Top 10 Best Collagen Powder Supplements in India (2022)

Best Collagen Powder Supplements in India

Currently the market has been flooded with different types of collagen supplements. These collagen supplements can be in the form of powder, gummies or even tablets. Collagen powder can help decrease or minimize the aging by reducing the dryness and wrinkling of the skin. Other than that, these collagen powder supplements can also helps promoting the healthy joints and improves skin elasticity. Which is why, collagen powders have become so popular recently. There are 28 different types of collagen and out of those four types of collage on our most common. They are Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4.

Type 1: This collagen is found in all the connective tissues and it is the most common type of collagen.

Type 2: It is found in the bone joint and intervertebral disc. Therefore these discs also act as a cushion for the spine.

Type 3: This type of collagen is the main component of reticular fibre which is also found in the skin and blood vessels

Type 4 It is the component of Kidneys and retinal tissues.

In the recent times collagen supplements have become really popular. Most of these collagen supplements are hydrolyzed which means that the collagen in them has been broken down so that they gets absorbed by the body is easily.

Benefits of Collagen Powder Supplements

Taking collagen supplements regularly has many health benefits. Let’s take a look at the health benefits of collagen supplements. Regularly taking collagen supplement can help in strengthening the skin and improving the elasticity and hydration. As a result, the skin’s moisture level increases and the formation of wrinkles also reduces. Regular intake of collagen supplement minimises the skin aging and reduces the wrinkles and dryness. As we age, our skin tends to produce lesser collagen which is why collagen supplements can really help combat aging.

Regularly consuming Collagen can also increase the nail strength and prevents the brittleness of the nails. As a result it also helps the hair and nails to grow longer. Collagen supplements also helps in hair fall and in maintaining hair thickness. To get super lush and luxurious hair, collagen supplements can really work.

Collagen supplements also relieve joint pain. It helps in maintaining the lubrication of the cartilages. As we age of the collagen decrease, which is why, the body becomes at risk of degenerative joint disorders like osteoarthritis. Regular intake of collagen supplements improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce the overall joint pain. In the elderly people collagen supplement can actually help to lower the inflammation of the joint tissue and reduce the pain.

Collagen supplements also prevent the bone loss as we age. The condition of bone loss as we age is known as osteoporosis, which is by the high risk of bone fractures because of the low bone density. Collagen supplements help top or minimise the bone break down which can lead to like osteoporosis.

Collagen supplements when taken regularly also help reduce the risk of heart conditions. Like heart attack or stroke can happen because of the narrowing of the arteries and collagen actually helps built the high density lipoprotein which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis significantly.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best collagen supplement powders available in the market.

1. GradeOne Nutrition Collagen Powder For Men & Women

grade 1 collagen powder

It rated as one of the best Marine collagen powders in India. Enriched with all essential nutrients and infused with Vitamin C and E, Curcumin, Biotin, and 17 Amino acids, it is best for hair, skin, joints, and gut health. This remarkable hydrolyzed marine collagen powder supports healthy metabolism, muscles, bones, joints, cartilage, and ligaments. Biotin prevents brittleness and keeps nails and hair stronger. Curcumin promotes bone and joint health.

Key Features:

  • Type 1 – Marine Collagen
  • Doctor Formulated
  • 7G Collagen
  • Vitamin C & E
  • Contains Curcumin
  • Contains Biotin
  • Contains 17 Essential Amino Acids
  • Tasty Mango Flavour
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2. OZiva Plant Based Collagen Builder Powder

OZiva Plant Based Collagen Builder Powder

Oziva supplement collagen is a plant based collagen powder that is 100% vegetarian and helps increase the collagen production. This is a gluten free and soy free product which does not contain any artificial sweeteners or sugars. It contains 10 pro-Collagen Superfoods, and 3 standardized wholefood Vitamin extracts. The collagen supplements also maintains healthy levels of Collagen, Keratin, and Elastic- 3 Proteins that promote the body’s natural glow. It also has Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry protects from UV damage and Biotin to supportsskin repair and regeneration.

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3. Your Happy Marine Collagen Powder

YourHappy Collagen powder.

This collagen powder is a Marine collagen powder that helps in healthy and glowing skin. It makes hair radiant and shiny with stronger nails. Regular consumption of this Marine collagen powder helps to decrease the skin aging and builds the elasticity of the skin. By repairing the skin this also makes the skin firm and elastic.

It has Hyaluronic Acid & Schisandra Berry, to increase moisture and minimizes wrinkles and lines and under eye dark circles, giving you that supple refreshed look. It contains Bamboo Extract (75% Silica) and Centella Asiatica, that work together to rebuild the elastin and strengthen the connective tissues in the skin. While Aloe Vera and Centella Asiatica heal the skin on the outside by removing blemishes, pigmentation and scarring. The powerful antioxidants Astaxanthin, Vitamins C and E present in this neutralize free radicals that cause the aging process, protecting your skin from damage.

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4. Carbamide Forte Marine Collagen Powder Supplement

Carbamide Forte Marine Collagen Powder Supplement

Carbamide forte is also a Marine collagen powder supplement which is not vegetarian. The amino acids in the Marine collagen peptide powder helps to minimize the dryness and wrinkling of the skin. It also gives you lustrous radiant hair and stronger looking nails. This collagen powder is easy to absorb as it has hydrolyzed collagen. It is available in different types of flavours. Marine collagen powder for women is most easily digested too. It provides smoother, youthful skin. This collagen powder for women IS designed to help plump skin and reduce fine lines.

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5. Nature’s Island Collagen Powder

This collagen formula helps to give smooth skin texture as it also contains hyaluronic acid. It helps to repair the tissue and along with Vitamin A it helps in collagen synthesis. It removes the wrinkling and prevents cell damage. All in all, regular intake of this can help minimize premature ageing and pigmentation of the skin. Other than that it also works on your hair and your nails. It contains clinically approved marine collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid (HLA), biotin, vitamin A, vitamin C & vitamin E. It is suitable for women and men both.

Hyaluronic Acid (HLA) present in this formulation is responsible for the smoothness of the skin by increasing moisture, and provides elasticity and flexibility due to its ability to retain collagen and to bind water molecules. It also helps with tissue repair. Another great ingredient present is Vitamin A, which helps in collagen synthesis, keeping skin firm and healthy.

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6. Cureveda Plant Based Collagen Builder Powder

Cureveda Plant Based Collagen Builder Glow Powder

The plant based collagen powder is easy to dissolve and is also a suitable source of plant based collagen. This is easy to digest and help to stimulate collagen production for improved skin quality and elasticity. It helps decrease the dryness and gives a lustrous shine to the dull skin and hair.

It has 5 Superherbslike Pearl Powder, Evening Primrose, Vitamin E from Soy, Sea buckthorn, Tetrahydrocurcuminoids. It help control adverse effects of stress on skin and appearance. It is enriched with luxurious Pearl Powder.

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7. Wellbeing Nutrition Pure Korean Marine Collagen Powder

Wellbeing Nutrition Pure Korean Marine Collagen Powder

This brand makes pure Korean Marine collagen powder which is highly effective and 100% pure. This supports the healthy joints and bones and also improves the metabolism and energy. This is free of any gluten and soy. The product is 100% pure without the use of adulterants or the colorants.

Wellbeing Nutrition Platinum grade Korean Marine Collagen Peptides are sourced from wild-caught fish Unflavored, easy to mix, and enzymatically processed to keep the peptides intact.

It can also help maintain sleek, shiny hair and stronger nails. Help clear up skin problems with natural marine nutrition to help you age gracefully. Korean Collagen Peptides has been known to increase skin moisture, strengthen hair, skin, and nails.

This Collagen comes with complete amino acid profile – 18 Amino Acids including glycine, proline & hydroxyproline ensures complete absorption making it more potent and efficient. Glycine is known to boost metabolism and increase energy levels. It also helps in muscle development which burn more calories than fat.

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8. HealthyHey Nutrition Collagen Powder

HealthyHey Nutrition Collagen powder

Healthyhey nutrition collagen powder helps to minimize the fine lines and wrinkles and reduces the signs of aging. It also contains hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C for the improved skin condition. Other than that it has Type 1 and type 3 collage in which is why it gives its skin elasticity. It also maintains healthy hair and makes hair growth faster. This formula reduces marks by maintaining your skins moisture and elasticity.

Along with the Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, It has Type 1 & 3 Collagen that can help improve hair strength, nail growth and give healthy looking skin. Ingredients: Collagen Type 1 & 3

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9. HealthKart HK Vitals Skin Radiance Collagen Powder

HealthKart HK Vitals Skin Radiance Collagen Powder

HealthKart collagen supplement powder is ideal for skin health and for hair growth. It also contains bio 10 which is a part of Vitamin B complex. This item is also known to strengthen the brittle and easy to break nails. HealthKart HK Vitals Collagen Supplement is a comprehensive formula containing ingredients that help maintain skin, hair, and nails health. It contains marine collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Biotin. It is available in a delicious orange flavor.

Potent antioxidants Vitamin C and E in it, help improve skin radiance and clarity by inhibiting melanin production as it causes skin dullness. Collagen supplements can increase dermal collagen density to enhance skin health.

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10. Dr. MOREPEN Marine Collagen Skin Protein Powder

The protein powder comes in multiple flavors and chocolate flavour is their most selling product. It is enriched with and vitamin C with hyaluronic acid and it need to impart youthful and naturally glowing skin by stimulating the collagen production. It contains hydrolyzed form of collagen protein. The easy to digest collagen protein get absorbed in a better way hence give the more benefits and results. It is enriched with clinically proven marine-based Collagen, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Sesabania and Biotin, this skin protein will help in deeply rejuvenating the skin cells. This product has been carefully crafted to impart youthful and naturally glowing skin by effective stimulation of Collagen production.

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One more collagen supplement that you can consider which is also of good quality.

11. Neuherbs Skin Collagen Powder

The plant based collagen powder is suitable for men and women and for the vegetarian people. It boosts the college and with its wider main extracts along with some other plant based extracts. Increasing the collagen production, it helps lock moisture to reduce the dryness and makes skin wrinkle free. It is a plant-based collagen powder for men and women and also has vitamin c and sesbania extract.

It restores healthy skin with natural Antioxidants like Beetroot, Guava Powder, & Acai and Goji berry and also has healthy fats from Pumpkin, Sesame, & Quinoa super seeds blend.

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