20 Latest Glitter Mehendi Designs for Hands, Feet and Arms

best glitter mehendi designs

Glitter Mehandi Designs are the most used designs these days. As the mehendi designs are evolving we are seeing a lot of different types of artistic designs like the ones where the glitter is used or stones etc. Even the designs vary like they can be Mughlai, Arabic, Indo Arabic etc. Gone are the days when the brides used to just apply the regular red colored mehendi but these days even bridal mehendi has been taken into account. Mehendi artists have tried different methods and decorative things to give a new look to the traditional mehendi. The glittering sparkly colors add further beauty and charm to the mehendi designs and highlight the pattern. Glitter henna designs can also have the stones, pearls etc but a lot of time a pure glitter or shimmer is used as it stays lot longer and are irritation free.

Glitter mehendi is also used for the henna or mehendi tattoo which makes the design look ravishing and luxurious. For glitter mehendi, the normal green mehendi is applied and after that glitter is used on areas where you wish the color and shimmer. Similarly the rhinestones, diamond stones are also used.

20 Best Glitter Mehendi Design Images for Weddings, Festivals etc

In this post, we bring you the most beautiful images and inspirations for the glitter mehndi. Glitter colors like red, blue, green purple etc are used a lot in such design which will actually highlight the mehendi design by manifolds.

1. Green Glitter Mehendi Design

glitter mehendi design

This is a very rich looking glitter mehendi design that has the green glitters used on the designs. The pattern is very intricately made with beautiful floral motifs and paisleys. The design is quite filled in and glitter adds more depth and beauty to this design. 

[Arabic mehendi designs]

2. Rajasthani Glitter Mehendi Design

glitter mehendi design

Very artistic and Rajasthani inspired mehendi design using the basic green colored glitter. The green glitter has made the design come alive. The beautiful floral mehendi is astonishingly made and glitter is giving it a new light.

3. Delicate Pink Glitter Mehendi 

glitter mehendi design

This is a very delicate and feminine looking mehendi design. It is appropriate for engagements, karwa chuth ceremonies like roka etc. the pink glitter and stones make this mesmerizing and attractive. See also: Our best collection of peacock mehendi designs

4. Luxurious Bridal Glitter Mehendi Design

glitter mehendi design

This is royal, grand and luxurious design where the glitter, stones are used in abundance. The mehendi is quite dark and have been used with filled in motifs and shapes there is no delicate or thin lines rather bold shapes are used. Stones of different color are used to adorn and beautify this astonishing design.

5. Feet Glitter Mehendi with Flower design

glitter mehendi design

This is a floral feet mehendi design which is beautified with the purple and green glitters. The flower in this design is alluring.

6. Curvy Paisley and green shimmer design

glitter mehendi design

Absolutely stunning!! This is made with delicate and curvy design that has a paisley in the between which is filled with green-blue shimmer. The fingers too are decorated with thin intricate detailing.

7. Geometric Feet Mehendi with glitters

glitter mehendi design

Geometric inspired feet mehendi! The parallel design is wonderful and brides would surely love to flaunt this design.  The top part of the design has a beautiful floral motif. Purple glitter is used to make tiny stone lien effect to fill gaps. This is truly a cute and elegant looking glitter mehendi design.

8. Bridal mehendi for feet with glitter

glitter mehendi design

Another feet mehendi that is suitable for brides is this one. The rich looking complexion design is very closely made but still manages to look wonderful. The central round tikki style shape too is adding charm to this mehendi.  The green glitter or shimmer is applied on the borders to give more depth of this style of henna design. You can try it for roka with a stunning green or red outfit to make heads turn.

9. Floral Glitter Mehendi Design

glitter mehendi design

What can we say about this Rajasthani Floral mehendi design with glitters? This is clear and crisply made. The sky blue glitter is used on the borders which gives a beautiful appeal to this design. Flower shapes here and there which highlights the design. Choose this for your wedding to make a lasting impression.

10. Simple Purple Glitter Design

glitter mehendi design

Very delicate henna design with purple glitter!! The glitter is used on certain places just to bring the design to light. This can be used on a friend’s wedding to look great in your Indian or traditional attire.

11. Glitter and stone studded mehendi

glitter mehendi design

This red mehendi design is old and beautiful! The stone of various color will give a luxurious feel to this royal and grand design. Muslim and hindu brides will love such grand designs.

12. Paisley, tendrils and Glitters

Te design here is filled with paisleys, Curvy figures, tendrils etc. The gaps are used to stick the stone which emphasize the design. It’s a very bridal mehendi design with glitters.

13. Golden Glitter Design

The feet mehendi is glitter based and is floral in nature. The golden glitter is making this truly magical. The next time you are going for a traditional party try this design to make the heads turn. Even groom these days are trying glitter mehendi designs to stay in trend or at a request from their brides.

14. Bridal Blue green mehendi

glitter mehendi design

Very complex yet gorgeous design which has a glimpse of Rajasthani architecture!! The Rajasthani mehendi design is good for brides and bridesmaid. There are blue and green glitters which are applied to bring up the design.

15. Pure Silver Glitter Mehendi

Here you will see the glitter of silver color. The silver is quite evident and it looks nice on the dark red colored mehendi. The lovely paisleys in this design are highlighting the overall design. The back hand design too is rich in the Indo-Arabic design which is ideal for parties and ceremonies too.

16. Spiral Mehendi Design

glitter mehendi design

Absolutely a magical design!! The spirals, paisley like shapes are beautifully decorating this back hands henna design. Silver glitter is used wisely and strategically to highlight certain motifs and parts of this design.

17. Floral glitter design

glitter mehendi design

This entire single line henna design is made with silver shimmer. There are paisley and floral in this bail design but every shape is covered with intense opaque glitters.

18. Bail style Glitter Mehendi Design

glitter mehendi design

It’s a bail style design which comprises of flowers. These are filled with blue glitter which is making the flowers pop. Little girls too can try it.

19. Silver Feet Mehendi Design

glitter mehendi design

It is undoubtedly one of the best designs for feet with glitters. The silver glitter is doing an amazing thing to this design the parallel diagonal lines are creating such a grand effect. Brides would love this, If your wedding is round the corner then do choose designs like this.

20. Grand Mehendi Design

Very grand design on the entire back hand that extends until the arm is breathtaking. There have been used several different colored glitters.

So, these were the latest glitter mehendi designs that brides, bridesmaid, little girls etc can try. Which one do you like? Are you going to try them?

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