8 Easy Tips to Control the Body Odour to stay fresh all day long

Easy Tips to Control the Body Odour

Easy Tips To Control The Body Odour

None of us wants to be sweaty and smelly. Body odour will be the last thing that we wish people come across when we go near them. Body odour can be seriously eww. Some of us sweat more than the other people. And even though the sweat is more, this is not definite that there will be smell or odour. The odour is caused by the bacteria that cause this bad smell along with the sweat. So how can you control the body odour so that you get the confidence to go near people even after 10- 12 hours of bathing? Here are some tips to control the body odour that you can try.

8 Tips to control the body odour to stay fresh all day long

1. While bathing make sure that you clean the underarms with medicated soap and water. Shower gels or ordinary fragranced soaps may not properly kill the germs. Hence clean the area with neem, Tulsi, tree tree oils soap, dettol soap is also good. Read some homeremedies to get rid of darker underarms.

2. This will be good if you keep the under arms hair free. This way the sweat coming on the underarms will not be breed by the bacteria that cause the foul smell. Shaving is a good option. Women can go for other hair removal methods as well.

3. Pour a teaspoonful of tea tree oil in your bath oil this will eliminate the bacteria off the body and will give you fresh feeling.

4. If you sweat profusely and the smell is more than the normal people then you can both 2 times in a day. This will keep the body free from the sweat and odour will be lesser.

5. You can also keep wipes with you. Like, in between the day when you again starts to feel sweaty and the underarms area is smelling in that case, if you are in office then this is not possible to get a bath unless you reach home. Therefore then you can take a facial wipe and clean the under arms area. Then wipe off with a clean tissue and apply the deodorant again. This will instantly make you feel refreshed and you won’t be embarrassed by the smell that comes at the end of the day in office.

6. You should also avoid spicy and high in salt content food as they can make you sweat even more and then the smell follows.

7. Always use clean clothes as for people who have this body odour problem they can’t wear the same cloth again even if that looks absolutely clean. This is because the bacteria will be already there and this will make you smell even faster that you normally would.

8. While washing the clothes you can also use a fabric freshener which adds a soft mild fragrance to the clothes.

By folliwng these tips to control the odour you can feel relieved by the body odour and that can be at least controlled.

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