Best 5 Beauty Benefits of Mustard Oil for Hair and Skin

Mustard Oil for Hair and Skin

Mustard oil or sarson ka tel is popular oil in India. Our Grandmother’s used to love preparing food in mustard oil. This oil is a thick oil with a strong smell. This oil can be used for skin, hair and health care as well. Mustard oil is reasonably priced as compared with other oils like that soyabean, vegetable, olive oil, etc. Mustard oil is rich in the unsaturated fatty acids thus is good for health as well when taken in moderate quantity. Unsaturated fatty acids are good for heart and do not let the cholesterol levels go up. This oil is also a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids. So, here we will be sharing how you can use this mustard oil for hair and the body to get the benefits of mustard oil in enhancing your beauty.

5 Beauty Benefits of Mustard Oil for Hair and Skin

Beauty Benefits of Mustard Oil for Hair and Skin

1. Mustard oil for thicker hair

My grandmother used to say that applying mustard oil will give you thicker hair and she used to apply that. I have used it a couple of times but the smell was quite strong. Therefore, mustard oil can be used to massage the hair when this is mixed up with some almond oil. Mix 2 teaspoonfuls of mustard oil with 2 teaspoonful of almond oil. Use this to apply on the scalp and roots of the hair. Leave this overnight. Wash in the morning.

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2. Mustard oil for dry cuticles

mustard oil beauty benefits dry cuticles

As mustard oil is a very hydrating oil therefore, it is also good for dry cuticles. You can massage the dry cuticles with the help of some mustard oil so that this gives nourishment to the dry cuticles and hands look polished.

3. Mustard oil for dry skin

In winters, the skin tends to get dry and start to peel. Therefore mustard oil is great for body massaging. You can take few drop of mustard oil then massage the body parts like hands, legs, feet etc. Keep this for 1 hour then take the shower. This will deeply moisturize the dry and flaky skin in winters.

4. Mustard oil and honey pack for damaged hair

Mix 1 tablespoonful of mustard oil with 1 tablespoonful of honey. Mix them well and apply all over the hair scalp and hair strands. If you have really long hair then increase the quantity so that this hair pack can be adequate to coat each and every hair. Concentrate more on the hair ends since they are damaged more and tend to get split ends. Once you have done applying this hair pack then leave this for 2 hours. Shampoo and condition the hair. Use a mild shampoo preferably.

5. Mustard oil for tired swollen feet

Due to water retention and fatigue, feet tend to get swollen and tired therefore you can take some mustard oil like a teaspoonful of mustard oil and mix 1 pinch of salt in that. Then mix this and use to massage the feet and legs to get relief. You can also see some more remedies to get relief in the swollen feet and legs.

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