12 Latest Baby Krishna Dress for Baby Boys (2022)

boys krishna dress

Baby Krishna dresses are searched a lot as soon as the Krishna Janmashtami and other festival is around the corner.  Not just that in Northern India and southern India parents would love to dress up their babies and kids as Lord Krishna for not only the festivals the but for weddings, Navratris, fancy dress competitions and other places where the baby has to play the role of little Krishna. A lot of these beautiful Krishna dhoti kurta sets are available online and most of them would consist of the basic kurta, dhotis along with the accessories. Accessories like flute, wristbands, waistbands and crowns along with the Peacock feather or Mor Pankh is common with the bal Krishna dress for baby. When you dress up your baby in all these accessories along with the dhoti kurta, you are sure that your baby would look dapper and cute. 

So these are some of the basic things that you have to remember to get while dressing your baby as Lord Krishna. Festivals are the time when we enjoy and celebrate with our family. And babies are the important and new family member who gets all the attention from all the family members of. Therefore they have to be dressed as per the occasion.

Top 12 Latest Lord Krishna Dress for Baby Boys and Kids in India

Let’s check this beautiful baby Krishna dresses available in India online. These Krishna Jayanthi dress for babies are suitable for other functions as well.

1. Vbirds cotton Shree Krishna Dhoti Kurta Dress for Infant 

Vbirds cotton Shree Krishna Dhoti Kurta Dress for Infant

It’s really beautifully coloured Krishna dress for baby. It comprises 5 different products like a dhoti, Kurta, Bansuri, Mor Pankh, Mukut and the waistband. The pretty costume will make your baby look really beautiful and traditional. It’s made with premium quality fabric and comprises the basic ethnic kurta and dhoti pant. Full dress is available for newborn babies and kids up to 6 years though the pricing may be different. It will surely add a glimpse of lord Krishna in your innocent baby.

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2. Pakhi Little Krishna Dhoti Dupatta Set 

Pakhi Little Krishna Dhoti Dupatta Set

This beautiful Maroon coloured baby Krishna get up dress comes with different accessories. This set includes fancy a flute, necklace, peacock feather, waist belt and wrist bands. Its skin friendly for your child. There is a sequined embellished yellow dupatta that is worn around the shoulder. It has a red maroon colour high quality satin dhoti that is skin friendly as well. It doesn’t have a kurta so, it’s the bare chested costume for kids. It’s available from 6 months old babies to 6 years old kids.

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3. Anchal Collection Shri Krishna Dhoti Kurta for Kids

Anchal Collection Shri Krishan Dhoti Kurta for Kids

This traditional attire is available for babies from below 1 year to 4 years. Even if your baby is 6 months old, you’ll be able to get a suitable size but the pricing would be different. It does not have any accessories like the flute, Crown or feather but just the traditional angrakha style kurta with a dhoti in red colour. This complete set is available in two different colours as well, i.e. bright yellow and white with red taping. The dress is not only stylish but is also comfortable for your kids. As it’s made of 100% cotton, it’s also suitable Krishna dress for kids up to 4 years of age.

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4. The Holy Mart Cotton Baby’s Krishna Costume Dress

The Holy Mart Cotton Baby's Krishna Costume Dress

It’s a perfect Lord Krishna Fancy dress for your 0 to 6 months old babies. It has an angrakha style cotton yellow kurta with yellow dhotis. You’ll get accessories like a flute, necklace, Mor Pankh Crown along with this. This Kanha dress for babies gives you value for money and it will make your little one look like Krishna on special occasions like Janmashtami, any fancy dress competition or other special parties.

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5. Ahhaaaa Yellow Krishna Dress Dhoti Kurta For Baby Boys

Ahhaaaa Yellow Krishna Dress Dhoti Kurta For Baby Boys

Made with the cotton blend fabric, this Krishna attire for baby boys is suitable for age group 1 to 6 years. With this costume, you’ll get solid yellow kurta with yellow dhotis. It’s available in light and bright yellow colours. With this pack, you’ll receive one flute, Mukut, one Bandhani Patka and dhoti kurta set. The lord Krishna dress for babies is available for different functions like the Navratri Dussehra, Pooja, birthdays and other fancy dress competitions. The same set is available for babies from 6 months up till 4 year old kids.

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6. FOCIL Krishna Dhoti Kurta Dress for Kids

FOCIL Krishna Dhoti Kurta Dress for Kids

This Krishna attire is made up of polycotton fabric and it’s comfortable to wear and soft on the skin. It’s perfect for dressing your little baby as Krishna ji. This entire Krishna dress for baby boys is available in a pack of 4. In this you’ll receive a Basuri, Mor Pankh, Mukut Bandhani Patka, and the dhoti kurta. It’s available from sizes for new born baby to up to 5 year old kids. The Kanha clothes are made from premium quality. Your baby would surely look smart and traditional in the attire.

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7. My Newborn Baby Boy’s Cotton Fancy Krishna Dress

My Newborn Baby Boy's Cotton Fancy Krishna Dress

These are the perfect simple cotton Krishna clothes for your newborn babies. It suits age groups from six months to six years. The light yellow coloured kurta has yellow dhotis with multiple accessories. It will make you easier to deck up your child in Krishna attire for different occasions. You would surely want your baby to look innocent for a fancy dress competition or other traditional occasions.

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8. My Lil Princess Baby Girls Birthday Frock Dress

My Lil Princess Baby Girls Birthday Frock Dress (2)

This Krishnashtami dress for baby boy is available in two colours; Orange and Bright Yellow. The soothing material is highly comfortable to wear. It’s a Shiny fabric which is made of polycotton. The dress comes with a cap and a peacock feather with the cap. They are best suitable for dressing up your kids for birthdays, weddings, festivals like Diwali, Christmas and other competitions where fancy dresses are suitable. It’s a suitable Krishna costume for toddler and kids upto 6 years.

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9. Pakhi Little Krishna Dhoti Dupatta Set

Pakhi Little Krishna Dhoti Dupatta Set1

In this premium quality Baby Krishna attire, your baby would definitely look like little Krishna. It has multiple accessories that will transform your baby to look like the lord Krishna. This dress up comes with a Dupatta, beautiful pair of dhotis, necklace, flute, hand bands, wristbands, Mor Pankh, Mukut and other accessories as well. This is one of the best baby Krishna dress for boys and baby girls which is which is available online.

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10. Ahhaaaa Kids Ethnic Wear Kurta and Dhoti Pant for Boys

Ahhaaaa Kids Ethnic Wear Kurta and Dhoti Pant for Boys

The traditional attire will surely transform your baby into a beautiful cute Kishan ji. It has the perfect fabric and design. You’ll get a beautiful Safa, Angrakha Style Kurta and dhoti dress. It can be used to dress up kids for school performances, wedding functions and ethnic festivals. It’s suitable for age groups from 1 to 6 years. Moreover, it is also used for the Gujarati and Garba style dressing up.

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11. Jinie Baby Boy’s Silk Cotton Blend Dhoti Kurta Pyjama Dress 

Jinie Baby Boy’s Silk Cotton Blend Dhoti Kurta Pyjama Dress

The extremely beautiful beige and red coloured dress is available in silk cotton blend fabric. It’s suitable for ethnic traditional festival kids wear. You can dress your girls and boys in this ethnic attire. The button kurta is easy to dress up. The attractive dress is very affordable and is perfect for babies from 6 to 12 months old. The brightly coloured dress is certain to make your baby look attractive and cuter. 

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12. Kids Ethnic Festive Cotton Kurta and Dhoti Pant Set for Baby boys

Kids Ethnic Festive Cotton Kurta and Dhoti Pant Set for Baby boys

The feather embroidered kurta has side slit. The bright yellow coloured kurta is the highlight of this dress. It’s also available in other colours as well. It’s in the silk fabric and you receive one kurta with one dhoti pants. It’s suitable for age groups from 12 months to 5 years. It’s made up of extremely comfortable and soft cotton blend Silk fabric which has dhoti pants with elasticated band.

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These are the beautiful Krishna dresses available online in India, which you can buy and baby boys and girls.

10 Tips for Dressing up your Baby in Lord Krishna Dress

little baby krishna jiyaan 2

 1. Dhoti kurta set:

A bright dhoti with a kurta is what makes your kid look like a little Krishna. Make sure the material should be comfortable and safe for babies. Mostly colors like yellow, red, orange are used for dressing up your baby like little lord shree Krishna.

2. Peacock Feather:

Peacock feather defines or signifies as the most important accessory of Bhagwan Krishna. You can take a peacock feather and put it in your baby’s crown or hair.

3. With or without Kurta:

little krishna jiyaan

It’s up to you if you wish to have your baby bare chested or not. We understand a lot of parents may not be comfortable with it but if you are, then it’ll also look good. 

4. Flute:

Flute is Krishna ji’s favourite thing. He used to love playing flute and one can never imagine Shri Krishna without a flute.

how to dress up baby krishna

5. Jewelery:

little baby krishna jiyaan

As jewellery, you can go for the beaded necklaces, arm band and wrist bands. Anklets are also good and helps making your baby resemble a lot like Krishna ji images that we have seen.

6. Makeup:

Shree Krishna had dark complexion and you can apply face paint for that in dark blue color. But for lot of babies and toddlers, we will not recommend it. But you can go for little bit of pink lipstick and light blush with some kajal in the eyes.

7. Tilak:

Tilak in red and white color is what gods used to put on their forehead bur if your baby is not cooperating then just a simple red tilak will do. For older babies, you can go for the traditional U shaped tilak.


8. Crown:

You can put the plastic crown that comes along with most of the Krishna dresses online or from shops. There are cardboard like crowns also available which are easy to work with as you can tie them.

9. Feeding:

If your baby is small then make sure you feed him/her properly else he may not corporate or will become restless.

10. Pictures:

It’s time to take the pictures. Take good and lots of pictures which you can frame later on. It’s your child’s memories that you’ll cherish all your life.

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