Top 10 Best Anti Pimple Creams for Men in India (2022)

Best Anti Pimple Creams for Men in India for oily and acne prone skin types

Do you have acne that are getting swollen and red? Do you wish to get rid of those? We understand that acne can be irritating and a lot embarrassing for you. So, while you are still thinking about the best ways you can use to get rid of the acne and pimples, we are going to tell you the best choices. In Indian market, we have lots of anti acne creams and pimple cream but which is the right one that can help you vanish the pimples faster and skin gets flawless. Now coming to this topic again that men also get stressed out with the acne. The acne can not only be painful and red but also lowers the confidence. So, let’s see the best anti pimple cream in India for men.

Best Anti Acne and Anti Pimple Cream for Men (2022)

You should also use the acne control face wash to keep the skin free of acne, do read about the best anti acne face wash in India. Let’s check the list that you have been wishing to know.

1. Himalaya Herbals Acne-n-Pimple Cream

Himalaya is a wonderful brand that gives excellent results in just a few uses. This acne controlling cream is suitable for all skin types as it does not make the skin look greasy or oily. The anti pimple cream glides easily on the skin without leaving a patchy look. The anti-pimple controls acne and its zits easily. It has cooling properties which makes the facial skin fresh and glowing.

Price: 45 rupees for 20 grams

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2. Vaadi Herbals Anti-Acne Cream

Vaadi is an herbal brand which has unique natural formulation that gives amazing results in skin, hair and health care. This anti-acne cream contains clove oil that makes skin free from acne and bacterial infections. Orange peel prevents pigmentation and fades acne marks. It is one of the best for healing dark spots on the face.

Price: 52 rupees for 30 grams

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3. Biotique Bio Winter Green Spot Correcting Anti-Acne cream

Biotique skin corrector cream, anti-inflammatory properties that treat acne and marks. It has a soothing action which calms itching and flakiness of the skin. It also prevents breakout and dryness. This cream promotes clean and fresh looking skin. It is an affordable option which is available online and offline both. This is an excellent anti pimple cream that men can try at night to heal pimples quickly.

Price: 199 Rs. for 15 grams

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4. Acnestar Acne Clear Gel

Acnestar clear gel makes skin spot free and bright. It has Nicotinamide which removes Vitamin-B3 deficiency and also helpful in treating skin daily wear and tear. This cream comes in a tube that is easy to carry and use. The price and packaging are good enough to give it a try. This cream is specially made for men’s skin also as even men need that pimple treatment for clear skin. It is a medicinal pimple treating cream in Indian market.

Price: 70 rupees for 15 grams

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5. Eraser Anti-Acne Pimple Cream

This cream has nourishing properties which make skin smooth and supple. It works like an eraser on pimples and zits. The herbal ingredients of this cream help in removing scars and pimples slowly. It also prevents the occurrence of pimples. Turmeric extracts soak excessive oil and removes acne from the roots. Smell is a bit bad though.

Price: 72 rupees for 15 grams

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6. Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Extract Acne Magic + Antiseptic Cream

Nature essence’s cream is very effective on oily and acne prone skin. It helps in making skin clear and glowing. The natural content of this pimple care cream ensures acne dryness and spot removal. The fruit magic works like a magician on the skin because it also makes the facial skin look healthy and fresh.

Price: 95 rupees for 30 grams

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7. Dr Batra’s Natural Anti-Acne Cream

This is a natural disinfectant cream, which ensures better care of the skin. It slowly reduces the appearance of pimples and their marks. This is a dermatologist tested anti pimple cream that won’t cause any side effects on regular use. This comes in a small tube with white color packaging. The effects of this cream are commendable a sit works by reducing the acne infection and swelling.

Price: 350 rupees for 100 grams

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8. Shahnaz Husain Sha Clove Pimple Cream

This cream is specially formulated to treat acne, marks and blemishes. It works on rashes and itching and also removes bacterial spread from the skin. This pimple treating cream nourishes and purifies the skin and makes it brighter and healthy.

Price: 580 rupees for 25 grams

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9. No Marks Anti Acne and Pimple Cream

No mark cream is quite a popular one with natural ingredients in it. It helps in curing acne and marks. Clove oil kills bacteria and stops excessive oil production. Turmeric has anti-septic properties that protect the skin from oiliness and environmental properties.

Price: 35 rupees for 12 grams    

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10. The Nature’s Co. Garlic Anti-Acne Cream

This cream makes skin clear and free from acne and marks. It has garlic juice that has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The anti pimple cream also consists vitamin-E that nourishes the skin and makes it softer and shinier.

Price: 949 rupees for 50 grams

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This is the list of the best men’s anti pimple and anti acne creams in India at reasonable and affordable rates. But you should also read about our best creams to remove dark spots and black spots is another concerns for people with acne problem. Also see the best fairness cream for men with oily skin.

You can also know about the best medicinal creams for acne and pimples.

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