5 Steps to Spring Clean the Diet for healthy body

steps to sping clean the diet

Steps to Spring Clean the Diet

You may have been gorging on the sugar chocolates, and some unhealthy food. But now that the weather is getting warmer you should try to go for a spring clean the diet. Do you know that we tend to eat more during the winters? So, this time should be ideal when you watch your calories and the food items you are relishing on. Here, we will share tips to spring clean the diet.

White bread

Bread is the most commonly used food item in India and other countries. White bread has white flour which is not easily digested but the body will have some parts of this white flour will not be digested hence will stay in the intestines for a lot longer than they should be. A good digestive tract is a must have to attain a stronger immunity hence try to cut down on white flour.


The oils that we use to cook the food are often not cared for. There are oils which have saturated fats that can deposit as cholesterol and thus is not good for a healthy heart. Vegetable oils like soybean oil, canola oil etc have high Trans fats which lead to cholesterol accumulation. Oils with monosaturated fats are the best to use for cooing like rice bran oil, olive oil, coconut oil etc.


Spices like turmeric, black pepper, cumin, parsley, cinnamon etc are extremely beneficial in the stimulation of the digestion. All; these helps to aids in the better absorption of the food but that should not mean that you eat spicy food with loads of chili in it.

Ginger and garlic

Both of these are excellent product to enhance the immunity and blood circulation. The benefits of these two are endless. They help to reduce the cholesterol, are antibacterial properties, aids in digestion, keep the blood thinner to boost up the metabolism and also help to maintain the weight.


Taking high in sugar food items is not good for the health as it weakens the immune system and also posses several other health problems. Limit your sugar intake by reduces the number of cups of sugar based beverages or sugary drink.

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