Top 6 Best Diamond Bleach Creams in India For Glowing Skin (2021)

6 Top Best Diamond Bleach Creams in India

Diamond is the hardest substance that could even the glass. When the diamond essence is used in skin care products it is majorly because diamond gives polishing effect on the skin. This polishing effect removes the dullness, dead skin cells, tanning and smoothes the skin.

These days there are diamond facials, diamond ash infused skin creams etc and then we have diamond bleach creams. Just like the ever popular Gold bleach creams. Diamond facials and bleaching treatments are done before the wedding, function or parties to get smoother, glowing whiter skin tone. Price of diamond bleach at the parlor is high hence it is good that you do that at home. You can read how you can apply the face bleach step by step

Top 6 Best Diamond Bleach Creams in India with Reviews: 2021

We have posted this detailed article on how to use the bleach cream at home, you can see that and If you are conduced as to which are the brands in India that makes good diamond bleach creams then we have compiled a list of popular and best Diamond bleach creams in Indian market.

1. VLCC Diamond Bleach cream

diamond bleach cream VLCC

  • VLCC Diamond bleaching cream kit has diamond cream, activator, pre bleach cream and a post bleach pack.
  • All these are infused with the Diamond bhashma also called as bhasma in Hindi.
  • This beauty treatment brightens the face by gentle polishing the outer surface and removing the dull dead skin layer.
  • It is safe for sensitive skin though you should always do a patch test near the ear by applying some bleach cream.
  • This patch test should be done whenever you try a new bleach cream or brand.


55 Rupees

2. OxyGlow Diamond bleach cream kit

diamond bleach cream oxyglow

  • Oxyglow cream has two products a bleach base and a diamond powder activator which helps to bleach the facial hair to make them invisible on the face.
  • This kit increase the oxygen penetration in the skin and keep the skin shinier.
  • The brand is not so easily available in stores but you can get this online.

3. NutrioGlow Diamond bleach cream

diamond bleach cream nutriglow

Nutriglow Diamond Bleach Face Cream has a unique feature that lightens facial hair, deep cleanses skin pores and removes impurities for a dazzling glow. It also enhances the oxygen penetration into the skin for a youthful glowing face. Diamond laced creams also detoxifies the dull skin and provides a clear complexion.

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4. Nature’s Essence Diamond bleach cream

diamond bleach cream nature's essence

Nature’s Essence products are used in a lot of salons and parlour. This Nature’s Essence Diamond Bleach Cream cleanses, whitens and polishes the skin just like the diamond extracts are known for. The diamond dust in it has natural bleaching properties for a fairer looking complexion.

5. TBC by Nature Diamond bleach cream

diamond bleach cream TBC by nature

  • This diamond cream bleach has the diamond ash which deeply penetrates the skin to a glow and radiance.
  • It soothes and calms the skin, lightens the blemishes and clears the blocked pores.
  • Diamond also give a smoother skin surface by gentle exfoliating the upper dead cell layer.
  • It also acts like a chemical peel which clears the acne (1).


120 rupees for bigger pack

6. Joy Diamond brightening bleach cream 

diamond bleach cream joy

  • This set contains a diamond powder activator and the cream base that has to be applied per the regular way we apply the bleach creams on our face.
  • Joy bleach cream kit gives a shining radiance to the face due to which skin looks blemish free and clearer.
  • It lightens the unwanted facial hair and whitens the skin by bleaching it lightly.


65 rupees

How to use Diamond Bleach Creams on Face

Using diamond bleach cream on the face is almost similar as that of the any bleach cream. It’s just that while we apply face bleach then we need to take some precautions. 

  1. First of all, you will need to take a small bowl or plate in which you will mix the bleach. 
  2. Take 2 spatula full of cream product which is in the big pack in the bleach cream packaging.
  3. Then add around 2 pinches of activator powder. This powder activator is the one that helps to lighten the dark facial hair. Moreover, if your skin is fair then add 3 pinches of activator so that the powder lightens the unwanted facial hair more to match the hair with fair skin.
  4. Mix both the cream and the powder fully using the spatula or finger.
  5. Once you have mixed everything very well, you can apply this on the face.
  6. Always clean the face before the bleach application else the product will not give good result, especially when you have oily skin and oils are on the face.
  7. Therefore, it is better that the skin is fully cleaned before hand
  8. Wait for 15 minutes, if the color is fair and only 10 minutes if your skin tone is medium to fair. This is the ideal time to keep the bleach cream on your face.
  9. After that wipe off the cream off the skin using a wash cloth, tissue paper or a plain cloth.
  10. Then go ahead and wash the face with normal water.


  1. Do not go out in sun soon after you have used the face bleach.
  2. Night or evening time is the best time to use any bleach cream especially the gold bleach, diamond etc
  3. Do not use any face product for at least 2 hours soon after applying bleach on the facial skin.
  4. Do not use skin bleach if you have sensitive skin.

So, these were the best diamond bleach creams in India and how you can use diamond cream bleach. Don’t forget to take the necessary precautions and do share the thoughts in comments!

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