5 Great Benefits and Uses of Cucumber for skin

5 Great Benefits and Uses of Cucumber for skin5 Great Benefits and Uses of Cucumber for skin

Cucumber has several skin benefits. It gives the skin a radiant and boost which make the skin appear lighter and well toned. Cucumber are also very good facial toner for oily and acne prone skin. Above all, cucumbers use in beauty is widely used across the globe and one such amazing benefit of cucumber is to lighten the darkness under the eyes and heal sunburnt skin.

Benefits of cucumber for skinĀ  and uses for skin problems

Cucumber for sunburns

Cucumbers help to greatly relive the sunburn from the face and body skin. Just apply the cucumber juice on the sunburnt skin or simply rub cucumber slices. This is very soothing for the skin and instantly gives relief in sunburnt skin. Mix some aloe vera gel in cucumber juice and use on sunburnt skin. It will be even more efficient treatment.

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Improve the skin complexion with Cucumber

Cucumber has skin lightening and complexion enhancing properties. The properties of cucumber has made this a vital ingredient in skin creams, face packs etc. Apply cucumber juice with some lemon juice on the face at night and wash with plain water in the morning. This natural treatment is extremely helpful in lightening oily skin.

Cucumber acts as a mild skin toner

Cucumber also acts as a gentle toner for all skin type since it is mild it is suitable for irritated sensitive skin and skin which is struggling with acne. You can take some cucumber juice and with the help of a cotton pad apply on the face or you can directly rub a thin cucumber slice on the face to reap the cucumber astringent properties.

Fades Dark circles with Cucumber

We hope that most of us are already aware about this treatment. Cucumber is a wonderful natural remedy to relive and fade the dark circles under the eyes. Apply cucumber juice mixed with few drops of almond oil every night before going to sleep. This helps brighten the under eye area and lighten the dark pigmentation effectively.

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Cucumber to cure puffy eyes

Cucumber juice or cucumber slice can also be used to treat puffy eyes. Those of us who face fluid build up in the morning under the eyes or the eyes look puffy, then this simple trick with cucumber will help. Your eyes can be puffy from any reason but the solution in one, cucumber slices. Either soak two cotton pads with cucumber or take two cucumber slices and put that over your eye. Relax 15-20 minutes. It will significantly decrease the puffiness from the eyes.

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