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  1. Hie,
    I am facing problem on my oily skin on my face…so for that i have tried lots of product like e.g: facewash for men,garnier for men n all.But then also i dont get any positive response for my face.But one day my friend told me that just once try the patanjali product for face it will give you the positive response to your face…..so at that time i went to your shop and buy the patanjali product for my face and that shopkeeper gave me four product for face 1:facewash,2:gel,3:sun screen,4:cream. and i am using this all product from last 5 days.

    so my question is that whether it will works?
    whether it will give me the positive response?
    whether my face will get glow n beauty?
    and how many days it will take to get the positive response for my face?

  2. hie,
    i am suffering from pimples problem from 2 years.. i tried so many costly product bt it doesn’t work..can you please tel me which product is the best…..

  3. Milton Mascarenhas


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  4. Hii
    I read that your younger brother is using UB-Fair cream.its been one year I keen to know that it’s really works or have Any side effects.
    like increase in pimple, marks, and darkness.
    pls reply to it.

  5. Thanks for your Ginger & Coconut Oil Article article; I wanted to know that after cooling down the oil (with grated ginger mixed); Only Oil should be kept in bottle or with the ginger also? ; the ginger has turned to red and crispy.
    One more thing; after applying this oil Overnight; will it be good if I wash it with Head & shoulders or Pantene Shampoo?

    Waitin for ur reply; madam

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