Astaberry Enchanting Rose Cleansing Milk & Make-Up Remover Review


Astaberry Enchanting Rose Cleansing Milk & Make-Up Remover

Hi everyone! I will be reviewing this Astaberry Enchanting Rose Cleansing Milk & Make-Up Remover in today’s post. Do you like using cleansing milks, I love using them since they are good for the removing dirt, dirt and skin impurities gently and without having to sue water. You may face wash with plain water afterwards if you feel greasy but for dry skin cleansing milks are excellent to cleanse the face and makeup. So, let’s see friends if this Astaberry Enchanting Rose Cleansing Milk & Make-Up Remover is worth or not.

Price of Astaberry Enchanting Rose Cleansing Milk & Make-Up Remover: This is only priced at 70 rupees for 100ml bottle.

Experience with Astaberry Enchanting Rose Cleansing Milk & Maastaberry-enchanting-rose-cleansing-milk-make-up-remover-review-1

The cleansing milk is very lotion like and creamy in consistency which helps this to get spread on the face nicely and get inside the pores easily to remove the trapped dirt on the face. I like to use this in a different way. I would just apply this on my face like a cream and then gently massage this. Then I would take a damp cotton pad and take everything off. Even if I have not used the makeup I can see the dust, dirt the cotton pad which says a lot about the skin impurities that we accumulate throughout the day. I also like to use this cleansing milk when I have my makeup on. This won’t be very effective when I had the water proof makeup like the foundation, mascara, eyeliner that are waterproof, but on other kind of makeup this works well.

I would just remove my eye makeup using an eye makeup remover and then would use this cleansing milk all over the face to take off the residue and left behind makeup traces. I like using this cleansing milk since this is very affordable, inexpensive and easy to use. The texture and do consistency is good that actually helps to remove the skin impurities, dirt traces thoroughly.


Pros of Astaberry Enchanting Rose Cleansing Milk & Make Up Remover

Nice packaging

Good smell that is not over powering

No irritation or burning sensation

This cleanse the face nicely

Gets rid of the skin impurities and makeup well

No itching or breakouts

Suitable for all skin types

Cons of Astaberry Enchanting Rose Cleansing Milk & Make Up Remover

It will be little greasy for very oily skin

Not very effective for waterproof makeup products like the mascara, eyeliner etc

Rating: 4 out of 5

If you are looking for decent inexpensive cleansing milk then do try this Astaberry cleansing milk which actually helps to cleanse the skin everyday without irritating the skin. This can be used by all the skin types though for very oily skin wash the face with plain water after using this to get rid of any oily greasy traces off the face.

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