7 Top Best Pakistani Beauty tips for skin

Pakistani Beauty tips for skin

top pakistani beauty tips

Pakistani women are extremely beautiful, this is what we feel after watching lot of Pakistani actresses. Every country, culture has their own beauty tips and beauty secrets that the world wants to knows. Like in India women are known to get thick hair similarly, Pakistani women too have some beauty and hair care secrets that are similar with that of the India’s since the both countries were part of an entire nation earlier. As, Pakistan mostly have Muslims. Muslims women have their own set of beauty secrets and beauty tips which are passed from generation to generation. So, what are the beauty tips from Pakistan that you wish to follow, try these tips here.

Top Best Pakistani Beauty tips for skin

1. Honey Beauty tips

Honey is a nector that is used in so many beauty uses. Pakistani women loves to use honey as this is a natural skin moisturiser and is also an anti bacterial agent that protects the skin from blemishes and acne. Apply a honey based face pack or just pure honey on the face. This will make the skin soother and glowing. Read: Honey face packs here and how to use honey for glowing skin here.

honey pakistani beauty tips

2. Natural cleanser for skin

Many Pakistani women likes to cleanse their skin using some tomato juice. Tomato juice exfoliates the face with the most gentle manner. This juice is also rich in enzymes that loosen the dead dull skin this reveals a clear glowing face.

3. Lemon juice beauty tips

At times when the skin get blemished or gets sun tanning then, the lemon juice is the most utilized home ingredient that can be tried. This is one of the best Pakistani beauty tip that Indian women also loves to do. Rub some lemon juice over the spots and marks and sun tanned area at night. Wash the skin with clean water in the morning. Read: some Top South Indian Beauty tips for Skin and hair

4. Natural face pack for bright complexion

A natural face pack or ubtan is used by Pakistani women a lot, in fact , lot of elderly women In India also suggests this beauty tip with gram flour, that is known as besan.

  • Mix 2 teaspoonful of besan with 1 teaspoonful of curd.
  • Mix them both well and make a paste.
  • Add a pinch of turmeric powder if you like and apply all over the face.
  • Then wash the face after 20 minutes.

face pack ubtan pakistani beauty tips

5. Beauty tip for Blackheads and whiteheads

This is a natural Pakistan beauty tip that is a home remedy with cinnamon and honey for blackheads and the whiteheads.

  • Mix 1 teaspoonful of cinnamon powder with ½ teaspoonful of honey.
  • Mix them to get a smooth paste and then apply this gentle scrub on the face.
  • Rub over the skin where the whiteheads and blackheads are.
  • Wash after 20 minutes. This needs to be done by normal to oily skin and not for sensitive skin.

6. Long Eye lashes and Eye brows beauty tips

Apply castor oil on the eyebrows and eye lashes while going to sleep at night. Try this daily. This will make the eyelashes or eyebrows thicker over the time.

7. Beauty tips for Soft pink lips

pink lips pakistani beauty tips

For soft pink lips, this is a good Pakistani beauty tip that even we would love to try someday. For that just pluck some rose petals and crush them with some milk cream apply that over the lips at night like a pack then wash off the next day, you can make the paste one time and store that in the refrigerator for 5-6 days and use daily.

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