5 Rice Flour/ Powder Face Packs and Masks for Fair Tanned Skin

homemade rice flour face packsRice flour Face packs at home

Rice flour is the powder of rice that is used to make so many delicacies across the world and in the South India. Rice flour can also be used to make face packs which will lighten the skin complexion making the skin fair, get rid of the dead skin cells. Rice flour/powder can also be used to remove the facial and body hair. Other than that rice powder packs and masks also benefits in adding a glow on the face and increases the cell renewal rate. Or use that as n the preparation of homemade ubtan for brides. So here are some rice flour face packs and related beauty tips.

Natural Rice flour Face packs homemade

1. Rice flour face pack with oats with honey

Take one teaspoonful of rice flour and mix half teaspoonful of oats and some honey to make a paste of the two ingredients. Apply it on the face and after 15- 20 minutes. Gently scrub this face pack from the face to reveal a clear and glowing face. This is good to get rid of the flaky peeling dry skin and to whiten the dry face. This pack benefits in firming and toning the skin.

2. Rice flour face pack with Multani Mitti, tomato juice

This rice flour face pack is good for oily to combination skin that has acne and pimple marks on the face. Take one teaspoonful of rice flour and add half teaspoonful of multani mitti. Take some tomato juice and mix with rice flour and multani mitti (fuller’s earth) into a paste. Apply this face pack in a thick layer on the face. When it gets dry, wash the face with water. Try this every other day for a clear spotless skin and decrease the pimple marks. It is also a good natural pack for skin whitening.

3. Rice flour pack with gram flour for glow

This is a basically a rice flour scrub pack which will exfoliate the skin and also give the benefits of its ingredients. Sugar used in this pack will help to give the skin hydration and benefits of glycolic acid present in it. Mix one teaspoonful of rice flour and sugar each. Add half teaspoonful of besan and mix all these with some rose water. Keep it slight thicker and apply on the face. Let it get dry and wash with water with gently scrub this rice flour pack. [ Face Scrub for summers ]

4. Rice flour face pack with cucumber juice for sun tan

This is a face pack to remove the sun tan, hyper pigmentation, age spots and to make the skin fair naturally at home. Mix one teaspoonful of rice flour with some cucumber juice and lemon juice to make a paste. Use this rice flour pack and wash after it gets dry. This can be tried as soon as you come from sun so that it acts as an anti tan pack.

5. Rice flour pack with Coconut milk, turmeric for fairness

This is a skin lightening and fairness face pack using the r ice flour. This can be tried 2 times in a week by all skin types to get a lighter skin tone. Mix one teaspoonful of rice flour and coconut milk to make a paste. When the paste is formed. Add 2 pinches of turmeric powder. Mix them again and use on the face. Let it dry then wash with tepid water.

So, these were the simple recipes o how to prepare face packs using rice powder. these are quick hence, can be made and applied at least 2-3 times as per your convenience the results can vary in time but you will surely see the benefits in the skin complexion and glow.

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