6 Beauty Trends for Spring /Summers 2015

Beauty Trends to sport this Spring/Summers 2015Beauty Trends Spring /Summers 2015

Every year new beauty trends comes up and runways get to see some amazing beauty ideas and trends that are here to stay. We will share some top beauty trend this summer to keep you in trend when it comes to make up and beauty. So let’s get started:

1. Eyeliner

beauty trends spring 2015 graphic eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner style is a huge hit on runways, we have seen many celebs sporting that on red carpet too. A bold winged eyeliner or a square tip eyeliner can amp up you style statement if you’re someone you follows the trends quite closely. Kareena was seen sported some amazing eyeliner styles that we loved. You can get inspiration from her in that case.

2. Colored eyeliners

Colored eyeliners are here to stay. Just a dash of green blue of even purple can make your eyes even sultrier and glamorous hence grab the favorite colors and be in trend.

3. Bold Lips

beauty trends spring summers BOLD lips

Flaming bold lip colors have been huge this season. Such colors have been consistency seen on the runways. Lip colors like hot reds, hot pink, oranges, bold corals and even with a touch of neon toned are quite hit this spring/ summers 2015. Bold colors look really good for Spring/ Summer. See: How to choose the perfect red as per the skin tone

4. Messy braids/ hair

Braided hairstyles not only save one from a bad hair day but they can keep you cool and look chic in summers. Braids can be accessorized with scarves, head gears, some cutesy pins and clips or even a strand of colored hair extension.

5. Voluminous curls

beauty trends spring 2015 curl big hsir

Whether you wish to sport the Indian traditional wear or have to go to a date night with someone special, voluminous bold curls will always make one look stunning and glamorous. See: Different types of hair high lights

6. Dewy skin

beauty trends spring summers

Shiny skin is not in but dewy is very much in this spring/summer 2015 in fact all around the year. Dewy skin exudes glow and radiance thus looks healthy. A light touch of water based foundation or BB ream is perfect to get dewy skin. Minimal foundation is the best trick to get dewy natural and healthy looking skin. See: Foundations for oily skin in India

So this spring/summers what is your favorite beauty trends that you will be sporting?


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