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Hi, I am Niesha Jeenwal. A beauty blogger, who's been in Blogging world for the past 5 years and started my first blog which is an Indian makeup and beauty blog while Tips and is mostly dedicated to natural ways and treatments to achieve good skin, hair and health. :) Allow me 2-3 days to reply to your mails or comments. xoxo

Top 15 Latest Artificial Mangalsutra Designs For Festivals and Dailywear

Artificial Mangalsutra designs

Different mangalsutra styles are seen currently with different types of work, chain style and painted. A lot of women also ...

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5 Homemade Neem Packs for Pimples, Acne and Dark Spots

Neem face packs for acne pimples and dark spots

Our skin is the most sensitive part that needs regular care to remain healthy and glowing. It not only protects ...

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Top 5 Best Homemade Egg Face Packs for Beautiful Clear Skin

egg face pcks

Recipes for Egg Face Packs for Beautiful Skin Eggs are not just for the nutrition purpose but they help combating ...

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10 Best Remedies to Remove Suntan from Neck and Back

10 Best Remedies to Remove Suntan from Neck and Back

Sun tan is the most common problem seen in the summers. Yes! While stepping out to the skin, you forget ...

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Homemade Glycolic Acid Peel for Pimple Cure and Anti Aging Benefits

homemade glycolic acid peel for pimple acne aging

Homemade glycolic acid peel Glycolic acid is a member of the Alpha Hydroxy acid family which has the capability to ...

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Top 10 Best VLCC Products in India (2020)

10 Top Best VLCC Products in India with Price

  Best VLCC products for Skin, Hair and Body for Men and Women with Price List VLCC is a herbal ...

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7 Best (Malai) Milk Cream Face Packs for Fairness and Glow

milk cream face packs

Milk Cream Face Masks and Packs for Fairness, Dry skin, winters and dull skin Milk cream also known as Malai ...

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Top 10 Best Natural Shampoos in India (2020)

10 Best Organic Shampoos in India for Hair Loss and Hair Growth Natural and herbal go hand in hand, this ...

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Top 5 Best Kojic Acid Skin Soaps in India and Benefits

Kojic Acid Soaps in India

Are you looking for kojic acid soaps to lighten the complexion? Kojic acid is naturally derived from the fungus which ...

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4 Best Homemade Egg Hair Packs and Masks for Hair fall and Shiny Hair

egg hair packs and masks for shiny hair hair fall

Homemade Best Egg hair masks and packs for hair fall and shine Eggs and egg yolk are rich in fatty ...

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