Top 4 Best Patanjali Hair Conditioners for Men and Women

4 Top Best Patanjali Hair Conditioners for Men and Women

4 Top Best Patanjali Hair Conditioners for Men and Women: Hair softness and reversing the hair conditioners are good to keep the hair in healthy state, since due to pollution, sun damage these days out hair gets rough, dry, brittle and lifeless. Therefore, to combat all that we should apply hair conditioners regularly after using the shampoos. Hair conditioners will make the hair softer and shinier. Here, are the best Patanjali hair conditioners for men as well as women in our Indian market. Well Patanjali products are available in various Patanjali stores. Hence, these days the availability of Patanjali hair care products is quite easy.

4 Top Best Patanjali Hair Conditioners

Patanjali Colour Protection Hair Conditioner

4 Top Best Patanjali Hair Conditioners for Men and Women

If you have colored hair and you wish to retail the color for long then this is good since this hair contioner has the formulation that is for colored treated hair. Thus will also prevent the damage and dryness of the hair.  This contains the Aloe Barbadensis, Triticum sativum, Helianthus annus, Eclipta alba 5.0 mg, Hibiscus rosa sinesis and the Shea butter, Glycerin, Vitamin E,  which helps to further smoothen and revitalize the hair. This cost 60 rupees.

Patanjali Olive Almond Hair Conditioner

conditioner 4 Top Best Patanjali Hair Conditioners for Men and Women

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Conditioner Almond is with the goodness of the almond and the vitamin E. Almonds are extremely rich in vitamin E. This conditioner will make the hair softer and smoother so that when you wash the hair then the hair stays softer and smoothness. This is rich in the Prunus amygdalus, Phyllanthus emblica, Hibiscus rosa sinensis, Acacia concinna, Eclipta elba, Shea butter, Vitamin E, Soya protein and Sugandhit Dravya. This will nourish and detangle the hair within few minutes.

Patanjali Hair Conditioner with Protein

almond 4 Top Best Patanjali Hair Conditioners for Men and Women

Patanjali Hair Conditioner with Proteins is rich in proteins so that the hair becomes very good and the cuticle is also improved. The rough, dry and lifeless hair will get a bounce of life with the rich in protein conditioner. This conditioner contains the extracts of Aloe vera, Triticum sativum, Prunus amygdalus etc. This is also useful in dryness and the extracts of soya peptide will also help to care of the dry brittle hair. This is for 60 rupees for 60 ml pack.

Patanjali Damage Control Conditioner


This damage control hair conditioner form Patanjali Ayurveda is for the damaged hair or the hair which have turned dry and rough. The dryness of the hair is mostly due to excessive sun damage, pollutants and harsh chlorinated water. So, this conditioner when used after the wash will transform the dry damaged hair into silkier hair. This is only for 60 rupees. This hair conditioner contain ingredients like extracts of Aloe Barbadensis, Triticum sativum, Eclipta alba, Cannabis Sativa.

Benefits of using hair conditioners

Hair conditioners will make the hair smoother, shinier and silkier.

Hair that get damaged can also be treated by deep conditioning and proper nourishment.

Hair conditioners with herbal ingredient will be beneficial since they give adequate hydration and moisturisation to the hair.

Hair that is life less and dull can get some life by using proper hair care conditioners after using the shampoos and cleansers.

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