3 Foods that deplete the Bone Density

How many of us really take care of your overall health? Currently the time we live in, we go through lot of stress and busy schedule, where there is no time to take care of yourself. But this can show negative results in the long term. Do you know that women after 30 starts to lose the bone density. Around 50 % of the women over 30 can face low mineral bone density. Low bone density can cause easy fractures, pain in the body, diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis etc. For that proper calcium and vitamin D is needed. But there are few things that are depleting your precious bone density. Here are those 3 food items that are depleting your bone density and that you should reduce as soon as possible.

3 Foods that deplete the Bone density

3 Foods that deplete the Bone Density

1. Alcohol

High intake of alcohol can deplete the bone density as alcohol disrupts the balance between the absorption of vitamin D and calcium thus the density of bone reduces. Therefore, always have alcohol in moderate quantity. In anyways alcohol can damage the liver heavily. Alcohol is not recommended for pregnant ladies as well.

2. Salt

If you are eating food high in salt then stop that immediately. Processed food items like chips, fries, and snacks have high sodium (salt) content that can reduce the absorption of calcium which leads to low mineral bone density. This will lead to over absorption of sodium which further leads to less absorption of calcium thus the calcium which gives density to your bones will be excreted out. High salt intake is also responsible for high blood pressure.


3. Caffeine

If you like to work late till night or have too much stress which makes you gulp several cups of tea or coffee in a single day,  then you should definitely think about cutting this down. You know why, it is because the caffeine reduces the absorption of calcium which also leads to the bones getting prone to fractures. Caffeine may keep you awake but that also gives a bad effect on your bones.


So, the next time you think of having lots of tea or coffee then remind yourself that cutting down the number of cups will only benefit you in long run. Instead have some milk with a health drink which will boost the energy level and also give the body some extra vitamins and minerals. :)

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