

8. Floral plain Gold Pattern Ring

Floral plain Gold Pattern Ring

The design here is also a simple plain gold pattern of ring however the floral shape in between is the major thing that attracts the attention. It is also a daily wear ring for women.

9. Gold Rings for Girls

Gold Rings for Girls

For people who like simple designs, like the young girls would like to wear simpler rings, this design is perfect. It is simple yet is a stunning artistic pattern.

10. 2 grams Gold Ring design

2 grams Gold Ring design

Here this stunning gold ring design is made with the triangular shapes in the centre part in front. This design is simple and is a 2 grams gold ring pattern for daily wear.

11. Designer Gold Ring Pattern

Designer Gold Ring Pattern

This pretty design here is simple yet is very attractive. It is not a closed ring but has a gap in the front part that forms a heart studded with stones. It is one of the best looking simple designs with stones.

12. Light weight Gold Ring style

Light weight Gold Ring style

Coming to this band, where in intricate and simple design is shown for the centre part. This design is pretty and is a lightweight gold ring pattern for daily use.

13. Textured Gold Band Ring

Textured Gold Band Ring

If you like a band with texture, then this textured band gold metal design would be there for you. This design is perfect for everyday wear and even men can try such design because it is a unisex pattern.

14. Layered pattern Ring

Layered pattern Ring

The layered pattern here is gorgeous, it’s simple yet is highly attractive and would catch everyone’s attention. The simple design is without any stones and is one of the best considering the pattern here.

15. Daily wear Gold Ring design

Daily wear Gold Ring design

The shape makes this design, very out of the box and different from the regular designs that we have seen. It is also a good for ideal and daily wear kind of patterns.

16. Single stone Gold pattern Ring

Single stone Gold pattern Ring

Simple floral design with a single diamond or stone in between is giving a very nice and fresh look. For young girls such designs are appropriate.

17. Beaded Design Ring

Beaded Design Ring

The design is very intricate and is made with patterns of small gold beads stuck together to create a floral pattern.

18. Gold Ring Design for Young girls

Gold Ring Design for Young girls

Women and young girls who like simple designs which are not very heavy then this design is one of the best for them. With the simplest pattern, this is a band kind of a ring with overlapping ends with stones. It can be made in just 2 grams of gold.

19. Light and Simple Pattern

Light and Simple Pattern

This is an easy and simple design with the upper front part.  Such things can be typically worn for your special occasions or on a daily basis as well. It is more like a band shaped pattern. 

20. Stylish stone and gold ring

stylish stone and gold ring

This is a gorgeously made design for parties and festivals. Such artistic and nicely made patterns look beautiful in women’s fingers.

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