5 Ways to Add Volume to the Thin Hair

ways to add volume to thin hair

Thin hair which are limp and lay flat, is that you’re your hair problem? If yes and you want to add some volume to your thin hair then we at Tipsandbeauty.com, we will share some magical hair styling tips that will give a boost of volume to your thin and flat hair. We wish volume has voluminous hair look luxurious and frame out face beautifully. Hair styling tips can very well do that for you. So, here are simple ways to add volume to thin hair at home.

5 Ways to Add Volume to the Thin Hair

1. Hot oil massaging

Now you must be thinking why we have included this as in the first step as the instant methods are fine but we want your hair to get stringer and healthier naturally so that they become voluminous one and for all hence try hot oil massage every once in a week. That will make your hair stronger and trust us, that will also make the thin hair become a little thicker. You can also try these home remedies for thinning hair.

2. Blow Dry the hair

After the shampoo, comb your hair with a wide tooth comb and let them get air dry for 5- 10 minutes. Then you can blow dry the hair using a roller brush which lifts the roots and also separates the individual hair strands. This will bring the magic and your thin hair will look voluminous. Do you know blow drying is out celebrities’ favorite beauty secret to get luxurious voluminous hair instantly?

3. Volumising shampoo

A volumising shampoo will make the hair to swell and lifts the roots. These shampoos will also make the scalp squeaky clean so that the hair looks voluminous. Volumising shampoo will slightly make the hair dry thus they are great to be tried for normal hair types which are not dry already.

4. Volumising Spray and Mousse

You can try hair volumising sprays and hair mousse which are just there to give some extra boost of volume to the hair. There are certain hair mousse and sprays which when applied can make the hair strand swell and also gives some lift to the roots of the hair this makes the hair to appear voluminous.

5. Go for a stylish hair cut

Layered cut gives an illusion of volume in the hair. Layers in the hair will make the hair look thicker and straight hair appears flat and limp thus layer will serve the purpose.

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