5 Best Jojoba Oil Beauty Recipes to Get Beautiful Skin

Jojoba oil Beauty recipes and benefits of Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil Beauty recipes and benefits of Jojoba oil

These days the use of essential oils has increased a lot in beauty recipes and beauty products. One such oil that I absolutely love is Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is a yellowish golden colored oil that is being extracted from the jojoba seeds. You might be pronouncing it as Jo-jo-ba but it is actually pronounced as ho-ho-ba oil. Yeah, I was also pronouncing it wrong :) until, I came to know about that. This oil is rich in mineral like selenium, Zinc, copper etc and many vital Vitamins. Jojoba oil can be used in a lot of different way to enhance your natural beauty so that you look beautiful without makeup. :). So girls, in this post at Tips and beauty Blog. We will be sharing how Jojoba oil can be used to beautify you.

1. jojoba oil as Facial Moisturiser

Those of you who have got rough scalp skin, can get some help by applying jojoba oil.

  • Just take a couple of drops of jojoba oil in your finger tips.
  • Gently massage the face after the massaging for 2 minutes.
  • Lightly pat the face so that the oil can seep inside the skin’s outer layer.
  • This will make the skin not only glow with health but become radiant. Night is the best time to try jojoba oil as a face moisturiser. This is really good for dry skin. See: More beauty benefits of Jojoba oil

2. Stretch Marks Removal with Jojoba oil

We all hate the stretch marks, I too have couple of them on my thighs due to weight put on a couple of years ago. Jojoba oil can also help in minimizing the stretch marks.

  • You will have to apply jojoba oil 2 times in a day like in the evening and in the morning.
  • Just lightly massage the stretch marked skin area.
  • Few drops of jojoba oil should be enough for single time use.
  • Within a month you will notice that the marks are getting lighter.

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3. Jojoba oil recipe as Cuticle oil

Are rough and dry cuticle makes your hands and nail look ugly? Try jojoba oil. This oil will smoothen and nourish the dry cuticle and the manicure too will look more polished.

jojoba oil as cuticle oil

How to use this jojoba oil beauty recipe:

  • Just pour one drop each on the base of the nails when the cuticles.
  • Wait for 5 minutes like that and then start to massage the finger nail and cuticle.
  • This has to be done at night so that after 7-8 hours while you will be sleeping, this wonderful recipe can show its results.
  • Do this everyday for smooth hands and cuticles

4. Anti Aging Solution

Mature ladies who are struggling with fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles on the nasolabial folds can find an easy solution with jojoba oil.Here is how to use this jojoba oil beauty recipe.

  • While going to sleep just take few drops of this oil and apply all over the face and neck as well.
  • Massage the face lightly. This will enhance the circulation of the blood and more blood will flow through.
  • After that have you beauty sleep.

You will soon observe that the face get brighter and smoother with lines getting minimized. But how? This is due to the natural nutrients in the jojoba oil like the mineral and Vitamin which nourishes the skin and also pays a part in increasing the collagen production.

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5. Makeup Remover

Now makeup is something that we women can’t do without. But removing the makeup properly is also very important. We all know that. In fact, when you have jojoba oil with you, we can bet that you need not to spend a single penny on makeup removers. You can easily get rid of the makeup using the makeup remover.

How to use jojoba oil to remove the makeup

Now you must be thinking how. Here is how you can try this Jojoba oil beauty recipe:

  • Just take half teaspoonful of distilled water and add 4 drops of jojoba oil in that.
  • Gently mix and take that water in a clean cotton pad.
  • Now your cotton pad is loaded with distilled water and jojoba oil.
  • So, swipe that cotton pad gently over the face, eye makeup, eyelashes etc to get rid of that.
  • Your face is now squeaky clean and fresh looking.

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