8 Night Time Beauty Rituals to Make You Pretty

8 Night Time Beauty Rituals to Make You PrettyNight Time Beauty Rituals

Night time beauty rituals are extremely important. What you do to your skin at night shows in the morning. We all wish to wake up pretty but beauty is not to be taken casually, we have to invest time to maintain the beauty. Night time skin care regimen is the key to a good skin, as is during the night, when you are fast asleep, skin repairs itself. We at Tips and Beauty will share certain tips so that you look as pretty when you wake up.

1. Proper Cleansing

This is the most crucial step that you may also be aware of but sometimes due to tiredness, laziness or any other reason you just got to sleep without washing the face. The layer of makeup, sweat, oil and grime on the skin will not allow the skin to breath properly and hence is more likely to break out due to clogged pores, the self repairing and healing capability also get lower down thus always wash the face with a suitable cleansers for healthier skin.

2. Night Cream

A night cream with the proper ingredients will accelerates the repairing process and will impart the skin nourishment and the much needed nutrients. Age appropriate night cream will make the skin glowing and healthy with the line preventions as well. Night creams for oily skin should be light water based.

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3. Hand cream

Hand creams are a must have night time beauty ritual to wake up with beautiful hands. It will make the hands soft when you wake up. Hand cream with the cuticle repairing formula will keep the dry hands and dry cuticles nourished. Try this to get softer hands.

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4. Foot cream

Dry, rough feet with cracked heels are not cool. Huh? Religiously use foot cream before you got to sleep for softer feet. Do you know you can make your own foot cream at home?

5. Silk Pillow case

For softer smoother hair it is recommended that you use silk pillow case which will not damage the hair cuticle. Silk pillow cases will also prevent the hair damage

6. Gentle massaging

Gentle massaging on the face every night before going to sleep either with a moisturizer or with the night cream will boost the blood circulation in the face. This will also make the skin look fresh in the morning.

7. Eye cream

night time beauty rituals eye cream

Daily application of eye cream will prevent the line formation and eyes look brighter. There are eye creams as well that takes care of the dark circles. You can also use cucumber slices on the eyes for 10 minutes every night to make the under eye area brighter and radiant. See: Benefits of Eye creams

8. Brush the hair

Brushing the hair should be included in the night time beauty ritual daily before going to sleep. Since when you brush the hair, it enhances blood circulation in the scalp thus hair gets healthier and stronger in the long run.

So, are you following these tips to wake up pretty in the morning if you aren’t then don’t forget to try these helpful night time beauty rituals.

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