5 Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks Review, Price, Swatches

Review of Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks with Price and Swatches of  the shades Violet Delight, Orange Icon, Fuchsia Flare, Red Rush and Crushed candy in India

Maybelline color show lipsticks

Hi girls, I will be sharing new lipsticks from Maybelline. These new Maybelline Color show lipsticks are very interesting and can give close competition to the Lakme enrich satin lipsticks or the Colorbar lipsticks which have got the similar prices. So girls, these Maybelline Color show lipsticks are available in India in more than 25 shades. These shades are all trendy and super exciting. Earlier I had reviewed Maybelline rebel bouquet lipsticks which had just 5 shades. I simply can’t wait to explore the range of these Maybelline color show lipsticks. So, in this post, I will review color show lipstick shades like Violet Delight, Fuchsia Flare, Red Rush, Orange Icon and Crushed candy. So, let’s start beauties. 🙂

Price and claims of Maybelline color show lipsticks:

These lipsticks are for 299 rupees and online you can get them as cheap as 240 during the sale season online.

Maybelline color show lipsticks

What the brands claims about these Maybelline color show lipsticks: These lipsticks are variable in various chic and vivid shades. These trendy shades are rich I pigmentation and are very creamy. They are moisturizing so, no need for the lip balms. Read: Maybelline Bold Mat lipstick shade no MAT 5

Maybelline color show lipsticks review

Experience with Maybelline color show lipsticks

These Maybelline color show lipsticks are packaged a decently looking glossy black packaging. The colors are shown on the band that we see in the middle. The shades which are orangey, there would be an orange band and for the pink, pink, bands and so on. This actually helps to locate the lipstick. Like I have 5 of these lipsticks so, locating them without opening these Maybelline color show lipsticks becomes really easy.

Maybelline color show lipsticks

Now I will let you know about these Maybelline color show lipsticks as per the individual shades.

1. Maybelline color show lipstick Orange Icon Review

Orange Icon is a beautiful light weight coral-ish orange color. I love it. This glides extremely seamlessly on my lips. While I am wearing this, I don’t feel like I have applied a lipstick. It feels as if I am wearing a nourishing lip balm. Very soft and light texture this Maybelline color show lipstick has. The pigmentation is decent and more like glossy so, good for everyday wear. You can wear such a color with subtle makeup. This also can be worn for the college and this Maybelline color show lipstick orange icon is a gentle color. This stay on my lips for 2-3 hours then wipes off while I talk or eat anything. So reapplication is need. This won’t settle in lines as well.

Maybelline color show lipsticks

Maybelline color show lipsticks

2. Maybelline color show lipstick Violet Delight Review

Maybelline color show lipstick in Violet Delight I true to its name it is a purple-ish color. This color is not my type of color as such purple colors can makes skin complexion dull looking. But this will be liked by a lot of girls. This can be used by mature ladies who like to wear purples. My mother loves colors like these, so I gave this to her. This Maybelline color show lipstick has a light weight smooth texture which applied really nicely on the lips. This too has the same characteristics as that of the orange icon.

Maybelline color show lipsticks violet delight review swatches

Maybelline color show lipsticks

3. Maybelline color show lipstick Crushed Candy Review

This color is my type of color Maybelline color show lipstick in crushed candy is a gorgeous color that one can try for office, college for daily wear. This can be slightly too cool tones for the duskier skinned girls therefore. I will recommend this color to the girls who have got fair to medium complexion. Or even the wheatish skin complexion. This also posses the same characteristics like pigmentation, texture etc as that of the other 2 Maybelline color show lipsticks that I mentioned above.

Maybelline color show lipsticks

Maybelline color show lipsticks swatches

Maybelline color show lipsticks swatches and reviews in idnia

4. Maybelline color show lipstick Fuchsia Flare Review

Now, this is a gorgeous color that will instantly brighten up your skin complexion. This is a very universal color that you can wear. No matter what your skin color is like light, fair, medium wheatish or dark dusky. This color will look great on all the skin tones. This is a fushcia colored lipstick shade from this range of Maybelline lipsticks. I love it. This can be used by the newly wed girls. This will really look enticing with the Indian traditional wear. I will wear this on this Rakshabandan. By the way girls have you decide what will you wear on this rakshabandhan, I think you may have decided about the gift that we will get from our brothers right? 🙂 Read: Rakshabandhan Eye Makeup

Maybelline color show lipsticks fuchsia flare review swatches india

5. Maybelline color show lipstick Red Rush Review

Here comes a hot fiery red color that I loved. I loved lipstick shades. This color is a very bridal appropriate shade. This is very pigmented and has a great texture. This stays for 4 hours in me. I like that this stays a lot better than that of the other 4 lipsticks need to swipe this lip color around 2 times to get an intense rich looking opaque color. This is very similar in characteristic as that of the fuchsia flare girls. I got this recently and wore this with a salwar kameez for a party, people complemented on the way this lip color looks. This is a regular red but the glossiness does its magic and who doesn’t like compliments haha. 🙂

Maybelline color show lipsticks red rush swatches and review shade

Maybelline color show lipsticks shades and review in India

Maybelline color show lipsticks swatches red rush fuchsia flare

Now, let me sum up the pros and cons of these lipsticks.

Pros of Maybelline color show lipsticks

  • Staying span is decent
  • Price is affordable for 299 rupees
  • Packaging is also good.
  • These are light weight and has a smooth texture
  • They are creamy lipsticks so will not dry the lips, you really won’t need the lip balm underneath them. yaay!
  • Some of the colors are very pigmented and some are less which is good as the lightly glossy pigmented colors can be worn for everyday for office, college etc and high on pigmentation bright colors can be kept for the party, functions, weddings etc.
  • They are soft and easy to applied which won’t settle in the fine lines on the lips

Cons of Maybelline color show lipsticks

  • Some of the shades are very light in pigmentation
  • Staying span of some of the colors is average but no doubt they are beautiful in texture.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Maybelline color show lipsticks are worth the money. Some of the shades are glossy, light in color which looks lovely for the day time. While some shades are very vivid bright color that one can wear for grand occasions. There are so many shades in this range that one can have a shade that they would love to wear. I have 5 of these lipsticks as the price is really affordable. I will recommend that you can try these lipsticks, you will love them.

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