23 Latest Peacock Mehendi Designs for Hands and Feet

Latest peacock mehendi design

Peacock Mehendi Designs for Hands and Feet: Peacock pattern the mehendi is not a new thing. Henna or the mehendi application is an integral part of various cultures across the world. Peacock inspired mehendi designs look beautiful. Such designs are created for hands, feet and for arms mehendi. There are simple or detailed designs which include peacock and its body parts with its beautiful feathers. Mehendi is an art that involves application of beautiful designs. For brides, mehendi designs are lavish and see a variety of different structures and motifs. Let’s see the various forms of peacock mehendi designs that can be tried by the brides, grooms, their relatives, etc.

Best Peacock Mehendi Designs

Here are some of the latest and best peacock inspired mehendi designs that can be made on the hands, feet etc

1. This design looks classy and something that has the glimpse of the Mughal Era. The scalloped edges with floral tendril like structures are lovely to look at.

peacock mehendi designs

2. Symmetry is the name for this design with peacock motifs. No, where the design is shaded, filled or the lines have gotten too close. Rather the leaf patterns have been extensively used along with the peacock pattern.

peacock mehendi designs 1

3. It is a good peacock mehendi pattern for small girls. The design is rich and simple. The fingers are bare but can be filled with motifs of leaves, tendrils and semicircles.

peacock mehendi designs

4. Brides would love the peacock loaded mehendi patterns like this. The bands at the arms give an illusion of bangles. The Arabic pattern and mehendi design motifs and slanted lines makes this gorgeous.

peacock mehendi designs slanted

5. The design includes a beautiful peacock in the centre of the palm of one hand and a smaller one in the other hand. Other than the peacock motif the hands are adorned with the designs like smell round circles.

peacock mehendi designs slanted 5

6. This tall design extends till the arm. The design is a lot spaced out and has a peacock print at the top part of the arm. This look good for the bridesmaid who likes simple peacock things.

peacock mehendi designs

7. This beautiful peacock design is stunning. It is quite intricate with lines and small circle designs. The tiny circles appear nice on the hands.

peacock mehendi designs

8. This is such an intricate and lavish bridal mehendi design. The same can be replicated for feet mehendi too. The design and circle pattern, Checkered pattern and also the peacock appearing at various places. The floral design here and there adds an alluring feel to this exquisite bridal pattern of mehendi.

peacock mehendi designs

9. It is simple yet very impressive. For someone how needs simplicity in their henna pattern can try designs like that. The cluster of three dots makes the design very girlish and feminine. It can also be tried by small girls and kids.

peacock mehendi designs

10. Peacock pattern when mixed with paisleys and geometric print also looks lovely like the one here. This has the criss cross pattern on the fingers and peacock design at the middle of the hand. The same can be tried on the palm and back of the hand too.peacock mehendi designs

11. When you are looking for peacock mehendi designs and patterns for your feet then this fits the bill. The double line chequred patched the foot area along with the intricate design all the way across the feet looks royal and amazing. The beauty and perfection of this design lies in the top part where the peacocks are made with finesse and look grand.

peacock mehendi designs feet

12. It resembles a fine painting. The circle that embosses a shaded peacock is inspiring.

peacock mehendi designs

13. This one does not look like a mehendi design but more like a painting which mixes art with beauty. The beautiful symmetrical peacock with shaded designs looks good with the rose floral design. This is made with black mehendi then the regular green one.

peacock mehendi designs

14. Clean and crisp design for brides and bridesmaid. This design has patterns of semi circles, scalloping and peacocks embedded in the design.

peacock mehendi designs

15. It can be called as a quick easy and minimalistic design that design on the feet is not intricate or vast but ahs a simplistic approach. This is the beauty of this peacock mehendi design for feet.

16. At times, you need something different, than this is it!! Try this elaborate design that has a peacock made with a beautiful tail and feathers that extend till the arms area.

peacock mehendi designs

17. Two are good! This peacock mehendi design includes 2 peacocks facing each other. Moreover, the pattern is not extended till the arm but rather has been kept just on the palm and stops at the wrist area. The design starts with floral pattern and the same continues till the fingers.

peacock mehendi designs

18. Such an intricate and beautiful design. It also shows the beauty of henna designs. A very bridal appropriate design that can also be tried for Eid and karwa chuth mehendi for ladies and young girls.

peacock mehendi designs

19. Feet mehendi with peacock designs are also in trend these days. Peacocks depicts royality and grandeur. This design has the multiple peacocks that bring dimension to this beautiful peacock Mehendi design for bridal ceremonies.

peacock mehendi designs

20. If you like crisp, clean and intricate designs for henna then this is just effect. The perfection is seen in every round, floral and tiny tendrils that are made in this stirring design.

peacock mehendi designs 21

21. One lined designs like this are also very much in trend. Young girls can try it or one can try this for festivals like Diwali, Eid etc. The design does not have the regular double lined pattern but has a very single lined small patterns.

peacock mehendi design 21

22. This shaded peacock pattern is like a remarkable art on the hands. This notable design has a big peacock impression on the centre of the palm and rest of the areas has been kept bare.

peacock mehendi design 22

23. Peacocks with floral designs can be amalgamated like this to make such a dazzling design. The parallel line on the fingers gives it a different grapevine like effect.

peacock mehendi design 23

These are the latest, innovative and new peacock mehendi design that brides can try. One can try for festivities celebrations etc. Which is the one that you like?

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