10 Latest Alphabet and Letter Name Mangalsutra Designs

While mangalsutra is not just a piece of jewelry but it holds a lot of importance. It signifies the bond and love between husband and wife. Other than that, a mangalsutra is also important in marriage ceremony because it complete the wedding rituals. So if been thinking about getting latest Mangalsutra designs and showing more love to your husband, then surely you can go for the alphabet letter mangalsutra pattern. The pattern have the alphabet or the initials of your husband’s name or even your initials. That designs are very much popular currently amongst the younger generation women.

These letters or alphabet mangalsutra designs are seen with the regular mangalsutra that you wear around your neck or for the hand mangalsutra designs as well.

Latest Alphabet and Letter Name Mangalsutra Designs

Let’s take a look at the best alphabet or letter mangalsutra patterns and designs.

1. Hand Mangalsutra with Alphabet

Hand Mangalsutra with Alphabet


The hand mangalsutra pattern has a single alphabet. The alphabet is stone studded in gold metal while the chain has two strings with black beads in them. It is a very interesting and new kind of design that younger brides would surely love.

2. Stylish hand Mangalsutra with letter

Stylish hand Mangalsutra with letter

Design for the hand mangalsutra alphabet pattern is yet another design that would entice the younger brides surely. The hand mangalsutra has a clasp so that it can be left tightened around the wrist. It appears the initial and the alphabet in a very stylish way. Here the alphabet is stone studded and made with a beautiful colour.

3. Heart shaped Mangalsutra for hands

Heart shaped Mangalsutra for hands

The mangalsutra here has the alphabet surrounded with a heart which is embedded with Diamonds. So, the heart with alphabet will dangle around your wrist. It can be made in just 5 grams of gold. Mangalsutra patterns have double strings with black beads. In fact, this pattern also adds sturdiness to the design.

4. Alphabet style Mangalsutra pattern

Alphabet style Mangalsutra pattern

While you would wish to flaunt the alphabets of your husband with wrist mangalsutra patterns, when you can have the same for your neck as well. This is pretty design with the black bead chain around the neck with a letter in the centre instead of the regular pendant.

5. Pearl and Red beads Mangalsutra with letter

Pearl and Red beads Mangalsutra with letter

This is an interesting design that bears red beads and pearl beads. The letter here is embedded with the diamond and stones and the regular chain with black beads. Interestingly, this only has one black beaded chain and half chain dangles around the wrist. This is a quite interesting and innovative looking design.

6. Double chain style interesting Mangalsutra

Double chain style interesting Mangalsutra

This interesting pattern has the double black beaded chains that carry the initials of the husband’s name. If you’re not sure, if they are the initials or the first letter of both the husband and wife names. Interestingly, they are made in such a design that the pendant looks really charming and enticing.

7. Diamond studded Mangalsutra design with alphabet

Diamond studded Mangalsutra design with alphabet

The single black bead gold chain carries the pendant of the letter of the name. It is half studded with Diamonds and rest of the gold is shown.

8. Ruby Stone Mangalsutra With Letter

Ruby stone Mangalsutra with letter

The similar designer Mangalsutra, where the heart shaped pendant is enticingly made. Bundled with elegance, this design has Ruby stones and a blue stone with the white gold that carries the name. The interesting design is extremely beautiful and a lot of women would surely go after it.

9. Initials Style Mangalsutra Pattern

Initials style Mangalsutra pattern

This hand mangalsutra pattern has double gold chain with black beads embedded. The end part carries the initials of husband and wife with heart in between. It truly signifies is the love between the couple.

10. Name style Mangalsutra Design

Name style Mangalsutra Design

This design here does not have the regular pendant, instead it has the name of the husband in gold. It is an interesting design and surely many women who would like to display the name of their husbands, would surely go after it.

These are the alphabet mangalsutra patterns that are currently in trend and a lot of women are going after them. Even big brands are making such mangalsutra patterns for display so that on request these can be made. Readymade mangalsutra patterns with alphabets are also available that you have to just go in the store and buy. However, if you need some customisation then you can place a request and they would do it for you.   

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