5 Health Benefits of Eating Ragi

5 Health Benefits of Eating Ragi

In India most of the people will either eat rice or wheat but there are other grains as well that are not being taken advantage of such as barley, millet and ragi. Ragi has numerous health benefits that you will be surprised to know but you were still unaware. These nutritious food grain have been neglected by a lot of us so hopefully after knowing the health benefits of ragi you will defiantly include them in your diet. Just an advice, you can use ragi to mix with the wheat flour just like you have multi grain flour, or multi grain attta.

Health Benefits of Eating Ragi

Health Benefits of Eating Ragi

1. High in dietry fibre

Ragi is high in dietary fibers which makes this wonderful grain for the digestive system. This has high dietary fibre than the regular rice and the wheat that we eat. High dietary fibres help this to aid in the process of digestion, the food moves within the intestine and does not stuck on the inner walls of the intestines.

2. Regulates blood sugar levels

Just after you have had meals you blood sugar levels rises, but a diet which includes ragi. Ragi will help to regulate the blood sugar levels. This has antioxidants like polypheniols. A diet that consists of ragi is also known to have lower glycemic response thus good for diabetic people.

3. Good for anemic

Those of us who have got anemic and low hemoglobin levels there ragi can help to provide the iron in ample amount. Since ragi consists of iron and vitamin C, Vitamin C is needed for the absorption of iron, therefore, ragi makes a good to add in diet product especially for anemic patents.

4. Gluten free

People with celiac disease are advised a diet that is gluten free and ragi is a gluten free grain therefore, this can be a good source of nutrition as well as being gluten free.

5. Calcium amount

Ragi is also rich source of calcium. Calcium is an important mineral and deficiency of which can lead to osteoporosis therefore ragi can be taken regularly to give the body with ample amount of calcium dose.

6. Weight loss

Ragi contains lesser fats as compared with the other popular cereal and grain thus when taken in diet this will help in weight loss but still giving the body the much needed nutrients.

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