5 Best Patanjali Hair Care Products in India (2021)


5 Best Patanjali Hair Care Products in India: Hair care is important for both men and women. You should take care of your hair so that they remain in their best possible state otherwise hair problems like dandruff, dryness, oily scalp hair loss, hair fall can be experienced. Friends, one should always use good and herbal hair care products that should not harm the hair but will make them healthy. So, which are the good hair care products, well, these days, we have noticed that Patanjali hair care products are very much in demand and a lot of you even asked us which is are the best Patanjali products for hair care, here is the list that can be beneficial in finding that out friends..

5 Top Best Patanjali Hair Care Products for men and women (2020)

So, let’s have a look at which are the best hair care products Patanjali Ayurveda makes that everyone like boys and girls can try. These products can be hair wash or shampoos, hair oils which are good for growths and smoothness or they can be conditioners. Hair acre is extremely important and does not matter even if you are a guy.

1. Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash

patanjali coconut hair wash

Coconut is good for curing the hair damage and to give a boost of bounce and good health to the hair. Coconut will treat the dryness and roughness of the hair hence people who have dry hair they can use coconut rich hair care products. Moreover, coconut also gives thickness to the hair. This Patanjali hair care product also increases the hair shine. See: Best patanjali hair fall, hair loss products in India


Coconut is very good for the natural cure of dry and damaged hair.

It treats the dry cuticles and makes hair manageable.

This coconut shampoo also has Bhringraj and henna which further improvises the rough and damage hair condition.


This costs 95 rupees for 200 ml pack.

2. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Aloe Vera Shampoo

5 Best Patanjali Hair Care Products in India

Aloe vera has magical healing and nurturing properties for both skin and hair. Aloe vera will improvise the hair thickness and also controls the hair fall, hair loss in men and women. Moreover, you can also try aloe vera home remedies to get help in hair loss control. This will not dry the hair or make the hair greasy hence this is a good everyday Patanjali shampoo for everyone.


Aloe Vera gives boost to the dull and dry hair

It also nourishes the scalp and gets rid if the dandruff problems

Men too can try aloe vera shampoos for their hair

Aloe vera also promotes the hair growth and curbs hair fall and thinning hair


This Patanjali aloe vera shampoo is priced at 80 rupees for 200 ml pack.

3. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil

5 Best Patanjali Hair Care Products in India hair oil

This Kesh Kanti hair oil gives deep nourishment to the dry hair and hair that are lifeless and needs hydration. This will also strengthen the hair roots naturally. Moreover, the Ayurvedic ingredients in this hair oil will also prevent hair fall and cures the dandruff. Regular application will result in healthy hair and the good thing is that, this cures the sleeplessness and headache too. 


It is beneficial in deep nourishment, strengthening of hair roots and prevention of hair fall and dandruff.

It has so many so many Ayurvedic ingredients that gives beautiful hair.


Patanjali kesh kanti hair oil  is 60 rupees and bigger 130 rupees pack is also available.

4. Patanjali Almond Hair Oil

5 Best Patanjali Hair Care Products in India oil

Almonds can be wonderful for hair that is brittle, dry and for people suffering from hair fall. Since almonds are rich in the natural vitamin E, you will get immense moisturization and nourishment. This will reduce the itchiness of the scalp and also helps in the reduction of hair fall. This Patanjali hair oil can be used by men and women all ages.


Almonds make the hair grow longer and faster

It also cures dandruff and scalp itching problems

People with very dry hair can try almond hair oil for extra nourishment


Patanjali almond hair oil is priced at 50 rupees and

5. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Shampoo

5 Best Patanjali Hair Care Products in India

Milk protein shampoo is one of the best Patanajli hair care products as the milk proteins strengthens the hair and reduces the damage caused by sun and pollution. The shampoo is safe for all hair type and is made with the herbs like bhringraj, mehendi, soapnut, shikakai, neem, aloe vera, amla etc. These herbs are extremely beneficial for hair related problems and to keep the hair healthy. It will also aid in fighting hair loss and hair fall. 


Milk proteins boost the hair growth and also cures the damage

It lathers well and does not dry the hair

Milk proteins also aids in making hair shinier and softer

Suitable for damaged hair and rough lifeless hair


Patanjali Milk protein shampoo is for 95 rupees in India.

So, friends, these were the top best Patanjali hair care products which everyone can use, you can easily get beautiful, thicker and lustrous hair by using these herbal products.

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