9 Best Daily Moisturizers with SPF For Dry Skin in India

Best Daily Moisturizers with SPF For Dry Skin in India

Moisturizers are important for the dry skin and when the skin is dry then one can just not ignore the moisturizers. During the day time when the sun rays are at their peak and can be extremely damaging, use of sunscreen is crucial. Moisturizers with SPF can serve you better. When you do not have time to apply the sunscreen, then the moisturizers with SPF is beneficial. When using sunscreen loaded moisturizers and skin creams for the dry face can be useful. By which are such products laced with SPF. We have compiled this list for the best moisturizers with SPF for dry skin.

Top Daily Moisturizers with SPF for Dry Skin in India

1. Lakme Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Sunscreen Lotion

It is a moisturizer with sunscreen properties. With its hydrating rich properties, it keeps the dry skinsupple and also gives fairness with glow. The light moisturizer keeps the skin fresh and radiant. It is appropriate for winters for dry to normal skin. It also lightens the sun tan and dullness of the dry face.

Price: 375 Rupees, Get it here

2. Garnier Skin Naturals Sun Control Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

The moisturizer has the richness of the Mexoryl SX to give protection from the UV rays . This also contains Vitamin E to delay the aging signs and to keep the skin moisturized. It also has the Glycerol and extract of coriander to keep the skin’s pH balance and to make the skin moisturized. The moisturizer with SPF 15 gives skin darkness.

Price: 175 Rupees, Get it here

3. Nivea Sun Moisturising Lotion SPF 30

The Nivea Sun moisturizing lotion is one of the best lotion moisturizers with SPF 30. It gives adequate hydration and gives the skin protection from darkness and the premature skin aging. Just apply this 20 minutes before leaving the home and it will just work well. The lotion is water resistant so, you can also wear this for beach and while swimming. NIVEA Sun lotion contains PA++ and Advanced Collagen Protect. It is non sticky but very moisturizing.

Price: 250 Rupees, Get it here

4. Forest Essentials Facial Moisturiser SPF 25

One of the best facial skin moisturizer with SPF 25. This is daily use for the dry skin and even these sensitive skin. The rich lotion is made with the sandalwood and fresh orange peel with kokum butter, pure sandalwood oil and herbs like anantmool and kamalnaal. This is for dry face to deeply revive the skin layers. You get a glowing skin and nourished look.

Price: 1675 Rupees, Get here

5. Garnier Men Power White Fairness Moisturizer SPF

Men too need hydration and moisturization. This Garnier men Power white moisturizer with SPF 15 is a daily use moisturizer. It gives fairness and hydration benefits. It can also help in the dark spots reduction and skin darkening due to UV rays. Garnier Men Moisturizer has SPF 15 and is enriched with lemon extract and anti pigmentation long dan extracts that ensure measurable fairness. It is one of the best moisturizer for dry skin in summers.

Price: 170 Rupees, Get it here

6. Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer SPF 24 PA Sunscreen Lotion

Lakme peach milk moisturizer is made with the Peaches which are good for the dry sin. Mostly, the moisturizer has emollients that can cure the dryness. This is non greasy yet impart good moisturization with SPF 24 has a soothing fragrance.  Girls and boys with dry skin to normal kin can apply it everyday. It can be used on daily basis for summers and winters.

Price: 249 Rupees, Get it here

7. Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser

Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturizer is an ideal moisturizer for dry skin with the foundation like pigment that also conceals the minor flaws. Tinted moisturizer is very handy to get the benefits of a foundation, concealer, moisturizer and sunscreen. The moisturizing lotion comes with SPF 25 protects skin from harmful radiation of the sun. The soft texture blends easily to hide skin imperfections. It is packed with natural ingredients like calendula extracts, hibiscus and aloe vera.

Price: 675 Rupees, Get it here

8. Fade Out Brightening Moisturiser SPF 25

Fade Out Brightening Moisturiser is with SPF 25. It is a daily moisturizer developed for men. It has active formulation reduces the discolouration and dark spots. The main ingredients in the moisturizer are Niacinamide, Vitamin B3, Natural extracts of Licorice, Mulberry extracts and lactic acid.

Price: 990 Rupees, Get it here

9. Schönheit Sunshield Daily Moisturizer with SPF 24

The natural moisturizer offers complete UVA/UVB protection and gives a long wear 12 hour protection. It is a fast-absorbing and non-greasy moisturizer which is light in texture. The rich in moisturizer formula gives sun protection for 24 which is decent for summers.

Price: 725 Rupees, Get here

These are the best moisturizers with SPF for dry skin and normal skin in India. Have you used these dry skin moisturizers and lotions? Which is your favorite?

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