6 Essential Oils to Heal Scars and Marks on the Face (2021)

Essential Oils to Heal Scars and Marks on the face

Best Essential Oils to Lighten Scars and Marks on the face

We also desire to have blemish free and flawless complexion that looks just perfect, But due to aging, pimples, blackheads, etc our skin gets blemishes. Essential oils are highly used in products made for blemishes and scars treatment. This is because of the wonderful skin healing and rejuvenating abilities of the essential oils that make them so beneficial. Essential oils are also used for skin whitening. They are potential enough to cure the marks, blemishes and scars from the dry to normal skin since they also provide moisture to the skin.

Let’s have a look at the essential oils that can be tried to treat the scars and marks.

Essential Oils to Heal Scars, Marks on the face

1. Lavender oil For Scars

Essential Oils to heal the scars and marks lavender oil

Lavender oil has the properties to heal and treat the marks. This smoothens the scars and also reduces the intensity of the marks. The redness or darkness of the acne scars can be faded or treated with lavender oil easily. This oil will increase the cell turnover and thus the skin renewal rate increases which eventually lead to healing of scar. With regular use this essential oil will remove the scars completely. Just take few drops of lavender essential oil and either mix with some jojoba oil or sandalwood essential oil and massage the face, body to heal the scars.

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2. Neroli Oil To lighten marks

Essential Oils to heal the scars and marks neroli oil

Neroli oil is good to brighten the skin, Moreover this essential oil is also used to treat the acne scars. This accelerates the cell renewal and skin healing process. Thus the marks and scars are faded faster. This essential oil is ideal for even the oily skin that has acne scars.

  • Just take few drops of this oil and apply all over the face to massage.
  • Use a tissue to wipe of the excess oil and rinse with plain water the next morning.
  • This oil can be mixed with some bergamot essential oil or with few drops of sandalwood essential oil.

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3. Rosemary Essential oil For Scarring

Essential Oils to heal the scars rosemary oil

Another wonderful essential oil to heal the scar is Rosemary oil. This oil also gives great results in making the scalp free of dandruff and to give good relief in hair fall. Rosemary oil has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This also soothes the skin that has rashes. This oil when used on the skin will stimulate the healing of the damaged tissues and finally treats the scars well.

4. Sage Essential oil For Scars Treatment

Essential Oils to heal the scars and marks sage oil

This oil is extracted from the sage tree and is used in cosmetics and skin care products because of its abilities to heal the skin damage. This oil will wonderful in healing the scars and making the skin glow. This accelerates the renewal of cells thus the new layer of skin is formed. This shows good results in lightening the acne scars which are deep and dark for eg: in case of dark spots just like the lemon juice works to fade the acne scars similarly this will also lighten them.

How to use:

  • Taking few drops of this oil to massage the skin shows good results.
  • Either use on the entire face or skin or just over the scars at night.
  • This oil also shows good effects in lightening the darkness under the eyes.

5. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Essential Oils to heal the scars and marks sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil has been used in skin whitening products. This essential oil clear up the scars, marks, blemishes and also gives noticeable results in brightening the dull skin complexion. This oil has miraculous properties to rejuvenate the skin therefore is also used for several anti aging benefits other than scars healing. This oil can be directly used on the skin or by mixing with some rose essential oil for better results.

6. Carrot seed oil For Whitening

Essential Oils to heal the scars carrot seed oil

This essential oil is good for healing the scars and also in lightening the acne scars. Carrots seed oil can be directly used on the skin to get the results.

How to use:

  • Just take a couple of drops and lightly massage the face.
  • While massaging give gentle pressure for the better absorption of oils.
  • This oil is rich in beta carotenes and which speed up the cell regeneration.
  • This will cure the scars, marks and even the inflammation.

These were the best effective essential oils for healing the scars and marks. You have to use them regular to get good results.

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