How to Remove Upper Lip Hair Naturally at Home Permanently

Best Natural Ways for Upper lip Hair Removal at home

If you are asking, How can I remove my upper lip hair? Then, this guide can help you. Of course, you wish to get rid of the upper lip hair! Who wants to look manly with that thick and dark hair, at least I don’t want. They are as unwanted as rest of the body hair that we simply desire to get rid of. The article that I am sharing today, talks about how to remove those upper lip hair using the natural treatments permanently. And, I will also share some quick methods that you can try.

Those tiny hairs on the upper lip make them even more visible when we apply lipstick. Also, after the foundation is done, one can notice small bumps like peach fuzz on the skin. We don’t want a slight mustache like hair lining the upper area of lips. It is a beauty concern for us which is like a hindrance for us to achieve flawless hair free skin. There are various ways to get rid of those dark unwanted hair follicles. Procedures like waxing, threading, hair removal creams, laser etc can be helpful, but some are costly while some are painful. I will try to cover every topic. But if you want to know how to remove hair from upper lip naturally, then keep reading.

First let’s dive and know why we face this problem as a lot for ladies have this very thick and dark hair on face.

What are the Causes of Upper Lip Hair Growth?

Apart from the genetics and hereditary, your hormones can also play a major role in it. Female upper lip hair re thin and light generally, but at times, the thickness of the hair strands resembles just like the male mustache. This can be embarrassing. I understand. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in females is another cause that makes women to experience more facial hair than ever. This can be mild to severe. A lot of women with this syndrome don’t even know that they have that, which is not that matter of concern though. This can fasten up the rate of hair growth plus also thickens the individual strands. A lot of women also struggle with the chin hair. So, the article will mention the treatment that can be used on upper lip and chin as well.

Home Remedies to Remove Upper Lip Hair Permenently

Let’s talk about the way that can help thin out the hair and make you lose them eventually overnight, wherever possible.

1. Gram flour and Turmeric

besan turmeric for upper lip hair removal

This quick treatment will remove the upper lip thick dark hair gradually but permanently if you perform this every other day. This will weaken the hair roots and thickness soon the hair will stop growing on the upper lip skin. Even small kids who have thick body hair, then their mums will try treatments like this on their bodies.

What you need:

  • Gram Flour
  • Turmeric
  • Rose water or milk


  • Take 1 teaspoonful of gram flour, also known as Besan in Hindi.
  • Mix 1 pinch of turmeric and some milk in it.
  • Make a paste of these ingredients.
  • Apply on the upper lip and on the chin as well (if you have unwanted hair on the chin that you wish to remove with this treatment).
  • Let this paste get completely dry.
  • Wash this by scrubbing a bit. 

How often to do:

Every day for 2 weeks and then every alternate day for next 1 month

What it does

It helps in thinning out the unwanted lip hair. Regular application decreases the hair growth rate and they are vanished permanently. Turmeric can remove hair permanently but it takes time and consistency.

2. Sugar and Lemon for Hair Removal

sugar and lemon for upper lip hair removal

What you need:

  • Sugar
  • Lemon
  • Turmeric powder


  • Take one teaspoonful of sugar in a bowl
  • Add ½ teaspoonful of lemon juice.
  • Add 1 pinch of turmeric powder in it.
  • Take all these in a microwavable bowl
  • Put in the microwave until the sugar melts half.
  • You can also aloe the sugar to melt naturally on its own
  • Let it cool off and then use this over the upper lip area.
  • Wash it off when it gets dry.
  • You can try this on alternate days but only on the upper lip skin.

How often to do:

Try it 2-3 times in a week

What it does:

Regular use of this helps to get rid of the upper lip hair, it results in the reduced growth of the unwanted hair. Soon the hair will become thinner and invisible. It is one of the quickest methods to remove the upper lip hair naturally.

3. Masoor Dal Pack for Upper Lip Hair 

You will need:

  • Masoor Dal powder
  • Milk


  • Take 1 teaspoonful of masoor dal in a bowl
  • Mix with some milk to make paste
  • Use this paste directly over the hair on your upper lip, chin or cheeks even.
  • Basically skin areas where you have unwanted hair that you want to minimize.
  • Apply it and let it get completely dry.
  • Scrub this off the skin once this pack gets dry.
  • Wash with water and apply a light moisturizer afterwards.

How often to apply:

At least 2-3 times in a  week, but this remedy is not for sensitive skin

What it does:

Masoor dal pack is one of the best ways that helps in removing the dark hair. Not just this, it is one of the best ways to get rid of upper lip hair at home. This can be used for upper lip and chin hair removal and body parts like legs, hands etc where you have too much excessive hair growth. This is efficient solution to retard growth of hair painlessly.

4. Milk and Turmeric for Upper Lip Hair

What you need:

  • Milk
  • Turmeric

Method of preparation:

  • Take a small dish or a small bowl
  • Take 2 teaspoonful of milk without the cream
  • Add 2 pinches of turmeric powder.
  • Mix and apply this over the upper lip area
  • Gently massage the skin
  • Sleep with this pack and scrub off the skin next morning

How often to do:

It can be tried daily for best and quicker results.

Why it works:

When the hair removal treatments like lasers can be expensive, natural ways can be helpful. This turmeric with milk pack is a great home remedy for upper lip hair removal effectively and inexpensively. This natural treatment should be done every day as to get the best results in minimizing the thickness of hair follicle.

5. Corn Flour and Milk 

You need:

  • Corn Flour
  • Milk

How to make:

  • Mix ½ teaspoonful corn flour and some milk
  • Make a paste of thick consistency
  • Apply this pack over the upper lips over the unwanted hair strands.
  • Wait for 30 minutes then peel this hair removal pack off. 

How often:

3-4 times in a week

What it does:

This simple treatment will ensure that the density of the upper lip hair reduces considerably so that they are lesser visible. This pack also ensures smoother skin. The sticky paste actually helps to get rid of upper lip hair without the pain and that too permanently.

6. Egg white and Turmeric treatment

egg white and turmeric for upper lip hair removal

What you need:

  • Egg
  • Turmeric


  • Take egg while in a bowl
  • Mix 2 pinches of turmeric in it
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Apply on the area
  • Leave till it gets fully dry.
  • Peel it off gently
  • Wash the face

How it works:

It uproots the hairs strands and also thins them out. It is an effective recipe to get rid of the upper lip hair within few weeks for ever. Make sure you try it 2-3 times in a week.

7. Rice flour and Yoghurt for Thick hair

What you need:

  • Rice flour
  • Curd or Yoghurt


  • Take half teaspoonful of rice flour
  • Mix ¼ teaspoonful of yogurt
  • Make a thick paste evenly
  • Apply this paste on the unwanted hair over your upper lip
  • Wait for it to get completely dry
  • Once it does, scrub this pack off the skin
  • Wash your face with water

How often:

You will have to try this home around 2 times in a week for best results.

Why it helps:

Rice flour has a slightly grainy texture which is why this is a skin friendly exfoliator. This will slough the dead and dull skin from the face. It will further help in getting rid of the unwanted hair on the lips.

8. Honey and Baking Soda for Hair Removal

You need:

  • Honey
  • Baking soda
  • Method
  • Take a bowl and add 1 teaspoonful of honey
  • Add 1 teapoonful of baking soda
  • Add 2-3 drops of lemon juice
  • Mix very well
  • Apply evenly
  • Leave for 30 minutes
  • Wash off with gentle scrubbing

How often:

This has to be done every day in the evening

What is does:

This treatment has two most beneficial ingredients like honey and baking soda. It mildly bleaches the hair. Also it slows the growth of the hair permanently, but it needs regularity for sure.

9. Lemon Juice as Bleach

You will need:

  • Lemon juice, that’s it


  • Take a small lemon and cut that into two halves
  • Squeeze one of them.
  • Pour out the lemon juice
  • Apply this juice daily over the affected skin area
  • Leave this for the entire night and wash the skin in the morning.
  • It will show results within a month’s time

Why it works:

Applying lemon juice on upper lip hair daily lightens the color of dark hair. They get bleached naturally and quickly. Lemon has loads of ascorbic acid, which is also known as citrus acid. It helps to change the color of hair and also to remove them.

10. Potato juice

You need:

  • Potato juice
  • Turmeric


  • Extract potato juice by grinding potato pieces
  • We just need a teaspoonful of it
  • Mix 1 pinch of turmeric in it
  • Mix and apply at night
  • Wash in the morning
  • Do this every day, until results are seen
  • Note: It is not for very sensitive skin

How it helps:

Potato juice is a good skin bleach which is natural. It bleaches your upper lip hair therefore, they are not visible much. It also stunts the hair sprouting.

So, now that you know these home remedies to remove the upper lips hair strands, you can say good bye to your upper lip hair finally. Stick to a particular treatment and do that as mentioned above.

Other Methods for Upper Lip Hair Removal Instantly

Now, let me tell you the quick ways to remove the upper lip hair within few minutes. They include without the pain methods as well, so do read.


Yes, shaving! If you do not want the pain and need instant hair removal, then shaving is the option. The above mentioned remedies can give you hair free skin immediately but honestly, they are not miracles. Those remedies will take time but works!! Shaving is the most preferred way of getting rid of the hair. All you need is a good razor. You might be thinking if shaving can give you thicker hair Then no your hair will grow as they were and in the same texture and length. It is safe!

You can be hair free and smooth for 3-4 days before you need to try it again. As simple as that!

Hair Removal Cream

Cream procedure is very simple and quick idea to remove the upper lip hair. You just need a good hair removal cream. Brands like Veet, Anne French are very easily available you can try them. Just apply the cream over the hair and leave for 15-20 minutes.

Mild tingling would be there, like we experience while we bleach the face. After that, you can remove the cream with the spatula or wipe and rinse the skin

There is no pain. It is a painless way to get rid of upper lip hair but it is not permanent. Like shaving the cream remove the hair which re above these akin and not from the roots, so they will grow back within 3-4 day. Don’t worry the thickness, texture and color will be exactly the same. So, no such side effects!


Waxing includes the application for a sticky wax on the skin. This wax is then removed along with a  thin strip which pulls off the hair strands from the roots, in the process. Since the hair is removed from the roots, it is painless.

Pain associated is not much but I understand some people have low pain threshold so, can hurt. But for those who can bear it, it is the best way to remove facial hair on upper lip. After waxing the hair comes after at least 15-20 days and it also depends from person on person.


Just like the waxing, thread involves removal of hair from the roots. It is done with a thread which pinches the hair and pulls them off. This is more painful then waxing s waxing is done in a  single go while threading the upper lip takes at least 10-12 swipes of the thread honestly. You can get the hair back after 2-3 weeks.


Yes, tweezers can do but it takes time and the pain is even more. So, I am sure a lot of you who need painless method won’t go for tweezing. Even smell hairs are very difficult to get hold off.


Epilation too gets rid of the facial hair from the roots but involves pain and the cost. Getting an epilator is a one-time investment, if you but from a trusted brand. As the device lasts for years.


It is painless well kind of and is permanent! Yaay! But it is costly. So, if you think it fits the bill, then this is for you.

Now, it’s time to know about the homemade hair wax that is a quick hair removal method and does not cost a bomb.

So, if you are wondering, how to remove upper lip hair at home immediately? Waxing at home can be an instant method for you.

Homemade Hair Removal Wax Recipe

You will need:

  • White or Brown sugar
  • Lemon Juice
  • Honey


  • Take 1 cup of sugar in a saucepan
  • Ass 2 teaspoonful of lemon juice
  • Add 2 teaspoonful of honey in it
  • Mix and pour 1 and 1/2 cup of water in it
  • Place this bowl over medium flame.
  • Keep stirring and allow this to get thicker
  • Let this gets heated for 10-15 minutes
  • Here you have to judge the consistency we need a thick sticky consistency.
  • Keep stirring in between, once you get the perfect consistency, stop the flame
  • Allow this to get cool off

How to Use Wax for Upper Lip Hair Removal

  1. Using a spatula, apply this wax over the upper lip skin.
  2. Take a cotton cloth strip and put over the wax and press.
  3. After 10 seconds, remove the strip in one direction, either left or right
  4. Make sure you have pursed the lisp tightly before removing the cloth strip
  5. It can be stored in the fridge and warm up a bit when needed
  6. This is one of the best wax for upper lip

So, these are the home remedies to get rid of upper lip hair. These will aid in thinning of those unwanted hair effectively but it takes time since it is an ongoing activity. Activities like these actually retard the hair growth as well due to which you experience lesser growth. Or even when the hair grows back they are really thin so, they are hardly visible on the skin.

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