Proven 5 Healthy Raw Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss

 Raw Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss

Fresh juices can do so much for the great health, there is no secret why drinking fresh juices can amp up your health. Vegetable juices are easiest and the healthiest way that you can adopt in your diet plan to shed the extra weight off the body. In India, we mostly use high in grease and fatty foods especially in North India, thus relishing on vegetable juices will show their positive results pretty quickly.

raw vegetable juices to lose weight

How to Prepare Raw Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss

To prepare any vegetable juice, you will have to peel it off If there is  skin over the vegetable or simply wash it properly. If the vegetable has seeds then take the seeds out first and then cut them into 2-3 pieces so that they are easily grinded. After that put the vegetable pieces in the grinder or juicer and extracts the juice. A glass per day is sufficient.

Benefits of drinking Raw Vegetable Juices for weight loss

1. Carrot Juice

carrot juice for weight loss

Carrots are high in beta carotenes and antioxidants which facilitates the formation of Vitamin A and the antioxidants helps to reduce the oxidative cell damage. Carrot juice is also high in dietary fibers that keep the digestive system in good state. A glass of carrot juice every day after the workout or in the breakfast boosts the energy levels and aids in weight loss.

2. Cabbage Juice

cabbage juice for weight loss

Cabbage is low in calories but high in fibers therefore cabbage salads or cabbage juice can make you feel full yet giving few calorie count. Thus we can safely say that cabbage juice is beneficial in losing weight. This juice also help to lower down the diabetes chances. Cabbages are good for the people who have any digestion relate problem.

3. Cucumber juice

cucumber juice for weight loss

Cucumber juice is great in summers to beat the heat, maintain the water content in body and to lose the weight. Cucumber juice help to break the fats in the body and to keep you hydrated. It also boost the overall metabolic rate of your body which facilities in the fat loss.

4. Beet Root Juice

beetroot juice for weight loss

Beet root juice is advised to the people who have low hemoglobin levels and are suffering from anemia. Other than that beet root has dietary fibers which helps to keep you full and maintain a healthy digestive system. Beet root juice also enhances the metabolic rate which aids in weight loss. My mum loves beet root juice as it helps her with the low hemoglobin and anemia. This is great for mature women.

5. Lauki Juice

lauki juice for weight loss

Lauki juice is suggested in the Ayurveda as well for people who are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and to maintain the weight without the excessive dieting or following strict diet plan. Half a glass of lauki or bottle guard juice twice in a day can do a lot when it comes to losing weight the natural way. You can Read about the complete health benefits of drinking lauki juice here.

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