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argan oil for hair how to use

Argan Oil For Hair, Know its Benefits, and How to Use and Potential Side Effects 

Argan oil, often referred to as “liquid gold,” has gained immense popularity in the realm of hair care. Extracted from the kernels of the argan tree native to Morocco, this oil is renowned for its remarkable properties that promote healthy hair. In this article today at Tips and Beauty, we’ll get to know the various facets of argan oil, exploring its benefits, potential side effects, effective usage methods, and more.

Argan oil, derived from the kernels of the argan tree’s fruit, is rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. Its versatile nature makes it a coveted ingredient in various beauty products, especially hair care.

Argan oil, often referred to as “liquid gold,” is a natural elixir derived from the kernels of the argan tree. Its rich composition of fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins makes it a versatile solution for various hair care needs. From moisturizing to promoting hair growth, argan oil offers a plethora of benefits.

Top 13 Benefits of Using Argan Oil for Hair

1. Moisturizing Properties

Argan oil possesses excellent moisturizing properties, making it a potent scalp conditioner. Massaging argan oil onto the scalp can help alleviate dryness and flakiness, promoting a healthier environment for hair growth. Argan oil’s high content of oleic and linoleic acids make it an exceptional hair moisturizer. When applied, it forms a light, non-greasy layer that penetrates the hair shaft, nourishing hair cuticles and imparting a glossy appearance.

2. Conditioning Effect

Vitamin E, abundant in argan oil, creates a fatty layer that conditions the hair and scalp, preventing dryness and enhancing shine. Its deep penetration into hair cells offers thorough conditioning, particularly beneficial for addressing split ends and frizziness. 

3. Stimulating Hair Growth

Vitamin C in argan oil strengthens hair follicles, promoting hair growth and increasing volume. Additionally, phenols present in the oil strengthen hair follicles, while vitamins aid in the growth of new, healthier strands. The antioxidants in argan oil aid in promoting hair growth by stimulating hair follicles and maintaining a healthy scalp. It can potentially lead to thicker, longer hair over time.

4. Sealing Split Ends and Frizz Prevention

Argan oil’s ability to tame frizz and unruly strands is a game-changer. It smooths the hair cuticles, providing a sleek and polished appearance. This makes your hair more manageable and easier to style. Argan oil’s vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids hydrate hair roots, preserving moisture, and combating frizz and split ends. Its small molecular size allows it to permeate the hair cuticle efficiently, reducing tangles. 

5. Combatting Dandruff and Flakiness

Enriched with fatty acids, vitamin D, and E, argan oil moisturizes the scalp, reducing seasonal dryness and flakiness. Its anti-inflammatory properties assist in alleviating dandruff by combating inflammation.

6. Protection Against Heat Damage

Regular use of argan oil provides nutrients that create a protective shield for the hair, guarding it against the damaging effects of heat styling. High linoleic, oleic, and palmitic acid content aids in enhancing hair’s resilience and preventing breakage during heat exposure.

7. Enhancing Shine and Lustre

Essential fatty acids present in argan oil nourish hair strands, lending them a natural shine. Regular application can fortify hair, enhance elasticity, and impart a lustrous appearance.

8. Guarding Against Coloring Damage

Medium-chain fatty acids in argan oil offer protective properties that shield hair from the potential harm caused by coloring and styling. It can mitigate the damage caused by hair dye, preserving hair health.

9. Preventing Scalp Infections

Argan oil’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities contribute to preventing scalp disorders that could lead to hair loss, such as seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis.

10. UV Protection

Argan oil’s antioxidant properties ward off sun-induced free radical damage to both skin and hair. It acts as a natural shield, protecting hair from the damaging effects of UV light.

11. Darkening and Strengthening Hair

Massaging pure argan oil can stimulate hair melanin replenishment, resulting in darker hair. Antioxidants and vitamin E in the oil aid in repairing hair damage, potentially preventing premature greying.

12. Boosting Hair Elasticity

Argan oil increases hair hydration and suppleness, safeguarding strands from damage that leads to split ends and breakage. It contributes to improved hair elasticity. The fatty acids and vitamin E in argan oil contribute to hair’s overall strength and flexibility. Regular use can reduce breakage and make your hair less prone to damage.

13. Protection Against Environmental Stressors

Argan oil creates a protective barrier against external aggressors like UV rays, pollution, and heat styling tools. This shield prevents damage and maintains the hair’s natural luster.

Using Argan Oil for Different Hair Problems

Here, we will explore different detailed ways to incorporate argan oil into your hair care routine to address common hair problems and encourage hair growth.

Combating Dryness and Frizz

Argan oil’s high content of fatty acids makes it an excellent natural moisturizer. To combat dryness and frizz, warm a few drops of argan oil between your palms and apply it to the lengths and ends of your hair. This will help lock in moisture, smooth the cuticles, and leave your hair looking lustrous and well-nourished.

Addressing Dandruff and Scalp Irritation

For a soothing scalp treatment, mix a few drops of argan oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil. Gently massage this Argan oil and coconut oil mixture onto your scalp using just the fingertips with light pressure. The anti-inflammatory properties of argan oil can help alleviate scalp irritation and reduce dandruff, promoting a healthier scalp environment.

Treating Split Ends and Breakage

To address split ends and breakage, apply a small amount of argan oil to the tips of your hair. The nourishing properties of argan oil can help seal split ends and protect your hair from further damage. Regular application can contribute to healthier-looking ends and prevent breakage.

Protecting Against Heat Damage

Before using heated styling tools, apply a protective layer of argan oil to your hair. This will create a barrier that shields your hair from the intense heat, reducing the risk of damage. Make sure to distribute the oil evenly through your hair before styling.

Using Argan Oil for Hair Growth

Scalp Massage with Argan Oil

Gently massaging your scalp with argan oil can stimulate blood circulation and promote hair growth. Warm a small amount of argan oil and use your fingertips to massage it into your scalp in circular motions. This can help nourish hair follicles and encourage healthy hair growth.

DIY Argan Oil Hair Mask

Create a nourishing hair mask by mixing argan oil with ingredients like honey or yogurt. Apply the mask to semi-wet or damp hair, focusing on the hair roots and lengths. Leave it as a hair mask for about 30 minutes before rinsing with cold water. This deep conditioning treatment can help restore moisture, strengthen hair, and improve overall hair health.

Argan Oil as Leave-In Conditioner

After washing your hair, apply a few drops of argan oil to damp hair as a leave-in conditioner. This will help detangle your hair, reduce frizz, and provide ongoing hydration throughout the day. Avoid applying too close to the roots to prevent a greasy appearance.

Argan Oil-Infused Shampoo and Conditioner

Look for hair care products infused with argan oil, such as shampoos and conditioners. These products can provide consistent nourishment and help maintain hair health during your regular hair care routine.

Argan oil’s versatility makes it a valuable addition to any hair care regimen. By using argan oil in different ways, you can address common hair problems, encourage hair growth, and achieve healthier, more vibrant hair.

Potential Side Effects of Argan Oil

Allergic Reactions

While argan oil is generally safe, some individuals may experience allergic reactions. It is recommended to do a patch test before using it.

Excessive Oiliness

Using too much argan oil can make your hair appear greasy. Start by taking a small amount and then adjust it based on your hair requirement.

Argan oil’s multifaceted benefits for hair make it a cherished asset in the world of natural hair care. From moisturization and conditioning to UV protection and promoting hair growth, its properties are vast and transformative. By including argan oil wisely in your hair care regimen, you can harness its potential to nurture, strengthen, and enhance the natural beauty of your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is argan oil suitable for all hair types?

Yes, argan oil is suitable for all hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair. It can be adjusted in usage to meet the specific needs of different hair textures.

Can argan oil be used daily?

Argan oil can be used daily in moderation. A few drops applied to the hair lengths and ends can provide ongoing moisture and protection without causing greasiness.

Can argan oil promote hair growth?

Yes, argan oil’s nutrients can help promote hair growth by nourishing hair follicles and improving the overall health of the scalp.

Is argan oil effective in reducing heat damage?

Argan oil can create a protective barrier against heat damage when applied before using heated styling tools. However, it’s important to use heat styling tools at moderate temperatures to prevent excessive damage.

Can argan oil be used as a treatment for dandruff?

The anti-inflammatory properties of argan oil can help alleviate scalp irritation and reduce dandruff. Regular use as a scalp massage oil can contribute to a healthier scalp environment.

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