Top 10 Best Face Bleach Creams for Men in India (2022)


Bleach Creams for Men in India for Oily skin, Dry skin and Sensitive skin

Is your skin dark and dull? Do you think of using face bleach creams? We know a lot of men would like to apply bleach creams to lighten the facial skin hair but wait how men can use bleach when they already have lots of face hair in their upper lips and chin area. Well there are tricks and precautions to take while using face bleach on men’s skin. We will be telling you some tips and tricks before you use bleach cream on your skin but before that let’s get to know which are the best bleach creams in India for men and also know about the best herbal bleach cream available in Indian market.

Best Men’s Face Bleach Creams in India (2022)

Time to check the best bleaches that men with different skin types like oily skin, sensitive skin and dry skinned men can try to get lighter facial hair and complexion.

1. VLCC Insta Glow Saffron & Honey Bleach Cream

VLCC Insta glow bleach cream is made with natural honey and saffron that enhances the real tone of the skin. This cream has natural ingredients that give a natural color to the facial hair. Saffron improves complexion and removes pigmentation too. Men can use this bleach once in a month to keep the facial hair lightened.

Recommended for: Suitable bleach for men with all skin types

Price: 65 rupees for 30 grams

2. Dabur Oxylife Men Bleach

Dabur is one of the oldest brands in India. It contains Ayurvedic properties which are enriched with nutrients. Oxylife Bleach is powered with fairness ingredients that enhance the real glow of the face. This product is easily available and pocket friendly in nature.

Recommended for: All skin types

Price: 135 rupees for 150 grams

3. O3+ Meladerm Vitamin C Gel Bleach

O3+ is an amazing brand that has vitamin-C which is very essential for skin color improvement. It also reduces melanin levels that cause pigmentation and the darkness of the skin. The product is suitable for even sensitive skin. This men’s bleach also helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin.

Recommended for: Men with Oily and Acne prone skin type

Price: 530 Rupees for 96 grams

4. Olivia Herb Bleach

Olivia is an herbal bleach made in India. The cream bleach consists natural contents like lemon, sandalwood and turmeric. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and it also makes the skin brighter and clearer. Turmeric plays a crucial role in protecting the skin from damage and infections. men can apply this once in 3 weeks as it is herbal in nature.

Recommended for: All skin types but best for sensitive oily skin

Price: 200 rupees for 125 grams

5. Fem Oxygen Saka Bleach Men Cream

Fem oxygen is an excellent bleach cream that unclogs the pores and also hydrates the skin. It removes dead skin cells and excessive oil of the facial skin. This men’s bleach cream prevents bacterial infection and also de-tans the skin.

Recommended for: All skin types with dull and shallow complexion with sun tanning

Price: 38 rupees for 15 grams

6. Jolen Oxy Creme Bleach

Jolen crème bleach is gentle and easy to use. It has mix cup which helps in making the right proportion required. This cream is very affordable and is quite common in the market. The bleaching product has the right consistency and mild fragrance.

Recommended for: All skin types

Price: 270 rupees for 140 grams

7. Fem Fairness Naturals Saffron Cream Bleach

Fem fairness, natural saffron cream is ideal for dull and tired looking skin. It performs a dual action, makes skin glowing and bleached at the same time. This cream is widely available in india at the nearest stores. The natural saffron extracts make skin bright and glowing all the day and night.

Recommended for: Men with sensitive skin

Price: 175 rupees for 314 grams

8. VLCC Insta Glow Gold Bleach

VLCC natural glow gold bleach is famous among ladies from many years. This bleach claims to have 24K gold, which makes the skin shine like gold instantly. It is suitable to sensitive skin and comes in an attractive packaging.

Recommended for: Normal to dry skin

Price: 125 rupees for 60 grams

9. Nature’s Essence Fruit Fairness Bleach

Nature essence is a brand which has a huge variety of skin care products made with natural products. This bleach is full with fruit nutrients which are essential for skin health and shine. It is a gentle formula which do not contain any harsh chemicals.

Recommended for: All skin types and especially the oily skin types

Price: 165 rupees for 158 grams

10. Avon Naturals Herbal Bleach Cream

Avon herbal is an outstanding brand which has a wide variety of products. This herbal bleach is light on the skin and consists bleach and powder in separate small packs. It will be easily available online websites. This bleach comes in powder form and is very light on the skin. It claims fresh and light skin after a single use.

Recommended for: All skin and sensitive skin

Price: 300 rupees for 35 grams

Some tips for men to apply bleach cream

Men should always apply bleach cream after shaving the face else the facial hair gets lighter on the places like your moustache, beard etc.

Be careful that you do not apply bleaching cream over the eyebrows, mouth area and eyes.

This is the list of the best bleach creams in Indian market for the men. Which is your favorite or you would like to use? You can also read the detailed procedure of application of bleach cream so that your experience should be hassle free.

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