7 Styling Tips to Make the Waist Look thinner

Ways to make the waist look thinner or tiny

styling tips to amke waist look thinner

A tiny waist like a model is almost every girl’s dream but if you do not have a thin waist than there are some styling tips and tricks that you can take advantage of for an illusion of thinner and skinnier waist. Appropriate styling may help a lot in making the waist look thinner and slimmer. It’s not that you will only look slimmer when you are actually thin but styling plays an important role. You may have heard people saying that wear black as it makes you look thinner. This is so true. So, it’s not just the color but it is the print, patterns and the cut of the apparel as well that play a part.

1. High waisted pieces

make waist smaller by high waisted dresses

A high waist jeans, jeggings legging or skirt will give an illusion of smaller waist and taller legs. Heels with such high waisted piece of clothing will make you to look taller thus the waist look thinner comparatively. Solid colored clothing is the best while buying high waisted clothing like jeans, jeggings, pencil skirts etc as they will further helps to make the waist look smaller. If you have bulky lower region then you should avoid too tight clothes like jeggings as they won’t do any good rather they will accentuate the bulkiness.ย 

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2. Stripes


Stripes are cool when they are vertical then they add height and length. Vertical striped clothing like jumpsuits, pencil skits, jeggings or dresses are just excellent to make the waist look thinner. In fact, such patterns will help to give an illusion of height as well so, if you are short with a wide waist then this trick can work in your favor. But care should be taken as horizontal stripes can do just the opposite of what you wish for. Multiple thin striped pattern can look amazing as this conceals the healthier body parts. wide legged pants are good instead of the narrow bottom ones. Narrow bottom pants can make the hip area look

3. Statement jewellery

make waist smaller necklace

Statement piece of jewellery like the necklace, earring, headbands etc are great to draw attention towards the bulky waist and yet adding a sense of style and glamor to the outfit. Such statement pieces are so attention seeking that the attention naturally will go to them fetching some extra compliments for your style.

4. Panels

make waist smaller panelled dressesImage credit: uk.asos.com

Side paneled dresses have been quite a hit on runaway. They are the best to give an illusion of the smaller waist. You can also wear such dresses to make yourself look slimmer but you can also try such patterns with panels which helps to slim down.ย 

5. Belts

make waist smaller by belts

The current trend has belts playing their role in every other outfit whether itโ€™s a skater dress or a long flowy maxi dress. A high waisted trouser or palazoo too can have waist belt with the blouse ticked in. Belts are here to stay and they are great to make the waist look thinner. It adds a touch of sophistication along with jazzing the plain outfit. Belts can be thin which are used for the dresses, sweater, jumpsuits etc or they can also be thicker the like 4 inch in width ones. Make sure that the belt you choose with a particular outfit goes well with it and helps to make the waist appear smaller.

6. Wrap dresses

make waist smaller wrap dressesImage credit: uk.asos.com

A wrap top, a warp dress or even a wrap jacket or sweater is there to make the waist look thinner than it is. Such piece of clothing with a wrap around belt helps to cinch the waist thus it appears narrow. Jacket style is also good for the women with bulky bust area. This style can help to minimize the look of your upper body and covers the flabs decently.

6. Crop tops

style a crop top 4 to amke waist look thinnerImage credit: Pinkvilla.com

Crops tops are also great to make the waist look thinner when paired with high waisted bottoms. Crop tops cut down the excess weight and bulk by giving a slimmer appearance. This also makes the body look slim and taut. You can also pair crop tops with pencil skits of vertical lined pants. This also looks quite stylish as this is in trend.

So, do you have some styling tips to make the waist thinner. Share with us!! You can also read our other posts:

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