8 Natural Remedies to treat Wrinkles Under the eyes

natural remedies to treat wrinkles under the eyesWrinkles under the eyes

Wrinkles under the eyes make eye look less attractive. Wrinkles under the eyes are also an age related thing and these lines and wrinkles also make the eyes look smaller. These days, wrinkles under the eyes can be seen at young age too. but there are various natural treatments and remedies that can very well treat the lines and wrinkles under your eyes without any side effects or spending a lot of money on under eye cream for lines/ wrinkles.

Home remedies to cure wrinkles under the eyes

1. Egg white

Egg white is an excellent product to naturally treat the wrinkles under the eyes. Take egg white and apply that under the eyes or on the entire face. Keep this till it gets completely dry. After that remove it with water. Try this treatment every day and soon the lines and wrinkles under the eyes will be minimized.

2. Tea bags

Tea has caffeine in it which helps to reduce the puffiness and wrinkles/lines under the eyes. Dip the tea bag in the water. Let it brew which you can use for making tea and then take out the tea bag and put them in the refrigerator. Take them out after 30 minutes and put them on the eyes for 30 minutes. This treatment will help to reduce the puffiness and the wrinkles under the eyes.

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3. Almond oil

Almond oil is enriched with the vitamin E which helps to enhance and improvise the skin’s texture under the eyes. Almond oil will also help to fade the dark circles and treat under eye lines. Apply extra virgin pure almond oil under the eyes before going to bed. This will quickly show good results in diminishing the wrinkles under the eyes.

4. Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil is generally sold in capsule forms. You can take a capsule and prick it. Take the vitamin E oil and apply that under the eyes over the lines and wrinkles. Gently massage with ring finger. This quick treatment when done daily will help in the treatment of lines and wrinkles under the eyes.

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5. Vegetable glycerin

Apply glycerin under the eyes every night. This will help to treat and fade the lines. Glycerin is high in moisture which is why this treatment will work well amazingly for your wrinkles under the eyes. Read: Uses of Glycerin to make you pretty

6. Honey

Apply honey under the eyes and leave for 30 minutes. Wash with plain water. Honey is a natural moisture retainer and has many good vitamins, minerals etc which will help to treat under eye lines and wrinkles effectively.

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7. Grape Seed oil

Use 2-3 drops of grape seed oil under the eyes and massage the area with light pressure. Grape seed oil will help to moisturize the under eye skin and eliminates the lines. In fact, this is one of the most effective natural remedies to treat lines under the eyes. You may have seen grape seed oil used in several skin care products.

8. Castor oil

Castor oil is very thick and high moisturizing for the under eye skin. Castor oil will prevent the formation of any more lines under the eyes and is a great natural remedy to treat the wrinkles under the eyes, which are already there.

These natural remedies are safe and natural so, you can choose any of these and try to do it every day to get the good benefits in eliminating the lines and wrinkles under the eyes.

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