Benefits of Amla Juice for Skin and Hair

Benefits of Amla Juice for Skin and Hair

Earlier we have posted on amla juice benefits for the health, but amla (Indian Gooseberry) or its juice is not just a food item that does that, it also helps making skin and hair beautiful. It is an excellent antioxidant with high source of Vitamin C due to all these features; amla is highly beneficial in skin lightening. Amla fades scars and marks, exfoliates gently, shows incredible benefits in hair fall, hair loss, alopecia, premature grey hair etc. All these benefits of amla juice make it a good to try product and to store that in your kitchen. If you can’t consume it because of its taste, it can be definitely used for the skin and hair benefits. Amla juice is good for weight loss too.


Benefits of Amla juice for skin

Below are some benefits of amla for the skin.

Amla juice benefit in delaying Skin Aging

Amla is rich in powerful antioxidants due to which it slows down the degradation of collagen. Collagen is responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity, keeping the skin younger looking and taut. Eating amla or drinking amla juice will be extremely beneficial in getting a younger looking healthy skin.

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Amla benefit in Skin lightening

Amla is highly beneficial in skin lightening whether taken internally or applied on the skin. Amla has very high content of vitamin C along with vitamin A that help improve the skin complexion making the skin lighter and brighter. If you’re using amla juice then take some juice on a cotton pad and apply it over the face and the rest of the body skin, if you wish. Keep it for 15 minutes and the rinse off. Using this 3 times a week will soon show its results. Amla juice will definitely lighten the complexion.

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Amla juice For Acne marks

Those of you with acne marks and blemishes will find amla as a good natural way to remove pimple marks. Just apply Amla juice on the face like mentioned above and let the vitamin C in it work its way. Make sure to be consistent with this treatment.

Benefits of Amla juice as Face scrub

Are you aware that amla can also exfoliate your skin quite well? It gets rid of the dead skin cells to reveal a younger looking smoother skin. If you have sensitive skin then you may try doing a patch test first.

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Benefits of Amla juice to tone the skin

Amla juice also helps tone the skin. Its astringent properties make sure that the skin looks radiant and well toned. It maintains a natural pH balance of the skin.

Benefits of Amla juice for Hyper pigmentation

Amla juice also helps in skin hyper pigmentation. Applying amla juice daily on the hyper pigmented areas and keeping that for 10 minutes shows good results in hyper pigmentation. Read: Home remedies for pimple marks scars

Benefits of Amla for Hair

Other than the skin benefits of amla. Amla juice also has loads of hair benefits. You may be aware that amla oil and amla shampoo are widely popular, which is solely due to amla fruit and juice’s properties to make hair darker, thicker and shinier. You can either apply it or eat it, it will show its effects.

Amla benefits in Hair fall

Amla is quite effective in hair fall control. You can eat one amla fruit daily or you can also apply its paste on the scalp or even can use this to prepare a herbal shampoo along with reetha and shikkai. To prepare the paste, take some dried amla and boil them in the water. Once they are thoroughly boiled. Try to mash them and make a pulpy paste. Apply this pate on the roots and hair. This treatment can be done once a week. It controls hair fall and improves hair quality.

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Benefits of Amla juice in Hair Greying

Premature greying of hair is quite common these days due to pollution and several other related factors. Amla juice can also help in that. Drinking amla juice helps curb the hair greying. You can use dried amla as a paste described above to fetch the benefits in avoiding premature gray hair.

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Benefits of Amla juice in Hair Growth

In Hair loss or alopecia too, amla provides relief. You can try a homemade amla shikkakai shampoo and wash your hair with that. Amla promotes hair regrowth as an added benefit.

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Amla uses to get thicker hair

With its nutrients and other amazing properties applying amla juice or drinking it regularly will make your hair thicker and bouncier.

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Benefits and uses of Amla juice in dandruff

If dandruff has been your main problem, use amla juice on the scalp to help clear out the dandruff. Amla is anti microbial. Amla juice benefits in preventing the fungal infection which is the major reason of dandruff.

Benefits of Amla juice in Oily scalp

Amla also takes away the excess oil from the scalp just like the lemon does. So, if you been thinking of trying natural ways for your oily scalp, use amla juice diluted with some water as a last rinse after you have shampooed your hair.

Benefits of Amla juice to add shine

We have talked about how amla is responsible of thicker, fuller hair but that’s not all!! Amla juice makes hair shinier. Use the juice on your hair and rinse off after half an hour to discover the all new shine in your hair.

This fruit is indeed wonderful! Amla juice can do so much for you so the next time you think of avoiding that. Think again!

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  1. mam… i hve alopecia problem since two years also i hve very small bald patches….. i hve already taken allopathy treatment …… bt hve seen no results…… u plzzzzzz tell me the best home remedy for alopecia…. also gve me some guidance for hair loss

  2. eat 2-3 amla daily.

  3. Hi Chandni,

    I can understand, none of us wants to lose hair. You can take protein rich diet and fruit juices. Along with that try the protein hair packs mentioned in this post.

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