Top 10 Best Deodorants and Body Sprays for Men in India (2022)

Deodorants and Body Sprays for Men in India for Summers

Deodorants and body sprays are something that cannot just made you smell good but also helps create your own mark. This s is why a lot of brands have come up with so many different variants of the deodorants and perfumes. In summers, the use of body sprays and deodorants become essential so that you do not smell bad. Deodorants have properties that aid in the minimization of the odor by killing the odor causing bacteria. A good body spray should be able to give you a long lasting protection from the body odor even when the sun reaches its peak. So, which are those good body sprays and deodorants for men in Indian market? We will certainly give you choices that can help you in deciding the same. You should also apply the men’s bathing soap with deodorizing properties .

Best Men’s Deodorants and Body Sprays in India (2022)

Let’s check out these best deodorants and body sprays available in Indian market.

1. Park Avenue Alter Ego Men’s Deodorant

This is one of the best deodorant choices for men among all the deodorants. Park avenue is an amazing brand which has 8 hour lock technology that lock the fragrance for multiple hours. It also has anti-bacterial properties that prevent skin infections. Park Avenue has a complete men’s collection you can pair up with.

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2. Wild Stone Aqua Fresh Deodorant

Wild Stone Aqua fresh deodorants have a cooling fresh sensation that enhances the mood and soothes the mind. This deodorant has long lasting properties which not only reduces bad odor, but prevents sweating too. For best results, use wild stone Deo soap while taking bath. It will help you get rid of the body odour. It is one of the best men’s deodorant. 

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3. Park Avenue Horizon Freshness Deodorant

Park avenue, horizon freshness deodorant has an amazing long lasting fragrance that keeps bad odor away and makes skin look fresh throughout the day. It also activates the mood and gives a calm feeling in a hectic day. This deodorant has an icy feel in it that makes you feel more cool and energetic.

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4. Denver Hamilton Pride Deodorant Spray For Men

Denver is the most popular deodorant brand in the market. It is famous for Deo soap, perfume and spray deodorants. It is the best deodorant for men that comes with a blend of the mix fragrance. This gives you delightful fresh feel in the entire day. Denver deodorants are pocket friendly and has variety of fragrances available.

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5. Set Wet Mischief Deodorant

This a body spray that has Set Wet Mischief is ideal for men and women. It comes in a yellow and red attractive bottle which has adequate quantity. The deodorant has a spicy and fruity fragrance that can be used day and night. This men’s deodorants aroma has a combination of watermelon and rosewood. This body spray is also one of the best deodorant body spray for men. 

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6. AXE Signature Champion Body Perfume

This is an attractive and masculine fragrance that keeps bad smell and sweat away. The signature collection has a royal kind of effect and lasts the whole day. This is a blend of lemon and bergamot and is made by legendary global sellers. AXE deodorants are really worthful and is a hit in the market too. 

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7. Nike Fission Deodorant Spray For Men

Nike is a huge brand has different variants in deodorants. Sport enthusiast usually uses their deodorants as it gives confidence and makes your soul and mind fresh. It also gives long lasting protection against germs. Nike fission is a good everyday use deodorant or men in Indian market.

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8. Old Spice Fresh Deodorant Spray 

This is one of the oldest deodorant brand that makes your mood more lively and cool. It is a masculine fragrance that makes you feel like a man. Like an old spice, It will add spice in your life too. The natural fragrance will make you feel more confident and attractive. 

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9. Nivea Men Fresh Power Boost Deodorant

Nivea has a wide variety of deodorants and this is one of the best variety available. This boosts your energy and has a full musk scent that can make your entire day. The wide availability is a brownie point for us. This men’s deodorant is very good for the day time when the humidity is high and during the summer season. 

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10. Engage Man Urge Deodorant


Engage man urge deodorant is all about creating a sizzling chemistry with your loved one. You can urge her and attract her just wearing a cool deodorant like this. It has a medium fragrance that can be liked by almost any woman.

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These are the best deodorants for men in India. You can use these to take care of your body odor and makes you feel fresh.

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