7 Homemade Skin Whitening Face Pack and Masks To Try Now

home made skin whitening packs

Homemade face masks and packs for skin lightening 

Skin whitening is one thing which most of the girls apparently want and even the guys these days, but that doesn’t mean dusky complexion is not pretty. It’s just how you see, but still a lot of people seek homemade face packs and the face mask for face whitening and fair skin tone. Natural home remedies and skin treatments are far better and safer than creams and lotions, so here we will share some face packs and skin tips to improve the skin color and induce the skin lightening. These face packs and treatments will also make the skin free from the patchiness and pigmentation.

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Recipes of Skin Whitening Homemade Packs and Face Masks

1. Milk powder and coconut water whitening mask

How To Make:

  • Mix one teaspoonful of milk powder with some coconut water to make paste.
  • Evenly apply this on the face and let it dry.
  • Remove it with plain water once dried.
  • Milk powder is rich in milk proteins and lactic acid.

Coconut water has many essential nutrients which make this a good face packs to brighten the skin and to lighten the sun tan. This mild pack is ideal for sensitive skin as well. Moreover, the gentle milk powder and coconut water will effects the sun tan and lightens the scars. Teenagers with very sensitive scarred skin will definitely get benefits from this pack. 

2. Yoghurt and turmeric instant color whitening pack

How To Make:

  • Make a paste of 1 teaspoonful of yoghurt and whip it well to form a creamy paste.
  • Add 3 pinches of turmeric in it and apply on the face.
  • Wash after 20 minutes.

It is ideal for all skin types to make the skin whiter soon. Yogurt contains lactic acid which is Alpha Hydroxy Acid that enhances skin renewal rate. Turmeric helps in skin lightening and pimple healer. Try this for improving the scars of acne.

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3. Milk powder and lime juice face pack for lightening

How To Make:

  • Take one teaspoonful of milk powder with enough lime juice to create a paste of medium consistency.
  • Apply on the cleansed face.
  • Rinse this face pack after 20 minutes to let it work efficiently.

Milk powder can also be used with lime juice to make a potential skin whitening face pack for oily skin. This skin whitening face pack works well for dark spots too apart from whitening of the facial skin. The same can be use on the hands and legs to remove tanning.

4. Face pack with Potato juice and besan (gram flour)

How To Make:

  • Mix some potato juice and one teaspoonful of besan to form a paste.
  • Use to the face and keep it for 20 minutes.
  • Wash the face with tepid fresh water.

This face pack for whitening the skin is ideal for all skin type but not sensitive skin since potato can cure itching at times. Please note that this is not for very dry and sensitive skin. For oily skin, it helps to regulate the oil balance and additionally, gives relief in puffy under eye bags and dark circles.

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5. Tomato and yogurt to whiten Dark spots

How To Make:

  • Another skin whitening face pack or mask can be made at home with yoghurt and some tomato pulp.
  • Mix both the ingredients in equal amount in a small plate and apply evenly on the clean face.

This also bleaches the skin mildly but not for very sensitive skin types.

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6. Almond paste and honey Pack for sun tan and acne marks

How To Make:

  • This is one of the best ways to whiten the skin.
  • Make a face pack with some grinded almonds and add some honey into it.
  • Use this to massage the face and then keep it to dry for 20 minutes.

It is excellent for sensitive skin and other skin type. Teenagers who are suffering from acne marks, this whitening almond face pack will help there too. This pack is easy and very quick for the sensitive skin. A lot of teenagers who have acne scars and tan must try it for improvise the patchy uneven skin complexion. Almond paste also effectively works for the pigmented facial skin. 

7. Gram flour with (Malai) Milk cream for dry skin care

How To Make:

  • Mix one teaspoonful of malai which is also called as milk cream and some besan (gram flour).
  • Mix it well to make a smooth even paste without lumps.
  • Apply and wash after 20 minutes.

This skin whitening pack is exclusively for the dry skin people who are dealing with flakiness and dry patches. This pack will heal the dryness and also induce the skin lightening. To improve the skin complexion and to combat the damaging effects of the sun damage and tan, this facial mask is appropriate and result giving.

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Make sure than you do the face packs as per the skin type and be careful in knowing if you have any allergy with any of the products mentioned especially when you have sensitive skin. Other than that, these packs are worth the efforts to achieve whiter skin with these skin whitening face packs.

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