8 Top Reasons for Hair loss, Hair fall in men and women

Reasons for Hair loss and Hair fall

Are you losing a lot of hair? Are you getting clumps of hair in your brush? then you may be experiencing hair fall and hair loss. These days even young men and women as young as in their 20s are losing their hair. The hairline receding and the excessive hair fall can result in baldness. before taking measures for nay problem we must know why the problem is happening. So, are you wondering what can cause your baldness and hair loss, then have a look at these reasons for hair fall and hair loss. These reasons can possibly be behind the hair loss you are facing right now.

8 Top Reasons for Hair loss and Hair fall8 Top Reasons for Hair loss and Hair fall

1. Hereditary

If your father, uncles, grandfather have a history of losing hair or thinning of hair then you need to put the blame on your genes. Honestly, one can do nothing about the hair loss or balding. If you have a family history of that unless you go ahead and get a hair transplant done. But this is also true that with proper care and diet you can extend the time your hair will stay with you.

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2. Stress

Stress is to be blamed for the most common type of hair fall that we see in young people, who do not have a family history of hair loss or balding. Studies have shown how stress can make hair fall in a lot of people along with some other factors. When the stress levels come down the hair fall also decreases.So, if you wish to get good hair or keep the hair fall under check then stop worrying about it. Don’t take stress. If you have this habit of taking stress for every small problem then do check out our 10 Best Stress and anxiety fighting foods.

3. Hair styling

This is the age of hair styling. Now a days we use a lot of hair styling chemicals, tools and instruments to style the hair. Hair styling methods like blow drying daily can lead to excessive hair fall and hair loss. This also makes the hair dry and damaged. So, you should try to minimize the use of heat styling as less as possible to protect the precious hair.

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4. Chemical treatments

Chemical treatments like hair straitening, curling, hair dyes, hair color. Too much or frequent use of hair styling products can make the hair loss aggravate in both males and females. Chemical and harsh products in these treatments will make the hair texture rough, damaged and eventually can become one of the reasons for hair loss.

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5. Hormonal Changes

Hormone changes in the body may also lead to hair loss and hair fall especially in ladies who are in menopausal phase or are pregnant. Thyroid imbalance can also contribute towards the loss of hair prematurely.

Reasons for Hair loss

6. Junk Eating

Chips, fried food, Snacks in the packages can be culprit behind a lot of health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc but this junk that we daily eat is also one of the reasons for hair loss and hair fall. Thus, if you are losing hair then you should also keep check on the junk food that you are eating. Rather have fresh food and vegetables.

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7. Medical Treatments

Medical treatments where very high dosages of medicines are given to the patients like in case of some life threatening diseases can also cause hair loss. Certain therapies can also lead to hair loss.

8. Not taking enough sleep

People who work for long hours and are mostly sleep derived, they can also experience hair loss. For such people the hair fall can be normal to heavy loss of hair which also depends on the other factors like diet, stress or any other condition the person is suffering from.

So, these were the top reasons for hair loss, hair fall and thinning of hair in men and women. So, be sure to check on these and control them wherever possible.