Top 20 Latest Antique Mangalsutra Designs (2023)

Antique mangalsutra designs have their own charm. Different from the regular gold mangalsutras, antique designs have traditional look and feel to them. This is why a lot of women prefer antique style of mangalsutra patterns. This is why we’ve created this list where in you will find the beautiful antique mangalsutra patterns and designs.

Latest Antique Mangalsutra Designs and New Model

1. Round Pendent Antique gold mangalsutra

Round Pendent Antique gold mangalsutra

The mangalsutra design comes with a round Centre locket with matching earrings. It has a double chain on the sides which makes it stronger and durable. It is basically a mangalsutra pattern that is suitable for parties and events.

2. Tear drop style pendent Antique gold mangalsutra

Tear drop style pendent Antique gold mangalsutra

The teardrop shaped pendant of this beautiful mangalsutra is unique in its appearance. It has a shape that also resembles like the Lord Ganesha. Studded with stones, this is suitable for everyday wear or even for special occasions. The side chain is also double style.

3. Traditional Mangalsutra Antique Style

Traditional mangalsutra antique style

This traditional gold mangalsutra has beautiful triple chains on the sides and the chain is the key highlight of this antique mangalsutra pattern. The chain with black beads has different shapes in gold. The pendant has a temple like design with pretty shapes. It is a very wedding or party wear like mangalsutra that you can go for. For women who like heavy mangalsutra design shall try to replicate this particular design here.

4. Ball Shaped Mangalsutra Pendent

Ball Shaped mangalsutra pendent

This design is not just antique in its appearance but very innovative and unique. We haven’t seen such a beautifully made design with a Centre circular pendant that has black beads. This is so stunning that it would surely catch attention of many women out there.

5. Stylish Heavy Mangalsutra Antique Pattern

Stylish heavy mangalsutra antique pattern

The slightly antique style mangalsutra has excellent finish and beautiful design. The chain is not the regular Chain but artistically beaded chain with black and gold beads used strategically to create beautiful artistic design. The centre pendant locket is bulky and heavy. It is a mangalsutra design with 40 grams of gold at least.

6. Floral Pattern 20 Grams Mangalsutra

Floral pattern 20 grams mangalsutra

This antique mangalsutra pattern comes with stones and flower like structure with multiple chains on the sides. Actually multiple chains make mangalsutra more durable, else chances of breakage is always there. This antique finish mangalsutra is suitable for special occasion as these species are quite bulky and may not be perfect to be worn for everyday.

7. Beautiful Mangalsutra Pattern For Parties

Beautiful mangalsutra pattern for parties

This new style mangalsutra pattern has unique design that is different from the regular mangalsutra patterns that we see. The centre locket peace is made with multiple balls surrounding a Centre piece. With floral design it has interwoven gold and glass black beads. It is a short mangalsutra design with antique finish.

8. Tribal And Delicate Mangalsutra Pattern

Tribal and delicate mangalsutra pattern

The delicate chain on the side mix design antique finish mangalsutra really enchanting. It is a simple design that has the four big black beads that carries three tear drop shaped structures in the middle. It is suitable for everyday wear.

9. Double Pendent and Thick Chain Style Mangalsutra

double pendent and thick chain style mangalsutra

You can gain attention by wearing such a pretty design. The design in the centre has 2 shapes that have pearls dangling. It comes with matching earrings and the chain is very beautiful with black beads and gold beads in between.

10. Antique Finish Gold Mangalsutra Design

Antique finish gold mangalsutra design

This antique finished Temple style mangalsutra has beautiful chain running on the side with black beads and gold. It usually one of the best heavy mangalsutra design that can be replicated in 30 to 35 grams of gold.

11. Interwoven Chain Style Mangalsutra Antique Design

Interwoven chain style mangalsutra antique design

If you like simplistic antique gold mangalsutra pattern, this design can be tried. It has beautiful finish and the centre piece has 2 locket like circular shapes that contains black beads. Black and gold beads are also seen on the side chain.

12. Jumka Style Gold Mangalsutra With Antique Finish

Jumka style gold mangalsutra with antique finish

The gold and black beaded double chain style mangalsutra is very alluring. The centre piece has a earring like pattern which makes it extremely unique and breath taking. It is a long mangalsutra design which is suitable for women who will like such pattern. Not for everyday use but it is for weddings and special occasions.

13. Circular Mangalsutra With Antique Touch

circular mangalsutra with antique touch

The round circular double chain style mangalsutra looks antique and beautiful.  One can wear it for parties and ceremonies where you have to wear something stylish and attractive. That would look good on sarees.

14. Rectangular Locket Style Mangalsutra Design

Rectangular locket style mangalsutra design

The slightly is a rectangular shaped locket of this mangalsutra is eye catching. The use of Emerald and Ruby stone is also seen in this design. The side chains are beautifully made and looks like the jewellery. It can also play a good role in making your overall attire gorgeous.

15. Simple Chain And Heavy Pendent Mangalsutra

simple chain and heavy pendent mangalsutra

With matching earrings this next design look so beautiful and stunning. The single line mangalsutra is a short design which has multiple coloured stones used. Suitable for daily wear, it’s for housewives.

16. Chand Bali Style Pendent Shape Mangalsutra Design


Chand bali style pendent shape mangalsutra design

The Chand Bali inspired Centre pendant has two thin black beaded chains on the sides. It is a perfect for everyday wear.

17. Peacocok Pendent Shape Mangalsutra Design

peacocok pendent shape mangalsutra design

The antique peacock inspired gold mangalsutra has double chains on this side and Peacock motif with filigree work is also seen. There are stones and kundan used in the peacock pattern to make it prettier. This pattern is inspired from the jewellery like your earrings and necklaces.

18. Stylish Side Chain Design Of Antique Mangalsutra

stylish side chain design of antique mangalsutra

It’s a beautiful antique gold mangalsutra design. The chain design is the major highlight of this beautiful pattern. And inside the centre is equally pretty. The matching earrings add more beauty to this design. It’s a design that can be replicated in 25 to 30 grams of gold. Not for everyday wear but is for good for brides.

19. Semicircular Locket Style Mangalsutra

Semicircular locket style mangalsutra

The semicircular locket of this double chain style mangalsutra is eye catching. It can be paired with your ethnic wear and even when you are going for special occasions. It also comes with matching chain.

20. Simple Everyday Wear Antique Mangalsutra

simple everyday wear antique mangalsutra

It is a simple mangalsutra design in the antique finish that a lot of women would like to wear it on the daily basis. It is also available in the artificial form also though you can make this in the Diamond Solitaire style.

So these are the best antique mangalsutra patterns and Designs that we have shown you. Hope it will help you in making the one that you like.

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