Alia Bhatt Hairstyles and Looks: Celebrity inspiration

Alia Bhatt Hairstyles and looks: Celebrity inspiration

Alia Bhatt is quite a fashionista though her style most of the time is cool and causal, very laid back. She also experiments with her hairstyles even though most of the time she is seen in the regular straight or untied hair. So, here we have compiled Alia Bhatt’s hairstyle that she has sported for interview, awards functions, ceremonies and public appearance.

1. Alia Bhatt in half up do hairstyle

alia bhatt hairstyles

This hairstyle is quite nice for the evening time when you have to get ready quick. A side part and the crown section have been lifted up. The rest of the hair has been softly curled at the ends.

2. Alia Bhatt in loose natural curled hairstyle

Alia Bhatt Hairstyles and looks: Celebrity inspiration

She looks effortlessly chic in this hairstyle. The hair is just loosely curled with a texturizing spray. This style is good for the day time and evening both. For sure, it will make you look youthful and vivacious.

3. Alia Bhatt in half braided hairstyle

Alia Bhatt Hairstyles and looks

This hairstyle was seen in the movie Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania. This is good for young girls for a date night. French braid on one side and then secure the hair with pins and leave the rest of the hair untied. We simply loved this hairstyle and it is also very easy to try.

4. Alia Bhatt in Top knot hair style

Alia Bhatt Hairstyles and looks: Celebrity inspiration

This is a very casual hairstyle and actually a saver when one is having a bad hair day. A top knot is good for office, date or even for the Indian wear by wearing some statement earring with that. Top knot bun is sleek and gives you that polished and refined look.

5. Alia Bhatt in ponytail style

alia bhatt hairstyles 5

She look gorgeous in this look where there is a French braid and then a ponytail has been made once you braid till the nape. This can be sported for college and office for a neat and chic look. For professional hairstyles, it is pretty amazing.

6. High ponytail

alia bhatt hairstyles 6

Alia Bhatt in this high ponytail looks fantastic. This hairstyle is good for bad hair days like the top knots and is good for both casual and formal dress. For a clean and boss lady like look, this ideal hairstyle to try. With the little black dress too you can try this hairstyle.

7. Alia Bhatt in messy bun

alia bhatt hairstyles 7

Messy buns are great for a little black dress that you would love to sport for the evening or that saree or lehenga that you want to sport for a wedding ceremony. Such messy buns are glamorous when paired with statement earnings like she has here.

8. Headband braided hairstyle

alia bhatt hairstyles and ideas for hair

This hairstyle makes one look trendy yet very neat. It keeps off the hair off the face. A braid is done from one ear to the other making it look like headband is there.

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