10 Best Essential Oil Brands in India

Essential Oil Brands in India

Essential oils are obtained from the organic botanicals and are considered highly beneficial for the good skin, hair and health. These oils are good for various purposes like curing minor skin ailments, hair care problems and even the health issues. But using the pure or unadulterated essential oils is important as then only, they can be used safely and without any side effects. This also makes most of the essential oils to be expensive which also depends on the type of the oil needed. There are several brands that make essential oils in India but which are the trust worthy brands. Essential oils can also be used for oily skin just like they give hydration to dry face. Let’s check out the best brands. 

Reputable essential oil companies and brands in India

Here are the best essential oil brands in Indian market that various seller offers good products which are 100% natural and free of the chemicals.

1. Elansa

Elansa is a reputed brand of the essential oils that manufactured various highly used oils like Lavender, Chamomile, lemongrass, Grape seed oil, Orange essential oil etc. The packaging is really good and these oils are available in the small 15 ml bottles. You should keep the oils in the cool and dark place so that the oils can be stored for a long time with good quality. Some essential oils are used for skin whitening as well.

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2. Purra

Purra makes so many essential oils that you can get each and every oil that you need. They make all of their oil with the steam distillation, cold pressing or the other methods that involved the extraction of pure oils. The essential oil brands have 100% pure & natural, no additives products with therapeutic grade. Most of their oils are in the 30ml bottles and some of them are even for 15ml.

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3. Mesmara

Mesmara essential oil brand has good packaging that also makes the pure and unadulterated oils. It is the new brand that makes essential oils. They use pure ingredients and the products are extracted through chemical free methods of oil extraction.  The oils are undiluted and free of the preservatives and chemicals.

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4. Allin Exporters 

They are one of the best and highly reputed essential oil brands that make oils in different quantities, like 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml etc. So, whatever is your requirement, you can have the bottle quantity of that. There popular oils are lemongrass, lavender, orange, clove, Jojoba, Argan oil etc.

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5. St. Botanica

St. Botanica essential oils are unadulterated, undiluted and have rare opuses of nature, reminiscent of ancient therapies of the body and the soul. The oils are made from the handpicked ingredients and botanicals. These are pure concentrated oils. Each St. Botanica essential oil is encased in this 100% recyclable glass chosen for its exquisite ability to preserve the molecular integrity of the oils.

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6. Aroma Treasures

Aroma Treasures, pioneers of Aromatherapy have put in years of research and study to give you the ultimate range of beauty care products. Their essential oils are most popular for their quality.

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7. Soulflower

It is one of the best essential oil brands in India. The oils are pure and can be safely used for the medicinal purposes as well. Their oils are of good quality and are also have best prices in the market.

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8. Nature’s Absolutes

Nature’s Absolute is also a good essential oil brand that makes natural and 100% pure oils. The oils are used for multiple uses and can be bought from the online. Their bottles are mostly of 15ml, so, get these for the desired amount that you need.

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9. WishCare

Wishcare brand of essential oil can be used for various purposes. They are undiluted and posses the fresh aroma and benefits. These oils are made following the strict guidelines that protect the natural properties of the oil. They are packaged and extorted with great care to retain the maximum natural qualities of the oils.

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10. Ryaal

Ryaal Lemongrass essential oil is extracted by steam distillation that maintains the oil with their natural aroma, benefits and natural grade of benefits.  Their oils are of therapeutic grade for maximum potency. All Ryaal essential oils are quality tested and assured that their are 100% pure, never diluted. The essential oil comes in an amber colored glass bottle to block the light and keep the oil fresh.

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These are the best essential oil brands available in India. Have you used any of these brands? Which is your favorite essential oil brand?


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